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  1. Alaznist and Karzoug appeared in earlier Pathfinder Adventure Path material (Rise of the Runelords, which was the first Golarion Adventure Path), while the others have been making less noted appearences until this last PFv1 series still coming out. That at least explains why those two. Haldir's response covers the rest I guess.
  2. Terain trays were a winner for me. No way I wanted as many lava tiles as I'd need to build some builds, and this way I can put lava or water or whatever I want right up next to dungeons or caves or whatever... We've got water, lava, acid, and dungeon stone now; KS6 will be adding cave stone, quicksand, festering floor, standing and running cave water, icy sheet and snowy rock, necrotic sludge and bottomless pit. That's a lot of options... Oh - and they carry setups for you.
  3. The DF Stalagmites (both the KS6 pack and the older KS2 pack) are in a completely different league from the Reaper Stalagmites. DF's stalagmites are massive solid beasts - they make the Reaper stalagmites look like soda straw formations; piece count alone is inadequate to describing the value. I would highly recommend those packs to anyone who wants stalagmite terrain. (Note: the KS6 stalagmite pack includes corner pieces which are mostly designed to liven up wall corners; if you're laying out stalagmites on a mat, the set has a bit less value IMHO...)
  4. DF understands the dynamic. They aim for prepainted, LED and magnetic pieces, and complex designs that the more entry level competitors can't match. But doing this means that their prices keep rising, too.
  5. Transluscent, white, or gray it's all the same material. If they don't think it looks good in transluscent it will likely be because they feel something doesn't look right about it... Now I don't know about the harder NewBonesium, but generally plasticity and color are separate with PVC blends.
  6. In all seriousness, most of the Dreadmere stuff has been showing up in metal already; you'll probably get your wish - or... they'll set the building on fire.
  7. Updating the remaining list by my account: Sophie and Friends Female Minotaur Dreadmere Expansion Juliana Vöertmann, Herbalist Dreadmere Expansion Damaris, Duskwarden (seen in metal, 03844?) Dreadmere Expansion Terrapin and Guide (seen in 3D on artist's FB) Darkreach Expansion Rockmaw Darkreach Expansion Troglodyte Spearman (3D in the PM?) Darkreach Expansion Troglodyte Boss (3D in the PM?) Darkreach Expansion Stone Lurker Darkreach Expansion Dark Elf Female Warrior Darkreach Expansion Dark Elf Elite Stygian Barge Half Orc Stygian Barge Charon
  8. I think it's the non-Evil counterpart to a Peryton. An anti-peryton.
  9. I think you'll get your shipment by the time we get our last round. Asia is being pre-packed (i.e. your stuff is getting sorted and boxed near the factory) now, shipment in about 2 weeks. US final shipment arrives in 16 days (to shore or to warehouse I'm not sure, but I'm guessing shore based on timing...). Then it's a week to unpack, pack, and start shipping. Add another week in transit if the shipping estimate is sea travel only. You'll be telling us about golems and elevation and stuff that we won't see for another week... The US has a warehousing facility that's already staffed. It's actually easier for them to get this stuff off their floor, and the overhead is relatively minimal. Paying distributors adds up... EU are the real losers in this as they have to wait for a 5-week ship journey that might have left on Monday China time. They'll receive the equivalent of US wave 2 about the same time everyone else gets their final shipment.
  10. If the terrapin's equipment is totally separate from the terrapin as it looks like it might be, that's going to be a great set! Love the render.
  11. This KS is going to drain my wallet. I love complex cave builds, and I'm impressed by what's been teased to date.
  12. Latest DF KSV shipping update: at the DF forums Everything has finished production. NA is shipping wave 2, which is encounters 8-14 (maybe unpainted 15 and 13 part 2 according to backer shipping notices), almost all unpainted add-ons except elevation tray and emperor's palace, and some painted add-ons. Remainder arrives in 10-17 days (to US port or warehouse I'm not sure). EU first shipment ship is 2-3 weeks out from Germany, contains pretty much everything NA is getting in the first two waves. AU first shipment is somewhere at sea. Asia will ship complete by 1st week of August. Mideast 3-4 weeks out. Lots of detail on just what's outstanding in the post.
  13. Dreadmere: Terrapin handler Dreadmere: The only part of the Terrapin that's been seen is its pack AFAIK Dreadmere: Herbalist Darkreaches: I can't find the Dark Elf Female Warrior anywhere Darkreaches: Also don't know where the Troglodyte Boss is, though all three Trogs are on the page as 3D renders. We have seen the Carnivorous Pudding, at least in green.
