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  1. One reason why this kickstarter may not be doing as well as those in the past: every Canadian backer from Bones V got hit with import fees. This may also apply to European backers as well. Considering most board game kickstarters have friendly shipping these days, that was a huge shock. It's certainly the first time I got a $50 bill to receive something from kickstarter when I already paid shipping. Previous Bones (at least in Canada) did not have this issue. So I personally have been leery of backing. The shipping + import fees are simply too high and there are solutions to this; Reaper just doesn't care.
  2. I think part of the problem was the overly fragmented expansions. It took weeks to see the Greek expansion finished for example. I also feel there's a hard limit on what people are willing to spend and reaper has slightly increased prices from past KS (e.g. core set is $120 instead of $100). Despite there being all this great stuff, I think people are getting less for their dollar. Not to say their KS aren't a great value, because they are, but I for example can't justify spending more than $300 on this so I have to make some tough decisions.
  3. If something doesn't make it into this kickstarter, they'll push it to the next one. They did it with Bones 4 and they'll do it with Bones 5.
  4. The smaller boat really seems like it should be a $14 add-on. At the rate we're going, I doubt there will be a fan favourites. They keep increasing the pledge goals and pledges aren't picking up to match it.
  5. I'm a little sad we will never reach the Star Tower.
  6. You are most likely right. Yesterday they did $200,000. Even if they double that, an extra $400,000 still puts them below $3.5 mil.
  7. Not a chance. I'd expect to max out around $3.5 - $3.75 million, which is still phenomenal.
  8. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm almost certain Reaper has a Canadian distributor for their Kickstarters. I backed Bones IV and had no issues with shipping.
  9. I feel like Bones V won't have the massive uptick of past kickstarters. Past backers will be more selective about their purchases and new backers that missed past bones kickstarters likely jumped on this as soon as they heard. I'm sure there are stragglers out there waiting until the last minute but most of the upswing will be people finalizing their pledges. As for trolling... there's no way to completely remove it without making people's honest changes to their pledges cumbersome.
  10. Not really. Reaper adjusts goals on the fly to suit their pace. Right now they're aiming for one release a day. If more money is pledged rapidly, they'll move the goal posts to maintain that one release per day. On the last 2 days they will lower goals to encourage the last minute feeding frenzy. It's a little disappointing in the sense that the unlocks are superficial but they likely have some very smart people in the background crunching the numbers to make sure this is all financially feasible.
  11. Charge $20 a piece and then a $10 discount if you get all 3 expansion parts. That would certainly make me buy more.
  12. Obliviously Bones V is already a huge success and there's clearly enough happy people to break records for Reaper. I don't know what past pledge averages for Bones have been but an average of $140 to me says everyone's getting the core set and 1 or 2 other things which isn't exactly a slam dunk. However, I'm sure those numbers will go up as people with $1 pledges finalize their purchases. There just haven't been any clear home runs for me like Bones IV. I don't need more skeletons, adventurers, towns people or dragons. How about a horse drawn carriage? Or people on horseback. Or tents, bedrolls and a campfire. If it was one small figure, it would be fine. But the cloud giantess is huge. Yeah, I could sell what I don't want but I don't want the hassle. This is just my opinion of course. Nothing tops the shear value of these kickstarters and clearly some people are happy if they're spending $600+.
  13. Unfortunately, I'm kind of underwhelmed by Bones V. I tend to dislike extremely large figures and would prefer to make my own terrain so there's not a whole lot I want so far. I was interested in the Greek expansion until there was a cloud giant included. I don't think I'll need underwater figures or a pirate themed set or a samurai themed set and dungeon dwellers is very much geared to first time backers. The upside is I'm spending less than I thought. Core set + paint + maybe the trebuchet and catapult.
  14. First minis I've painted in 20+ years. Had lots of fun with this and will be painting more!
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