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  1. ...mouse just checked the discord for the first time in a while. I may not be active in forums or discord much anymore, but people may still remember me? If that's good enough, I wouldn't mind being on bingo. Forum name and avi are fine. Edit: I plan to be there the whole time
  2. Slightly less done for the day than I originally thought.
  3. Yay! Plant loving is awesome, and I feel like most veggies and herbs are relatively low maintenance. House plants and flowers however...
  4. A few more... I have shaky hands...and still don't like using my phone camera for this.
  5. Yeah - I have the problem of not having a scanner right now :( I'll probably reupload when I do have access to my scanner.
  6. Yet again, I have resumed (assumed?) another hobby. This time, it's sketches! The first was done today, and has a ocean scene theme. I'd love to see people color them and share!
  7. Since Reapercon is going to be full on digital this year, we should make another tradition go digital - RIBBONS! Still not 100% sure how we should do it. But I know we can figure something out! Who's with me?!
  8. Update on Mouse's job front: Updated LinkedIn and indicated interest in new opportunities. Within 2 hours had 3 recruiter messages. Mouse will be fine. In the meantime, I guess I have time to paint, knit, crochet, sew, embroider, and all my other hobbies!
  9. Yes, I was a developer and working from home. However, the company is a restaurant POS company, so with the decreased business due to the lockdowns and the fact that it is a startup, lay-offs happened. I just happened to be one of them.
  10. So. I haven't gotten on in a while, a good part because I tend to stay off the internet when times are good. But times are not good. I just got laid off my job. I'm not sure what's next for me. I'm lucky because they are offering me 3 weeks severence and the aid of a recruiter. But...it still hurts.
  11. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!
  12. I'm actually from the Chicago area myself, so most people from my home town are bears fans. (DAH BEARS) as they would say.
  13. Sorry - he's a lions fan (from Detroit originally). Though he does watch basically every game.
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