  14. I caught mine hiding out in the shelves early, but I know exactly what you mean! Books. In bookshelves. Who'd ever know?
  15. It is still uncool to copy rules text and not be up front about it. This is a game they've supposedly spent a lot of time on - and I believe they have on the creative side. But their order of execution, combined with the way they've appropriated text from several places, does not give me confidence as an investor. Have they appropriated anything else? Will someone drain their resources in a copyright lawsuit? The best thing they could do IMHO is to cancel this KS and come back with prepared materials and a more finalized product (and someone who can be clear and consistent in communication...)
  16. If it gets to "not sticky" it's good already.
  17. Half the wood chairs got converted to round stools, but that's fine IMHO - I have many chairs from DF already, but no round stools.
  18. And that is, unfortunately, enough to sink it with me. Copying other peoples' stuff is right out.
  19. I'd like to see giant kings/queens for the giants that don't yet have them - especially stone giant rulers. The existing sculpts are spectacular. Also would love to see sophisticated adventurers and NPCs with African and Middle Eastern appearances. The Overturn KS has me drooling over what Middle Eastern figures could be, and there are rich game settings that use these themes. More Dreadmere; I seriously love the feel of those pieces.
  20. I think someone posted above. It's a PVC blend, and they're all pretty much the same. Wash them with warm (not hot) dishsoapy water, scrub with a toothbrush, rinse and let dry. Then you can paint directly on them, or use a brush-on primer, or use Reaper Inks, or...
  21. Just - over-the-top spectacular! The icicles are the finishing tough to me. Top-notch paint job, great basing. Wow.
  22. Good to know on the coin size. I'm thinking about ordering a Treasury or maybe just the King's Coffers x2. I'm uncertain about my need for treasure hoards; like the dragons they're most often associated with, they're not an everyday use thing. Also thanks for the info in the plastic hot water fix. Makes future concerns much less. For the most part my DF DoD is taking painting priority right now...
  23. Did anyone get the Treasury? I'm interested to know if the coins in their piles are as oversized as they look in the previews, or if, like the rats and skulls, their proportions are overblown in the images...
  24. Just unboxed mine! My shipment was in pristine condition; don't know what they paid UPS, but the outer box didn't even have a scuff mark on it! Everything was there, except they packed a DS door set instead of the furniture set. Impressions: Most everything I received (Town Crate, Wizard's Study, Dungeon Debris, Torture Chamber, and Temple) was of a very stiff plastic; not Dwarvenite - not heavy enough IMHO - but not Bonesium wiggly, either. Things that could have been wiggly - the throne banner, map, scrolls, or small debris - were perfectly rigid. A few pieces defied the trend. The orrery, cart, throne runner rug, candlesticks and braziers, ladders, and weapon racks were flexible (and warped). My cart wasn't too bad - mostly the hitch. Why, I don't know. It's not the color of the plastic or the size of the piece, though really spindly pieces almost all suffer. Mold requirements would be my guess. My two torture rack legs felt like they would break off - they were stiff, but felt attached by a mostly stressed-out thread of plastic. Some of the stiff plastic was also warped, e.g. the round tables in the Tavern. I'm hoping they'll be better with hot water, but less hopeful than with the softer stuff. The stiff plastic has some leftover roughage - much more than on DF pieces, and of an abrasive nature. Could be sprue or mold break-off points. There are also some occasional mold lines. Some of this is annoying, especially the mold lines on the multi tapped barrel set and the rough tips of the liquor rack bottles. The Temple set is spectacular, and much heavier than the other sets. There's a slight warping on the ends of the two circular floor pieces, but wow! The Torture set is more mixed for me. The Iron Maiden/Sarcophagus bottoms are shallower than I expected, and they don't have a lip to match them to their tops. Not so with the coffins, which are fine. Torture equipment itself will be a welcome addition to dungeon scenery, but the skeleton and mummy don't do much as they're limited to being props for the scenery. There are itty-bitty tiny pieces in these sets! I mean, really really small. The skulls and rats are especially miniscule - as in, actually to scale for a regular rat! Some of the small pieces like to hide in bigger pieces; I had to dig some books out of a bookcase. I love these little detail pieces, but they're going to have to find a special bin in my storage. The poop no longer looks like a horse dropping; it now resembles a small pile of coal, which is I guess why it's in the blacksmith set to begin with...
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