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  1. Asoares

    Bones 4 catfish

    Might try and do something for a base but for now this is it.
  2. Asoares

    Bones 4 direwolf

    Thanks so much! I really love wolves and I was actually super nervous about painting him up like I wouldn't do him justice so i used 5 different reference pictures to get the colors and pattern just right.
  3. Asoares

    Bones 4 direwolf

    I like them for the most part because they're cheap so I don't feel bad if I mess them up and they won't leave a dent in the dining room table if I drop them during a game XD
  4. Asoares

    Bones 4 direwolf

    Thanks! I was gonna try and remove the line but I was afraid of messing up his face.
  5. Asoares

    Bones 4 direwolf

    Everyone was so nice when I posted my hellhounds so I feel confident enough to post this guy.
  6. Asoares

    Bones 4 hellhounds

    Thank you everyone!
  7. Asoares

    Bones 4 hellhounds

    So these are the first things I've painted that I've felt really really proud of and wanted to share.
  8. I'm sorry but fluffy chicken dinos are hilarious. I would cackle gleefully at its stupid fluffy self all the way down its throat as it ate me. They're just so cute
  9. Is there a reason reaper scaled up their giants? And is it really noticeable between the old sculpts and the new? My goal is to collect all the reaper giants someday and I'm wondering if I should just skip the older ones if they're gonna be a lot smaller.
  10. Mine too. Actually mines already dead. I added up everything I want to get in the pledge manager and it was like 387 dollars and I cried a little on the inside. How did this happen?
  11. Does anyone know what he contacted them about? Cause if it was something about maybe getting official game of thrones sculpts I would die. I would just fall over and die from sheer happiness.
  12. Yay! Blacksting! I'm gonna paint him to look like Drogon and the one from the core set to look like Rhaegal. And maybe if its not too much when they break up the core I'll get another and paint him up like Viserion.
  13. Ok so right now my list is Core Dreadmere Darkreach Wraiths Hill giants Nargulauth Fire giant huntsman Dragon turtle Tree of despair Zombie dragon Hill giants hunter Roc Frost giant raiders Rulers of he'll And my maybes are Trolls Skeletal monsters Statues
  14. Is the final 48 thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday?