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  1. I'm so tired. I've not gotten hardly anything done for work. Sunday & yesterday I had to go to visit my parents since my vet (my cousin works there) is over by them. Merlin needed to have his manhood taken away. Sunday night's meeting of Merlin & my parents' dogs went terribly. He now hates dogs. Growls and hisses at them every time he sees them. I blame Bodie, my dad's dog. He got in Merlin's face right away, Merlin hissed, swiped out, and then Bodie kept barking at him. Cooper, my sister's dog, kept barking at Bodie barking...gah. After the initial meeting we mostly separated them. Took about an hour for Merlin to chill at all again. The vet visit went well, though. Shots up to date, microchipped. No need to go back until next year. Family was good until we went to dinner last night... Let's just say I'm sick of hearing about my parent's political beliefs. And sick of that small town. Glad to be home today but really exhausted after that excursion, and I'm struggling to focus on work... Thank god for Bones 5.
  2. Hey! Don't compare me to a rat! *throws off coat and hides in pocket*
  3. Paradoxical Mouse


    I break it down as much as I do any planner. So, example from mine
  4. Paradoxical Mouse


    I have one non reaper peep in my party rn, but she's super chill. About to invite you both.
  7. *Snuggles into pocket*
  8. Paradoxical Mouse

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    ALL OF IT! I was that kid that was begging my parents to take me the SECOND the back-to-school commercials & shopping isles popped up. Back-to-school shopping was my favorite part of summer... And I wish I could still do back to school shopping...hmm...maybe I'll add pens as a reward on habitica
  9. Wait - today is a Bad Day - I might need that pocket... *Computer poke. Stop doing bad things.*
  10. When I'm having a Good Day and have the supplies in my fridge, all of my meals look like @TGP's pretty picture... But Bad Days are much more common than Good Days and I don't have the energy to cook like that on Bad Days.
  11. So Merlin just had his first bath. I was cleaning his litterbox when I got sprayed with something wet. Horrified, I continued, noting I would need to disinfect everywhere that got hit. Well, it turns out I had opened the bathroom door just before (so I could wash my hands right after) and I'd forgotten to close the lid...or flush...the toilet the last time I'd used it. I just got done wrangling him long enough to rinse him down and attempting to dry him (he doesn't want me to attempt to dry him apparently. So now I have a damp kitty...who apparently isn't angry with me, because he just jumped up to cuddle... Merge: Honestly, I'm just glad it wasn't cat pee.
  12. Rooting for you!
  13. Wait. He still hasn't upgraded? I seem to remember you mentioning a similar problem with that same site owner a year or so ago. MERGE: I forgot to add that Merlin learned "Lay Down" today! (Kind of - he's just now starting to understand that he needs to lay down after I say it 10-20 times with a treat in my hand - but PROGRESS)
  14. Woo! Today was a Good Day - something I haven't had in a while. I'm hoping tomorrow is also a Good Day, but I won't know until I wake up and get started with my day. I've been actively using Habitica to manage my todos, and it has me putting my brush to a mini daily (if only for a few strokes). I made progress (kind of) on my Master's Report for the first time in 6 months (!!!!!) and I'm poised to make more progress tomorrow. I also corrected some existing timezone ridiculousness left over from previous programmers at work. So much good today!
  15. Paradoxical Mouse

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    I believe it is lucky, and it's the only day I'm allowed to buy lotto tickets.