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  1. Cadirith would never work. Those legs would never hold up the body in bones rubber. Now, if Reaper started using a harder resin/plastic like most other companies do, that would be doable.
  2. It seems that some poses work well in metal, but not with the rubbery bones material. I don't have deathsleet, but I do seem to be having a similar issue with the griffon. The two back legs are not nearly solid enough to take the unbalanced weight of the body and wings, so hard as I may try to fix it, it just keeps tipping forward. It seems reaper still looks at their sculpts from a metal point of view, not a plastic one. Or they need to get a new formula for their plastic, like a proper hard plastic similar to that used by Privateer and Mantic. I'm hoping that pinning will work on the griffon, if it doesn't I may have to sell it and buy a metal one instead.
  3. I'm thinking of putting wyrmgear's wings more on a diagonal so they're not sticking straight up. Does anyone have any hints and tips on how to do this? Has anyone tried doing this before?
  4. the bones have arrived. I've gone through everything and surprisingly nothing is missing. I think I got an extra mr. bones, but otherwise everything seems to be perfect. Now I have to decide what I want to paint first.
  5. 40+ temperatures here as well (southern Ontario). I'm a little worried the minis will turn into a puddle of plastic in the back of the delivery truck. It does get oven hot back there.
  6. Estimated delivery for mine is tomorrow as well. Since we're going through a horrible heat wave currently I suppose sitting on the front porch all day wouldn't be such a bad thing.
  7. Yea, I got both a reaper message and a UPS message. Mine still says it's "Received into UPS possession". So either everything sat there over the weekend (wouldn't be surprised) or it's taking them longer to sort the packages than it did Reaper to package them up.
  8. I would like to see more creatures from mythology, done in original mythological style. So things like minotaurs in togas rather than leather and plate armour. A chimera that has the head of a lion and a goat with a snake for a tail rather than the lion/goat/dragon monstrosity (that I blame D&D for). Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Arabian, Aztec, there are so many really cool creatures from mythology, but hardly anyone makes miniatures for them. This could be it's own separate line: Mythic Bones, or maybe Bones from the Past, or something.
  9. I typically wash before I glue. The release agent that can mess with the paint can also mess with the glue. I suppose you could wash them before and after. Boiling should only be done before. I seriously doubt the glue will hold after being boiled. Also, washing should not be boiling. Washing should be done in warm water with a bit of dish soap. Boiling is just to straighten bent parts.
  10. Mine is exactly the same. Oh well, it's still a free empty box, I suppose. Maybe we're supposed to fill it with candy and send it back, then we'll get our bones This is the first notice I've received regarding my package being shipped, so I'm guessing this isn't the case
  11. So, apart from a few accidental packages the canadian orders still haven't shipped out, and now we're going to have to wait until, what, monday before shipping starts up again? At this rate I just hope the bones arrive sometime before christmas, of next year.
  12. I'd like to see really big things that are too expensive and heavy to do in metal. I'd also like to see things you need lots of, with multiple poses.
  13. I'm seriously thinking of of telling reaper to just screw UPS and send my package USPS. I'll pay for the shipping, I don't care how much it is
  14. So, have any fellow canadians received their shipping notification yet? I've still got bupkis. I hate to say it, but I'm starting to feel like ksera. This canadian shipping debacle has gone on far too long for my taste.
  15. So, once the canadian orders are all relabeled do they just get sent off, no more issues, no more problems? Or is there sill something we're waiting on to get sorted out?
  16. How far through the canadian orders did they get? Does anyone know? I'm only at 5 items (maybe 6, can't remember exactly) but I got no indication that my order had even been packaged up. I even saw my city go past on the countdown ticker. Should I be worried, or should I just hold out a bit longer?
  17. So I'm guessing the canadian orders aren't being finished off today? Since I only have 5 line items I can't help but think mine is the very next order, but they keep delaying it further and further.
  18. So the Canadian orders are delayed once again, fantastic... I blame Buglips
  19. Did you convert these from pathfinder using a converter or something? Some of the abilities seem a bit off. For example, there is no darkvision in Savage World, it's either low light vision or infravision. Also, in the bestiary at the back of the SW core rulebook an adult dragon is 40ft long and has Size +8, so there's no way Deathsleet should be Size +16, nothing should be Size +16. Do you actually own the core rulesbook, and maybe the fantasy companion? Several of the creatures you've stated up already exist in one or the other of those books.
  20. Some bones wyverns would be nice, although they tend to be kind of small, and the stingers at the ends of their tails would have to be removed and replaced somehow. I'd rather see some proper dragons done with two legs and a pair of wings
  21. I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I would really like to see more true dragons, ones with rear legs and wings, no front legs. The six-legged dragons just look so wrong to me. I can understand them being done that way to make the large chunks of metal more structurally solid, but with bones plastic that wont be an issue.
  22. Once I get my bones I'll likely be statting up most, if not all of them for Savage Worlds. It's my go-to system for both rpgs and skirmish games. Of course, most bones will already have stats either in the core SW book or the various companions, so I'll probably just be focusing on those that don't already have stats.
  23. Southern Ontario here. A number of times I've thought of getting a US PO box. That way I can get the good US shipping deals and just hop across the border to pick it up. I just don't know if I'd get enough stuff to make it worth the cost.
  24. I actually live pretty close to ohio. Sadly I live in canada, so I'll probably be seeing my bones closer to christmas time.
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