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  1. Thanks! I'll give masters soap and boiling a try. I plan to pick up a sable brush or two, but I'm trying to catch them on sale :-)
  2. Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for fixing the fishhook tip that develops on brushes after awhile. Is it even possible? I tried brush shaper with no success (although it's possible/likely there's a technique I don't know about that would make the brush shaper work better) I'd love to replace my brushes less frequently, and salvage some I already have :-)
  3. Hi y'all, I've been lurking for some time (and learning so much from all you amazeballs painters!), but this is my first time to post. I've encountered a (new to me) product I think has a lot of potential. Folkart has a line of color shift paints - I think it's basically an interference paint? (although I don't have a lot to compare to in that arena, so that may not be the correct term at all). It comes in 2oz bottles, and a larger, maybe 3 or 4 oz bottle. The 2 oz is 3.99 at Michaels. I've played with it a little on a primed, smooth ceramic tile just to get an idea of how the various colors look and it definitely has some interesting effects. It's on the translucent side, so whatever you undercoat with has a big effect on the final product. I'm looking forward to my next batch of minis to arrive so I can try them out properly. Dragons, yay! Anyhoo, this may be old news to some/most of y'all, but I just discovered this product, & totally geeked out & had to share! :-D
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