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  1. Recently I've been eyeing up the superhero minis in the Chronoscope line, but I'd much prefer to get them in bones than metal. The problem is that it seems only a couple of the superhero minis have been made into bones, and kickstarter 3 didn't have a single superhero mini in it. So, would it be worth waiting with fingers crossed to see if kickstarter 4 adds a dozen or so superhero minis to the bones line, or is it unlikely we'll be seeing any new superhero bones anytime soon?
  2. Have to say, I was really disappointed that there weren't any more superhero miniatures from the Chronocope line in the latest Kickstarter. I would love to see a bunch more in the next one, or even a Kickstarter dedicated to Chronoscope Bones minis.
  3. The Tiik warrior looks like just the right size, it's a shame there's only the one pose.
  4. How big are the Tiik warrior and champion miniatures compared to human-sized miniatures and each other? Will they fit onto 30mm round bases?
  5. I have noticed that some sculpts work a lot better in metal than they do in the bones rubber. Reaper really should have realized this before even kickstarter 1. The Griffon, for example, may not be one of the larger minis, but the pose is totally unsuitable for the soft bones rubber. Even when it's cooler all that weight improperly balanced on it's hind legs will cause it to tip forward. I haven't bought into the newer Kickstarters, but I really hope Reaper is learning from past mistakes.
  6. Does anyone have a colour equivalency list for P3 - Reaper paints? I have some P3 paints I'd like to replace with Reaper versions but I'm having trouble finding matches using the web site.
  7. Trying to find colours through the online catalog is not easy as the colours never seem to be exactly like the actual paints. So, for those who have actually seen the paints in person, which ones would work best as a yellow ochre and raw sienna? I'm trying to find paints that would work well for leopard fur.
  8. OK, so I suck at keeping New Years resolutions. I haven't had much time recently to put brush to plastic, but I did manage to finish up my Lilith crew for Malifaux. I have to say I am loving the new plastic miniatures being made by Wyrd. They are such a huge improvement over the metal versions. Lilith herself: The Cherub: Barbaros: And a trio of Terror Tots:
  9. I don't often order stuff from the US, so unless the limit is really small I can't see that being a problem. So far the only time I've ever been charged taxes (it is taxes, sorry, I get that and duties mixed up and often think they're the same thing) is on packages sent by UPS. I don't think I've ever had a package sent USPS that was caught by customs or dinged by taxes. I've even ordered stuff from Reaper before and never had a problem with any of it. However, my last no-taxes order with Reaper was before Kickstarter 1. I thought maybe the new taxes and customs thing was because of what happened during kickstarter 1 and the whole free shipping to Canada thing, which is why I wanted to see if it was a problem for other Canadians. Now, since my last order was about $23 in taxes for an $80 order I think I'm going to stick to buying from places within Canada, like RAFM. Shipping charges, although they are getting out of hand as well, still wont be as much as border taxes.
  10. I also have a dwarf wizard and his pet rock. We all had pet rocks like this when we were kids, right? Kael Stonekindle and his pet rock
  11. Been a while since I put up some new stuff. I've been keeping up with the painting, but it seems I've fallen behind with taking photos. First up are three quick paint jobs I did Sorscha from Warmachine. She's part of the new Winterguard armoured infantry army I'm putting together. Nice to paint, but a real pain to photograph. Mangu Timor. His armour came out more iron than steel. I think next time I'm going to use a dark grey or dark silver wash rather than black. Anirion. I still can't figure out if this is supposed to be a man with long hair or a woman. You never can tell when it comes to elves :P
  12. I live up in Canada and recently I've made two orders with Reaper. Even though they were both sent usps they've been held up in customs and dinged with duty costs (that have been almost twice what I would have paid for shipping if the shipping wasn't "free"). Has anyone else from Canada had these problems or am I just that unlucky? I'd like to send an email to Reaper about this issue, but not if it was just bad luck on my part.
  13. Juliette's outstretched hand is mutilated, the left side of Almaran's face looks melted, and Meriseil is missing her nose. Similar problems with the other minis. I don't think this is a plastic vs metal thing. From what I've read on these forums I think some of the new molds got miscut and QC missed them. One of the hazards of outsourcing to China I guess. So it was just the 5 bones minis that were discontinued?
  14. I know Ellen Stone, Dita, and Kyra are missing. I was surprised to see that Vaeloth, Merisiel, and Almaran are all still in the store as they seem to be in the nonose club. I'm wondering if mine are simply miscasts and I should try to have them replaced, or if Reaper just hasn't noticed they're a problem yet.
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