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  1. On 11/21/2019 at 9:16 PM, haldir said:

    I used the free sheet included with the book, last night in my game. It was a giant coin pile. The coins are in a metallic print.



    I got mine too! I really like it, I agree the generic nature of most of the maps make it more useful, tho now I really want to figure out how to use the lava map and the cavern. My group just got a boat so we've been using that map pretty regularly. 


    Haven't used the stickers yet. Are they easy to peel on and off? and to get back onto their sticker sheet?

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  2. 3 hours ago, Nunae said:

    I'm missing a site which collects all the pictures like they did for Bones IV. I visited reaperminiatures.com/bones4 many times during and after the campaign to look at those pictures.

    We've seen a lot of close ups on either Twitch, Facebook or in this forumthread, and I appreciate all the people crossposting to help everyone see everything without going through all the platforms, but a central hub of all the stuff that has been shown would help to look stuff up again in 3 months time without going through hundreds of pages of forum content or hours of video. 


    Me too! I kept hoping they would put one up. 

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  3. On 10/7/2019 at 4:40 PM, Cyradis said:

    Either way, we're screwed with our hobby on that front. I go with the natural, but see why folks would be saddened by it.

    I'm rather annoyed by the non-reusable bags that the Kickstarter Core sets come in. Really, at least give us zippies!


    Agreed! little ziplocs would be more useful and reusable. I try to cut off the tops instead of tearing them so they can be sort of little bags, but it's not very successful. 


    Hopefully synthetics will continue to get better and better, and the real artist ones are a worlds away from like the cheap hobby lobby ones which get worn out so quickly. I feel a little better since at least my natural brushes are so tiny, not the like the real watercolor brushes. I just try to take really really good care of them to get the maximum possible use from them

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  4. On 9/22/2019 at 4:29 PM, LittleBluberry said:

    I had a Windsor and Newton brush that also liked to split.  Some brush restorer and conditioner did improve it, but only somewhat.  I've heard that they can be hit or miss when you order them from Amazon, a good art supply store will let you test it in water before buying.  I've switched to different brushes entirely.  You might want to look at Dick Blick instead of Amazon--they are specifically an art store and won't keep trying to resell the same defective brushes, which is what I suspect Amazon does.


    I definitely recommend ordering off an actual art store website like Dick Blick, and I like give my brushes a bit of a light wash and precondition with some brush soap.


    Also, I had trouble with W&N, even though they were highly recommended. I never got a good one. I heard (like people have mentioned) that they changed manufacturing styles or something before I got into painting so maybe all the good ones are now just a memory :(


    I highly recommend Rosemary and Co, series 33. I only had one come to me with a split tip and they immediately replaced it.


    Also their Eclipse series is really really awesome for synthetics. I'm trying to switch to purely synthetics, or at least saving my real hair brushes for only the finest of details so that they last longer. I (stupidly) didn't realize that the animals are killed in harvesting and now I have guilt!!!!!

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  5. I'm so excited to see what comes next, the Bones 5 enthusiasm train will be just the thing to break me out of my no painting slump. It's been a stressful summer and counter-intuitively I've barely touched my paints, just haven't been motivated, but I totally broke out a Bones 4 Troll to work on tonight!

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  6. Just now, Bane Of Humanity said:

    Which is supposedly but not confirmed to be $949K
    So....Bones 5 destroyed that record




    1 minute ago, TaleSpinner said:


    It was in the sculpt as requested by Reaper.  That said, a lot happens in the production process that may change that. Don't count on anything more than what Reaper has officially shown.

    I'll keep an eye out then! A lot of Bones 4 minis had separate bases which was suuuper helpful

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