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  1. I really need more. I have the basics at my house: lots of candles, flashlight, some coleman fuel cans and little grill to go over it so I can boil water, ramen, granola bars, peanut butter, TP, paper towels; small things of soap and the like. I also have a bag in my car with a change of clothes, some basic camping gear, water bottle, first aid kit and such. I really need a place to store water specifically, right now I just hope I have enough warning to fill up all my pitchers and sinks.
  2. I'm really tempted by this as I am DIY deficient and will never be able to make my own. But there are, like, 3 tables on Kickstarter right now! so I'm torn.
  3. Assuming a happy after-life: Presupposing that she dies naturally, and is not put to death to be buried with me, my dog Klondike Bar. My Super Nintendo Classic as I feel I could play some of those games forever (and appropriate devices to be able to use it with), my favorite chair, definitely some tea, all the books on my bookshelf as I've narrowed my collection down to books I love to re-read, a nice blanket for lounging and my favorite casual dress For a terrible apocalyptic afterlife: my camping bag with equipment (tent, sleeping bag, water purifier, cook set etc. etc.)(do we need to eat?) food, emergency dog food, my fishing kit, a machete, my chacos and my dog, Klondike Bar.
  4. Hmmm, I don't know, I imagine I'll be one of those older people who just forces people to listen to stories, I kind of already do that anyway. Latin High School teacher. She was awesome and supportive and just totally insane. On my college recommendation she wrote down that I was the meanest student she had ever met, but that I got things done. Totally true statement at the time, but a little odd to actually write down. There are lots of clothing items that people have always worn or liked some variation of, I would go with the ones that anyone could add "classic" in front of and we all thing of the same general item the little black dress the khaki trench coat rain boots black purse white t-shirt pencil skirt wrap dress
  5. Good update! I am glad I cracked and decided to get two Darkreaches.
  6. She's coming along great!
  7. Looking good so far, I love the base colors for the sugar skulls, should give them a nice strong background.
  8. They're all awesome! I love the one with the glowing skelies
  9. TheMandolin

    Giant maggots

    They look great! Such creepy little maws!
  10. "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" "Well, I'm not exactly quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots, but there's definitely something unnatural going on here." I generally make my own soup, but if I'm sick I want Campbell's chicken noodle and I want it the way it tastes without additional seasoning
  11. I'm not getting to many duplicates of the add ons 3 each of the Spartans and Amazons and going back and forth on an extra Darkreach. I am getting a few extras from the core, small world heroes monsters ghost pirates and the villagers - mostly for an extra pig and cart.
  12. Love the colors, it all works so well together.
  13. Awesome, they all look great as a whole and separately.
  14. I went through the updates to check, the columns and fire places are no longer being cut in half but the other stretch goals, (desk and chair, urns and skulls and the like) are being cut in half. I wasn't sure what I would do with 50 skulls anyhow.
  15. Didn't they eventually work it out that the SGs (particularly the columns) weren't going to be cut in half? It's been a long wait but they were super upfront about it, a lot of other people would have just given up I think.
  16. What I did for a few of my translucent Bones (that I just wanted to add a wash to bring out the details) was to wash it and then give it a coat of brush on sealer. Took washes fine after that.
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