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  1. Thanks! I'll give masters soap and boiling a try. I plan to pick up a sable brush or two, but I'm trying to catch them on sale :-)
  2. Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for fixing the fishhook tip that develops on brushes after awhile. Is it even possible? I tried brush shaper with no success (although it's possible/likely there's a technique I don't know about that would make the brush shaper work better) I'd love to replace my brushes less frequently, and salvage some I already have :-)
  3. Hi y'all, I've been lurking for some time (and learning so much from all you amazeballs painters!), but this is my first time to post. I've encountered a (new to me) product I think has a lot of potential. Folkart has a line of color shift paints - I think it's basically an interference paint? (although I don't have a lot to compare to in that arena, so that may not be the correct term at all). It comes in 2oz bottles, and a larger, maybe 3 or 4 oz bottle. The 2 oz is 3.99 at Michaels. I've played with it a little on a primed, smooth ceramic tile just to get an idea of how the various colors l
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