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  1. Here's a commission i did for a client's 8 year old daughter! He wanted lots of pink and purple and a rainbow somehow. This is what I came up with.
  2. This is a personal favorite...i decided to go for a more gorey/comic relief version of the dwarven butcher. I wanted to add bloodly stains to his cleaver, glove and apron, and a look oh "broccoli me" to the pig. My wife even cringed when i gave her the mini for approval/tweeks. mission accomplished! I made the base out of some model railroad tracks, i love how they ended up warping slightly, adds a touch of "hole in the wall" to the mini's "shop". post paint, of bones 3....my top 5.
  3. I took a custom request form a client who wanted this elf ranger, but gave me complete creative control on the appearence. I decided to give the elf an almost fall season appearence. I went with an autumn orange cloak, trimmed in evergreen leaves. Surf Aqua tunic cloth for a counter balance pop of color. Made the chest, hip and boot armor copper to tie in the green/orange cloak. I loved how the highlights came out!
  4. OSL is a particular skill to master, but i think for your 1st attempt you got very close! I love the slight glow on his fingers and head, the only constructive critism i could offer for the others is think about how the light from the torch would affect his sword metal. light a candle and grab a butter knife, doesn't have to be a ton of color, but maybe a dry brush highlight along the facing edges...but honestly i'm just reaching for something to offer as advice. I'd rate that 9.7/10. great work!!!!
  5. Very Nice! love the blending, thats a skill i need to work on,...slightly
  6. When i opened the Skullstone Expansion box...and i saw this guy, i bumped him to the front of my queue. I just HAD to paint him! I went with a 3 tone steel, added some rust dry brush detail and added some ghostly blue as an internal energy source. Finished with some tarnished brass piping.
  7. This was one of my favorite models from Bones 3. I tried to add a slight POV Color edge to the scales, but it doesn't really come across in the pics, there should be some Marigold yellow beneath the jade and ruby scaling.
  8. This was a customer commission for my shop. We decided to go with a two-tone blue rather than traditional red. several layers of hightlighting, it came out great! gsdpaint.com
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