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  1. Chronopia orcs would have been good, if they were still being made, which I don't think they are. I think I'll just stick to half-orcs and hobgoblins, with whatever odd civilized orc I can find. I remember those pig-faced orcs. They looked something like this: http://www.otherworld.me.uk/store.html (see the bottom half of the page)
  2. Several of the discontinued Reaper orcs look like they'd fit with the newer half-orcs. Hopefully Reaper continues to release half-orcs for both Dark Heaven and Revan. Maybe Sandra Garrity can do more orcs that look like the now-discontinued ones? Although there should be enough orcs and half-orcs to use as warrions, there still aren't a lot that can be used as rogues and spellcasters.
  3. Does Prince August ever plan on making new figs for chronopia, or is the game officially dead? The blackblood orcs look very good, even if they are a bit too arabian for a western european fantasy campaign. I wonder how well they'd mix with reaper half-orcs and DDM hobgoblins.
  4. Yea, that Neroli is like what I'm looking for. It's too bad there are so few miniatures like that out there. I guess I'll just have to use the few half-orcs and hobgoblins that show up in the reaper and D&D Miniatures lines. Or maybe find a line of miniatures for a similar race I can use instead of civilized orcs.
  5. from my OP: Reaper does have a few miniatures that are good (some half-orcs and the hobgoblin fighters trio) but again there isn't much choice. from my OP: I even looked at the GW Uruk-Hai but again there isn't much choice and they're too small. I already tried looking at those. I guess my OP was a bit long or something :)
  6. I've been scouring the net trying to find a decent range of 28-30mm minis to use as more civilized and organized orcs, rather than the no armour, crude weapons, idiot savages that most companies make their orc miniatures out to be. I'm looking for something more like the Nothrog from the Warlord ccg, or the hobgoblins from D&D. At the moment I'm using the hobgoblin miniatures that are in the D&D Miniatures game, but there aren't that many, and as pre-painted plastic minis they don't look all that great (good for minions, not so good for characters and villains). Reaper does have a few miniatures that are good (some half-orcs and the hobgoblin fighters trio) but again there isn't much choice. I even looked at the GW Uruk-Hai but again there isn't much choice and they're too small. I need a good source of warriors, rogues, wizards, priests, soldiers, archers, brigands, etc. It would be great if Reaper could start doing more civilized orc/hobgoblin type miniatures, maybe make them a subfaction for the Revan or something. Until that happens, is there a line of miniatures out there that would make good civilized orcs/hobgoblins, or even a similar race that would make a good replacement for orcs?
  7. Since there is no suggestions forum I thought I'd post this here. Companies such as Urban Mammoth and Privateer Press put their miniatures into plastic packs that are re-sealable. You can pop them open and then pop them closed again. As the owner of a gaming store I occasionally get packs with missing cards, the wrong cards, broken miniatures, or the wrong barcode sticker. It would make it so much easier if I could just pop the pack open, make the necessary replacements, then pop the pack closed again and sell it. As it is now if I want to fix a pack I either have to cut it open and staple it shut again, or send it back for a complete replacement. Would it be possible, some time in the future, to use such packs for Warlord?
  8. I've been reading through the campaign rules at the back of the core rule book and now I'm interested in seeing a campaign in action, just to help me understand how it all works. Are there any web sites out there for Warlord campaigns that are running, or have run?
  9. Yea, I'm not paying $40US for Army Builder. If it was something like $10US, maybe, but $40US is way too expensive for something like this.
  10. I guess sometimes game mechanics have to be more important than "realism". I'll just have to try and think more abstractly with Warlord than I do with other games.
  11. I would really like to see this. Any chance you can email a copy to me?
  12. Why is it that a model with a really long pike can only attack enemies they are in base contact with? Shouldn't models with Reach be able to attack enemies that are further away? How is it that they can provide support through other models (which have bases 1 inch wide or larger), but when making attacks themselves their long weapons suddenly shrink and force them to fight in base contact? Maybe Reach would be a new ability that gives models with long weapons the ability to attack an enemy up to 1 inch away, while Reach from the book is renamed to something like Support.
