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  1. Any word on the broker status? I'm really hoping this isn't going to be a typical takes 6 months just to have someone look at the paperwork kind of deals.
  2. I just wish the price increase was mentioned somewhere a little more obvious. But, fortunately I'm one of those that contacted reaper about the paypal option while the kickstarter was still going. It's not the price increase itself I was worried about, it was that I was all ready to buy into the kickstarter when it was on but was told paypal would be available after the kickstarter, so I decided to wait (I hate using my credit card unless absolutely necessary). But, there was no mention of a price increase if I did wait, so seeing the thing on the reaper main page made me feel like I was being ripped off. I don't mind the higher price, it's still amazing, I just wish I'd known about it while the kickstarter was still going. Oh well, hopefully I qualify for the original prices. Of course, if kickstarter just allowed people to pay using paypal, this wouldn't be a problem at all (stupid kickstarter, and stupid amazon).
  3. Did reaper jack up the price of the vampire set from the kickstarter? If I knew they were going to raise the price I would have just gone for the kickstarter, but I wanted to wait until I could use paypal. Please tell me this is just a misprint.
  4. If you prime a bones miniature and the paint goes tacky, is there any way to dry it out? Can you just paint onto the tacky primer, or will that be a problem? Should I just toss out the bones I primed and buy new ones?
  5. The frost giant female is badass, the fire giant female is ok, the old Frulla pose is pretty good, the storm giant looks like she either has a dislocated leg or is about to fall over. OK, it may not exactly be a stripper pose, but the pose still sucks. It's a shame really, other than the pose I really do like the look of the mini. Maybe she shouldn't be in a fighting pose, she just needs to be in one a lot less awkward.
  6. The concept sketches for the storm giants look really good, but does the female giant have to be in the stripper pose? I really hope her pose is modified for the actual model, it'll be nice to have a female giant in an actual fighting pose for a change.
  7. With this now available will all new miniatures be made as bones? I mean who will buy an $8 miniature when they can get exactly the same thing for $2? I fell like Dark Heaven, Warlord, Chronoscope, and even the P65 line should all just be ended and all new miniatures should be made as bones. Also, I would love to see more large creatures and basic trooper type miniatures made as bones, not single characters. $3 instead of $27.50 for a purple worm is amazing, $16.50 instead of $40 for 9 troopers is outstanding. $2 instead of $6.50 for a dwarf character is good, but not nearly as spectacular.
  8. Has anyone sorted the Pathfinder minis and listed them according to which adventure path they appear in? It would make it so much easier to scan through the minis and pick out the ones I need for whatever adventure path I happen to be running at the time.
  9. I think spiders in D&D have their size categories determined by their body size, not leg span. The Arenea (intelligent shape-shifting spider) is medium-sized and it's body is about the same size as a human, which would make it's leg span much larger. So that would make the Huge Spiders large-size and Cadirith huge-size. I'm guessing the Giant Spiders are about 25-30mm long, which would make them medium-size.
  10. Are 03049: Huge Spider and 03180: Cadirith, Colossal Demonic Spider equivalent to the D&D size categories of the same name? Would 03055: Giant Spiders be considered Medium-Sized or Large?
  11. What sizes are 03350: Young Forest Dragon and 03338: Young Ice Dragon? How do they compare to a 30mm scale human?
  12. First the cheaper P-65 miniatures, now a price reduction on new releases? Reaper has to be the best source of rpg character minis. Now all I need is some money to actually buy these things with.
  13. I think the new line of P 65 miniatures is a fantastic idea. I think it would be better to focus on basic troop types though, like the troop packs from Warlord. The prices of single minis from Reaper are fantastic when compared to single minis from other companies, but troop packs are very expensive compared to other companies. A pack of 9 troops from Reaper costs $40. For that price I can get 16 plastic troops from GW, or 24 metal troops from Old Glory's Dwarf Wars line. Being able to get 9 troops from Reaper for around $20 would be much more reasonable.
  14. OK, I think I've got it now. I knew it didn't look right in the old picture. Thanks for the instructions and the diagram. That diagram would actually be really handy to include with the miniature in the blister pack.
  15. Yea, that's the one. From the picture I can kind of see where all the pieces go, however there is one small piece I can't see in the picture (I think it's the part the catapult basket rests on), and I can't really see where all the pieces are supposed to attach to each other. The pieces I'm having the most trouble with are the catapult arm (I don't know where it attaches to the side supports) and that small piece that the basket rests on (I don't know where it's supposed to go at the back of the catapult, if that's even where it's supposed to go).
  16. Does anyone know how to assemble the skeletal catapult (03209)? I can't seem to find any tabs of slots or pegs or anything that shows how the pieces go together. I have an idea of what the thing is supposed to look like when assembled, but the pieces don't seem to fit together properly. Does anyone have a guide, or pictures, or something that shows how the pieces are supposed to go together?
  17. There are already tons of roman and greek human miniatures out there. As far as I know there aren't any roman orc/hobgoblin miniatures.
  18. Roman-style hobgoblins. Reaper doesn't have much in the way of hobgoblin miniatures (I think there's only one pack of three hobgoblin warriors). Giving them a roman theme will make them different from the existing savage orcs and european half-orcs.
  19. I would love to see a faction made up of roman-style hobgoblins. Militaristic and expansionist, but not necessarily evil. There just aren't that many non-human roman-style miniatures out there. I think hobgoblin legionnaires, gladiators, etc would make a very interesting faction.
  20. With the recent scandals of chinese manufacturing plants having little if any quality control, and the massive number of lead tainted items coming out of china, please tell me Reaper hasn't made the mistake of having Legendary Encounters miniatures made in china. I'd like to get some LE minis to sell in my new store, but I'm not going to risk it if the minis were made anywhere near china. I know there's probably nothing to worry about, but that's probably what a lot of toy companies thought a little while ago.
  21. Are grunts and adepts only available in 9-packs and singles now? Are there no more 3-packs? Personally I liked the 3-packs better. Even 6-packs would have been better. 9-packs just seems like too much for a skirmish game.
  22. Good idea. If someone reads the text above the pics, they can figure it out, but too many people won't read the text, they'll just look at the pretty pictures. Best to encapsulate that info right into the picture if you can. I read the text above the pics and I'm still not sure which is which. Are the pics of the minis with the really good paint jobs the masters sent to China and the pics of the minis with the really bad paint jobs the ones we buy in stores?
  23. I like painting miniatures, and I think characters, monsters, major villains, and other special things should look good (prepainted minis never look good). I'm always going to buy a metal miniature and paint it myself instead of buy a prepainted plastic miniature. However, anything that would be a grunt or adept in Warlord (basically anything you would need lots of) is better as prepainted plastic. They're cheeper (10 metal orc warriors cost a lot more than 10 plastic orc warriors), I don't have to paint them so I can spend more time giving character/monster/villain minis proper paint jobs, and they don't need to look good so the bad prepaint jobs aren't a problem. I say Reaper should just do grunt and adept miniatures for LE and leave the rest as metals.
  24. This is exactly what the orcs are going to be like in my rpg campaign. They'll still be more militaristic than the other races, but they wont automatically be the "bad guy savages". I just need to find a good line of miniatures I can use for characters, villains, and minions. Reaper and DDM have some minis that would work, but I don't know if they'll have enough.
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