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  1. ...mouse just checked the discord for the first time in a while. I may not be active in forums or discord much anymore, but people may still remember me? If that's good enough, I wouldn't mind being on bingo. Forum name and avi are fine. Edit: I plan to be there the whole time
  2. Slightly less done for the day than I originally thought.
  3. Yay! Plant loving is awesome, and I feel like most veggies and herbs are relatively low maintenance. House plants and flowers however...
  4. A few more... I have shaky hands...and still don't like using my phone camera for this.
  5. Yeah - I have the problem of not having a scanner right now :( I'll probably reupload when I do have access to my scanner.
  6. Yet again, I have resumed (assumed?) another hobby. This time, it's sketches! The first was done today, and has a ocean scene theme. I'd love to see people color them and share!
  7. Since Reapercon is going to be full on digital this year, we should make another tradition go digital - RIBBONS! Still not 100% sure how we should do it. But I know we can figure something out! Who's with me?!
  8. Update on Mouse's job front: Updated LinkedIn and indicated interest in new opportunities. Within 2 hours had 3 recruiter messages. Mouse will be fine. In the meantime, I guess I have time to paint, knit, crochet, sew, embroider, and all my other hobbies!
  9. Yes, I was a developer and working from home. However, the company is a restaurant POS company, so with the decreased business due to the lockdowns and the fact that it is a startup, lay-offs happened. I just happened to be one of them.
  10. So. I haven't gotten on in a while, a good part because I tend to stay off the internet when times are good. But times are not good. I just got laid off my job. I'm not sure what's next for me. I'm lucky because they are offering me 3 weeks severence and the aid of a recruiter. But...it still hurts.
  11. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!
  12. I'm actually from the Chicago area myself, so most people from my home town are bears fans. (DAH BEARS) as they would say.
  13. Sorry - he's a lions fan (from Detroit originally). Though he does watch basically every game.
  14. I haven't checked in for a while, mostly due to new meds making me insanely tired all the time. But my brain weasels are now mostly gone and my medicine is working as a great deterrent. I also started dating someone again. I had intended to wait a year...but... A while back my best guy friend asked me out. Now, this was quite a while back, but I'd barely gotten to see him since then. At that time I said no (mostly because it was only a month after my breakup) and he dropped it. It came back up in a recent phone call, and he indicated he was still interested. When he came back to visit this weekend, it was intended to be a platonic friends visit. But without my brain weasels impairing me, we had an absolutely amazing time. That caused me to start thinking...and gradually over the course of the weekend we ended up dating. Now, this is the first place I've posted this. You may note that I said "visited" - he lives approxumately 6.5 hours away, give or take a half hour for whatever Chicago traffic does. We agreed on a couple of conditions but decided to at least have a go at it. I've known him for around 6.5 years. During that time, he was my roommate for 3 months. He knows how much of a slob I can be. He's already supported me at my worst. But still HE asked me out. So I think this could work, as he's already seen most of the bad about me. Also, talking to him was the first time in my life I felt remotely interested in football - because it's one of his favorite things. Good signs. Anyway, what have I missed?
  15. I notice the pump going occasionally...but it doesn't bother me. Merlin does get startled if the apt is otherwise silent, though.
  16. He said it was exactly 12 hours away, 16 hours ago...so I guess it started around four hours ago now? (as of my writing - 3 hours ago as of your post)
  17. I forgot how much head colds suck. I wish I could have someone cast lesser restoration on me. That kid has good taste.
  18. Mouse poked xer head out of @Pezler the Polychromatic's pocket as he moved to find the ingredients for his experiment. Seeing the stroopwafels left by @Glitterwolf, xe skittered out of the pocket and grabbed one, nibbling on it slowly. Now out of the pocket, xe smelled the scent of fresh coffee and began hunting. [[ @Corsair this is awesome...its been a while since I have participated in something like this. ]]
  19. Don't worry - it's far out of Merlin's reach and he wouldn't dare get on the table or countertops at this point. But yeah, herbs are ok for the most part, only causing issues when eaten in large quantities.
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