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  1. 6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    BONUS POINTS for painting a WOLF!


    To be honest, I got one of these and I didn't like the sculpt, but you painted it well and it looks a whole lot better than I imagined it would be.

    It gives me hope and maybe I will still paint mine one day.


    Well done and keep posting your work!



    Thanks so much! I really love wolves and I was actually super nervous about painting him up like I wouldn't do him justice so i used 5 different reference pictures to get the colors and pattern just right.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Highlander said:

    That was an excellent decision, IMO.  I've pretty well given up on Bones because of the damage I've done  removing mold lines.  Perhaps, someday, I'll figure it out.

    19 minutes ago, Highlander said:


    I like them for the most part because they're cheap so I don't feel bad if I mess them up and they won't leave a dent in the dining room table if I drop them during a game XD

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  3. 1 minute ago, LittleBluberry said:

    I seem to remember that someone made a comment about George R. R. Martin contacting Reaper a few weeks before the start of the campaign (I think).  I'm hoping that since his dragons are technically wyverns that there can be some cross-over sales...


    Assuming the Kickstarter servers can keep up.  <_< 

    Does anyone know what he contacted them about? Cause if it was something about maybe getting official game of thrones sculpts I would die. I would just fall over and die from sheer happiness.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Brennor said:


    That sounds like a Reaper kickstarter to me! They do such an amazing job.


    Don't overextend yourself too much though, there is always more time to pick up minis at retail. Though, sounds like you might have a bit of an out with the DM.

    I'm not I can only pledge 160 and then I'm gonna do a little here a little there out of each pay check to get the add one I want aka everything but chronoscope the paints the dice people and the baby dragons lol

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:



    This is is my 4th Bones Kickstarter (well, 5th if you count the first CAV one), and I hate to tell you but it's terribly addictive... the rush, the excitement, the deals!   When Bones 5 is announced your palms will start to sweat and your heart will race in anticipation!  :lol: :blink:

    I can't even think about another kickstarter but you're right about it being addicting I'm constantly checking to see how close we are to the next unlock and seeing if there are any new posts I  this thread 

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  6. You know reaper this was my first ever kickstarter. It was supposed to be little, spend a hundred bucks get a bunch of minis. Done. Easy peasy. Now Its looking like I'm gonna end up spending a ton of money (like close to 3 or 4 hundred when the pledge manger is all said and done) and there's still more cool stuff to come!?!?!? I can't take it. I'm just gonna go into overload and die (or my mom will find out how much money I'm spending and kill me) I was gonna skip darkreach but that 4th set is just to amazing and its my mom'sbf?my DM's favorite setting so I'm gonna have to paint it up for him as a gift and those demon king and queen ugh to die for. I'm doomed

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