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  1. That gem looks great! (as does everything else) love the lighter blue curved highlight, really helps make it pop from blue decoration to blue gem for me.
  2. Me too! Added an attempt at layering in shadows and highlights. The shading (various amounts of imperial purple and nightshade purple) went okay but then I went WAY to heavy on the different layers of highlights (second picture) (various imperial purple and amethyst purple) and had to glaze them way down to hopefully try again.
  3. So I was gonna wait to post any WIPs until I at least finished LTPK2 but I picked up a few of the chibi Bomesvylian’s and decided to to skip ahead of the LTPK2 a bit and give Lou a try, mostly cause his creepy little face is so adorable! I primed him with 2 part blue liner to 3 part white primer so I could see the details better and to hopefully cover any errors I may make when adding shadows. My goal is for him to be mostly purple with bright green wings and tentacles. I saw a WIP Lou on this forum a while ago with the same colors and just loved it so I’m totally stealing the color scheme. I’ve got 2 layers of the purple base (Imperial Purple) on so far and I’ve decided on red (Brilliant Red) for the eyes. To hopefully keep him being too cutesy colors.
  4. Yeah! I have a few Citadel paints (experimenting before I decided to just go all aboard the Reaper bandwagon), and 1, they seem terribly thick compared to Reaper paints, and 2 I have to double check every time to make sure the lid is actually sealed! It does this false click when you press down so it feels like its closed but really there is a giant cap!
  5. I've pretty much started painting cause I backed Bones 4 too and wanted to be able to paint all the minis I fell in love with. You may want to check out Ebay, there are a few Bones 3 core sets listed for ~150! That's what I did so I could have lots to practice on before getting, like, all of Bones 4.
  6. Those eyes! They look amazing, they make the face look so dynamic! I'm jealous, I'm still at the trying to make little dots eye stage.
  7. How long did each of these layers take you? Also, it looks awesome so far!
  8. This could end up with a really cool effect too.
  9. Yeah, that's what I did the first time and didn't find anything but the full search worked! Yeah, sounds like it wouldn't be a good idea to submerge them for that long.
  10. That's a great idea! I'll counter propose that. And still test on a skeleton. My D&D group are a bunch of lawyers (and one college professor). Properly presented evidence is sometimes the only thing that will convince them of something.
  11. I'm worried that its water resistant properties won't hold up to such a long term submersion.
  12. So my current D&D campaign is about to end after about 2 years of playing, and my group all ordered Hero Forge minis early in the campaign and they want to memorialize them by making homemade snow globes. You know, the kind made with baby jars, glitter and water/a bit of glycerin? But I can't help but think that suspending minis painted with Arcylic paint in water for the rest of eternity seems like a bad idea no matter how you "seal" them right? EDIT: I'm an Idiot! I'm over complicating this! There's an easy way to assuage my paranoia, I'm just going to paint a quick skeleton, seal it and drop it in a glass of water for a week and see what happens!
  13. That was my first self taught painting lesson, make sure your rinse water cup and regular drinking cup look VERY different.
  14. I have one! It was super affordable on Amazon and really seems to help keep the paint moist and usable (I tried a few times to paint without it but the paint seems to dry so quickly!) but if you try mixing washes in it, it runs all over place so I have a bag of bottle caps for that
  15. Also, I imagine the paint doesn't taste very good. So that's all the deterrent I need.
  16. Thank you very much!! Also thanks for all the WIPs and tips you post, they are awesome, encouraging and inspiring. Pretty sure I found this forum and Reaper in general, googling "wth is drybrushing" and finding your guide!
  17. I did buy two Citadel "Shades" (Nightshade and Violet, I know I should have started with a brown or black but they were so pretty!) when I wanted to confirm that it was something I was doing to the washes. I might also pick up some brown/black ones (I will look into Army Painter and Secret Weapon, how do they compare to Citadel? which is what my FLGS stocks by the bushel) as it seems like I am wasting a lot of paint making washes for one mini at a time. But I would like to get to the point where I can mix up washes, glazes and all the other techniques I see online for future use too! Side note: I have been shaking bottles like its going out of style and using distilled water and that seems to have really helped with the speckly granular paint problem! Thanks everyone! Now to practice applying the actual technique better.
  18. Ha! My friends have nothing to compare them to but I've been stalking mini painting forums for a while now and know they're terrible. But I had so much fun painting them who cares? Well that poor gnome's face might care but who asked him :P
  19. I haven't really thought about the water I was using so that's something I'll have to check, or just buy distilled water anyway just to cover all the bases I would say my painting environment is not dry but I do have Liquitex Matte Medium, and frankly, have no idea what to do with it. I swiped it from my brother in law (he told me I could raid his supplies!) mostly because I've seen acrylic medium mentioned all over the place on painting forums. Thanks! I'm sure my D&D group are already tired of me constantly texting them pictures with captions that basically amount to "I did a thing!" and demands that they give me all their minis.
  20. I am definitely not shaking them long enough then! Shake paint bottles more, now on the to do list. Thanks!
  21. I feel like I'm mixing them enough, they look completely smooth and I test them on paper to check the transparency of the paint, maybe I'm not shaking the bottles of paint enough? I bet that is the problem, especially for the spikes, I felt like I couldn't stop the wash from running right off the spikes to the rest of the armor bits. Less wash (and less paint on the brush in general) now noted!
  22. Hello everyone! I'm a totally novice painter. I got tired of staring longingly at all the painted minis online and then at all my plain boring unpainted minis and finally decided to give it a try. I'm working my way thru both LTPKs (and all the similar looking minis I have) and I have this issue with washes that I couldn't find an answer for in past topics (I could have just missed it, apologies if that is the case) I follow the directions in the LTPK, for example when painting Anirion the Wizard, I base coated his hands and face in the flesh tone and then it says to make a wash with 1 drop dark highlight and 3 drops water but when I used it, it left these little speckles on the flesh tone instead of just sinking into the crevices, like teeny granular blobs. Likewise, when I painted the Orc from LTPK1 (and 2 of his cousin's that I already happened to own) when I used the wash, it dried leaving dark splotches on the paint instead of just going in the nooks and crannies, like little water spots but darker. Especially around the base of the spikes on the armor and shield. Am I not thinning the wash enough? I know for sure that I am letting the paint fully dry between layers because the first time I didn't let the basecoat dry all the way before adding the wash and boy was that a disaster. I will edit to add pics later if needed, can't seem to get them off my phone right now.
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