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  1. More Hobgoblins - The four from Bones 3 are great and currently in use in my 5e campaign, we need more! More Cloud and Storm Giants - Would also like to see a titan sized giant or two as well. More Chronoscope aliens and sci fi goodness - Just started getting into Starfinder, so some bug aliens, big lizards, and ratlings would be great. Space ships - To scale to use for Starfinder ship battles. Scenics - Excited for the ones coming in Bones 4, want more!
  2. I have two W&N series 7 brushes, a size 0 that is amazing every time, and a size 1 that acts a lot like what you're describing, even after brush cleaner conditioning. I also have used it mainly as a base coat brush, maybe it too will come around.
  3. I recently stumbled across Luke's APS youtube channel, he did a video recently where he made two homemade washes (one with floor polish and one with matte medium) using inks instead of paint, and did a side by side comparison to Citadel's shades. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vFcRT2wOh8
  4. Yes! Did something similar with a "treant" made from a scotch box and construction paper, but I gave it googly eyes. Lulled them into a false sense of security.
  5. My players are already phobic of mimics, so I posted a copy of the add-on image to our game group with the tag "Mimics. They're all mimics".
  6. Liking the ghouls/ghast. I'll get my players back to Barovia one day.
  7. Only thing I am waiting on is Massive Darkness, supposedly shipping to NA sometime in the next two weeks.
  8. First Reaper Kickstarter I've been in on, and loving what's available so far!
  9. One thing that came up in the Bones 4 KS comments was 80's action kids minis. Something like a group of kids who are running from gangsters while looking for pirate treasure, a group of kids who fight classic movie monsters, or a couple of brothers who fight against a lost group of vampires in California.
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