  13. So no creating my own troops for existing faction, or creating entirely new factions? Dang
  14. Does anyone have a more comprehensive troop builder than the one that's in the core rule book? One that includes point values for all the special abilities, the point cost to increase the number of damage tracks, etc.
  15. That's right. I already know about the data cards on reapergames but saving every front and back is going to take forever. Having everything in .zip files would make it so much easier.
  16. I know reapergames has all the data cards that can be downloaded individually, but is there any place where I can download all the data cards in one file? Or maybe one file per faction?
  17. I'm fairly certain I have the first printing of the warlord rule book. I've been trying to find the 2nd printing update file but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can someone direct me to it, maybe post a link directly to it?
  18. I know that a lot of people probably like the single roll for both attack and damage thing that Warlord has, but I'm one of those that prefers to roll for attack and damage seperately. I just think it's more "realistic" to see if an attack hits, then see if it does enough damage to cause a wound. Merging the two together into one roll just doesn't seem right. Now, Warlord is an amazing game and for the most part the rules are perfect, but, has anyone come up with a way to add damage rolls to the game?
  19. For some reason I thought the Overlords faction had a bunch of necromancers and undead alongside the slavers and anti-paladins. I didn't realize that Ashkrypt and Iks were the only undead (so far) in the Overlords faction. BTW, Willybob, isn't there a Necromancer in the Necropolis faction? Some of the living do work well with the undead (or at least tolerate each other), and vice versa
  20. Reach should really be renamed to Support or something. Reach should give the model the ability to attack an enemy up to 1" away.
  21. Why is there both the Necropolis faction and the Overlord faction? Most, if not all, the models in the Necropolis faction would work just as well in the Overlord faction. At least the Overlord faction is something new, not just another gothic, Transylvanian-style, undead faction with vampire leaders. Any chance the Necropolis faction will be absorbed by the Overlords faction, or is this just wishful thinking?
  22. The colour of the arm and leg around the fireball should be lighter because of the glow from the fireball. At the moment it looks like the fireball isn't giving off any light. Other than that it is an amazing mini, very nice work with the blending.
  23. Amenthotep absentmindedly surveyed the few living troops under his command as they set up their camp. His mind drifted over the events of the last few weeks. Only a few days after he had awakened from his centuries long slumber he had been given a small army and told to head north to the Talash Province and help with the recovery of the many artifacts stolen from Nefsokar tombs. Hopefully, the first of Amenthotep's spies would report back within the next few days with the locations of some of the lost artifacts and the thieves who took them. Who would be the first to receive Sokar's punishment? I am currently looking for players in and around Guelph, Ontario interested in playing some games of Warlord. If you're interested please PM me or send me an email. I would also like to hear some tips from any Nefsokar players on these boards. Anything about army construction, tactics, etc would be really helpful. I haven't bought any miniatures yet, I'm still trying to decide what I want to get. Michael
  24. I'm a little confused about some things regarding armies in a campaign. I know the Guard has to be created using standard army construction rules, but what about the Company? Does it have to adhere to standard army construction rules as points are added to it? Or is it just a collection of miscellaneous characters and troops that are formed into fighting companies and troop units when needed? Also, when assigning troops and characters to certain actions (such as attacking a block or performing a midnight raid) does the resulting army need to be "legal" according to the standard army construction rules? Can I use an army composed of nothing but soldiers to attack a block, for example?
  25. I was just wondering if there were any online stores in Canada that have, or will soon be getting, copies of the Warlord core rulebook. Also, I'm looking for people in and around Guelph, Ontario interested in playing Warlord. I might be willing to travel to Toronto for tournaments or special events, but I would rather find someone closer for regular games.
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