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  1. Lol that's basically what's already happening. I've pledged for the core and dreadmere plus shipping and I'm gonna get a ton of the addons in pm
  2. That makes sense I can see how a part like that would be hard to recreate
  3. Alright. I'm trying to sell myself on the expansion, mostly cause I feel like I'll regret it if I don't get it. I like the elves a lot and the gnomes are cute but then I'm like what do I actually need gnomes for but they're cool but will I use them but I'll be sad if I don't get the set and then decide I need it later and ugh I don't know what to do lol
  4. So generally how different do models end up being from the concept art? Cause I'm interested in the 3 dark elves in darkreach but I realize concept art is a totally different medium from a sculpt and some things that work in a picture might not work in 3d
  5. I pledged for the core and dreadmere. Still undecided on darkreach. The wraiths, hill giants,trolls,skeletons, firegiant,huntsman,roc,zombie dragon, nargulath, tree, and both statues I'm going to have to get on the pledge manger one paycheck at a time.
  6. I suggested that we rent a second apartment for D&D under the pitch that she wouldn't have to host game night anymore or deal with all our stuff a few weeks ago but sadly she didn't bite lol
  7. We keep most of ours in a tool box and some in the D&D chest but both those are already pretty full so I have no clue where I'm gonna put all the ks ones when they come. My mom doesn't want boxes and boxes of D&D stuff just stacked around and there's no room in any of the 3 closets really so its less a problem of how to store the minis and more a problem of not having a place to put the storage
  8. Okay I feel better now I think. I'm still new to D&D and buying and painting minis so I'm not sure how big some things are supposed to be to begin with. We have plenty of table space for playing, if anything its storage space that's a problem living in an apartment but we might have talked my mom into letting us put up shelves for the minis in the dinning room (where we play) to display some of the minis so fingers crossed that she'll let us. As long as they're supposed to be big and they look proportional to the people minis we have I'm happy
  9. Gauth and the Roc and some of the bigger optional rewards. I've only bought a few reaper minis so far and before that we just got the prepainted monster menagerie packs. In pictures and videos I've seen of the previous kickstarters some of the pieces look quite large, more like display pieces than gaming miniatures but then again I have a hard time visualizing scale unless I have the thing right in front of me so maybe I'm just worrying for nothing
  10. So this is my first Bones kickstarter and I'm super excited! But I'm also a little nervous because some of these figures look really large and I'm looking to get ones that can be used during our D&D game and I'm kind of worried what if they're too big. Does anyone know if these will look ok next to other minis or will they look disproportionately large?
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