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  1. I got mine and let me tell you Reaper is stretching when they call this girl a "miniature", I'd be more inclined to calling her a "maxiture". Because if she were any bigger she wouldnt fit in my case. Its close to twice the size of my metal T Rauk, and I love every bit of it. I've got all of Reapers dragons along with most of the ral partha's, and what I thought was a huge forge world dragon from like 10 years ago and the new T' Rauk is sooo much more amazing then all of them. I'm very much looking forward to many more huge dragons in the future from Reaper, especially if they're on par with
  2. Not really sure where to put this question but this seems as good as any place. Is reaper done making metal minis? I own well over 100 legendary and warlord mini's as all as most of the old dragons all in pewter and much prefer pewter to the bones line. I'm mostly interested in the beautiful new dragons that reapers been turning out, and will be with the next bones 4
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