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  1. I was wondering how the one foot overhang would look as well. It was either going to look fairly good or look like I had run out of space on the base and just went with it. As for the Owlbear, yes, it is a large creature and shouldn't be a problem if I ever get to that part of a bestiary. The Owlbear was more an example from the last thread of a miniature that was too large for the base that the person wanted, I think for Warlord or something. One of the reasons I've turned away from square bases is one of my players miniatures I got for them, Lem the Iconic Halfling Bard, seems to completely block the parts of the map below the base. Whenever Lem was in a square that had a wall connecting to it, almost all of my players had a tough time seeing that there was a wall connecting in that square and would try to pass through it on their turn. I cannot imagine what would happen with multiple of those on the map. The round bases fit nicely inside the grid and allow my players to see the map below the party and their enemies far easier.
  2. I really want to stick with the round 25 mm base to keep with uniformity and the game mechanics. I understand I'm trying to make two things that don't go together, go together. And yes, BLZeebub, I will be cutting off the integrated base for the figures. It may come down to me having to use this particular figure as a Dire Wolf (Large Sized creature, 50 mm) or something of the like should I not be able to get the 25 mm base to work.
  3. I'm looking at basing some of my miniatures now that I have a few standard 25mm round bases but I seem to have run into a problem. In the Animal Companion pack, the wolf and the cat are too big for these bases as it seems they were made with cavalier bases in mind. Luckily, the bear is on two hind legs swiping so I should be able to base it with no problems, possibly having to glue a coin inside the base to give it weight to not fall over. I've seen the thread discussing the Owlbear and Iron Cobra with the same problem, but I'm not a fan of the solution of simply basing the figures with larger bases than what the size is in Pathfinder. I'm anal, and a bit stubborn. I figure the best way is to build up the platform with some slate on an angle and have the figure looking over Lion King-style or coming down like a prowling predator. Wondering if anyone has other suggestions I could try, even to mix it up a bit so not every over-sized miniature is based the same way. I'm attaching a picture to show just how much larger the figure is to the base, and where the feet are.
  4. I haven't had a Windsor Newton but I do have a few Rosemary & Co brushes, I see others praising them and I hope that I was either just too hard on them or I got a bad batch. Mine didn't seem to hold much of a tip out of the package and ones I haven't even used have stray hairs already. I figured it was just because they were my first set and I didn't know how to handle them and clean them properly, but I do the exact same thing with the Reaper Pro 10-0 and #1 brushes and they're still in really good condition despite using them FAR more than the Rosemary & Co ones I have (well, the reaper No. 1 at least). The orange cleaner from Rosemary & Co is absolutely amazing though. The only thing I can say to try is, like I plan on doing myself, is just buying a bunch of different brushes over time and actually using them for myself. So far out of the 4 I've tried, the Reaper ones seem to work for me the best. Good luck!
  5. Hello everyone, I just received a mini in the mail today and was wondering what the best way to go about assembling the cape for it was. The miniature in question is a resin mini called Dieter Kaufmann who I will be painting up like Malcom Reynolds for Starfinder. I'm going to be painting the back of the legs before I put it on so I can actually reach it, but I was wondering if simple CA glue would be sufficient to keeping the cape on. I've attached a picture of the separated pieces.
  6. Haha, gorillas could be a word to describe my players some times when it comes to miniature handling (and on the occasion myself). Especially after the time that the wizard decided to flick his Kael figure (bones) onto the map to place his figure. Originally, I was going to paint the miniatures up the way I wanted them and they would be the start of my collection as a DM. Over time, my thoughts about it changed and I've decided that after my campaign is over, the miniatures will be given to the respective players as they don't have their own. Something for them to remember the campaign by. I assume one day, eventually, they'll become mantelpieces more or less. When I get around to buying a new Tobias, I'll see what I can do to keep his hand on. In the meantime, still open to even more suggestions. I'd love to get multiple and do some tests and find out which is the strongest for similar miniatures.
  7. I have the pin about 3mm into his arm (more so into his head, I destroyed part of the arm due to inaccurate drilling) and just under 2 mm into his hand. I tried to go as far as I thought I could without poking through the other side. The arm falling off has been from a few things. At first it was from falling on it's side at the table, it only had the base that came with it and would fall over from weight distribution. Once from the player moving the mini by the hand of the miniature. Then, one of my players decided to help me clean up at the end of the night and put him in a different slot of the cardboard box that I use to transport my minis, the next week when i opened the box his arm swung around pretty intensely. Finally, the last few times have been falls, apart from another on the table tip over. From my chair to my carpeted floor, it's only survived the fall twice out of a total of about 6 times. I tried putting a bit of green stuff, but I may have been putting in too much, I can experiment again with either the new one or if this one breaks again. I will definitely try a smaller hole on the new one, I would have figured that using the largest pin possible would have provided a stronger hold. As for epoxy, I'll have to pick some up and try it out. Have any suggestions on what type of putty? Thanks for the replies :)
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to the whole miniature hobby as a whole and I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to pin Tobias Winterhorn's arm better. I used CA glue and a paper clip, but the arm has fallen off quite a few times now. The one I own currently is primed and painted now and is going to be used on tabletop for my Pathfinder game as on of my players characters, but I was wondering for the future when I buy another for myself (and possibly when the painted one meets an inevitable accident). Even if you are unfamiliar with this mini, tips on a stronger pinning bond would be appreciated.
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