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  1. march madness will be at Ogre's Den Gaming Club #23, 3220 5th Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta T2A 5N1 Funding (finally) reached 3 days left to pledge for our nasty gobbos
  2. Hello dears 2 big news for you 1- we started a collaboration with Labmasu to run togeter an ambitious program of tournament support Worldwide, we started it via facebook and this is the calendar of the first partner tournaments Welsh Open - Feb 2nd - Cardiff, Welsh Fulginium Bowl 12 - Mar 2nd - Trevi, Italia Polish Open - Mar 30th - Poland March Madness - Mar 30th - Alberta, Canada Turncoat Max - Jun 28th - Knesselare, Belgium Ordo Bowl III - Aug 16th - Al Araby Derby OR, USA The PoPo's Don't Tase Me Bowl - Aug 17th - Gainesvegas FL, USA Krampusbowl 4 - Dec - Wien, Austria International Blood Bowl Supporters League Torneo - Mar - Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico if you are a tournament organizer and you want to know more please contact [email protected] 2- related to the program we are going to launch a new kickstarter campaign for, maybe, the nastiest goblin team ever seen before. Hand sculpted with love and in old school style, it will be available in resin or metal (trolls resin only). Players and staff from the partner tournaments may select the dedicated pledge level with a cheaper price and combined shipping Go, have fun and save money! here is the draft page
  3. The Kickstarter campaign is closed. If you are interested, take a look to to our Lizardmen team: Rabid Rage.
  4. Take a look at this colored version of two miniatures from Rabid Rage team now on Kickstarter. This only a demonstrative example from DOA Painting Studio.
  5. The Kickstarter page will be ready tomorrow and this time we'll share the preview link.While we are waiting ... let see another pictures Finally the Kickstarter page is ready to be launched. The countdown is started and we want to share the Kickstarter Preview of the Campaign to collect some suggestions before starting. The Kickstarter campaign is now live. You have 48 hours (up to August 30 at 4.00 PM GMT) to join as Early Bird backer to have the coach for FREE. Take al look at Rabid Rage team on Kickstarter ... we are sure you'll like it :D
  6. We are proud to announce our third campaign on KS.We want to share with some example from our KS page.In the next days we'll share more pictures and the preview link of our page
  7. Finally we have the picture of the full team (painted by DOA) If you want to join the Kickass Cossack team on Kickstarter there are only 2 days left.
  8. We added the photos of the armored version of the Bear. The front side photo is without tail.
  9. We just added some new pledges in the KS campaign: Now you have the possibility to pledge for the norse team (Lightning Cossacks) or for crossovers of three teams (kislev, human and norse).
  10. We added some photos in the Kickstarter page. The two werewolves and the two berserker. Take a look at the project: it's still running. Here the preview of one berserker.
  11. We have just added the wip of the first werewolf to our Kickstarter page to give you the possibility of crossover with the norse team.
  12. Finally Kickstarter project has launched! The previous one was succesfull so we are sure you'll appreciate this one too. We already showed you some pictures but now take a look at the KS page and be fast: you have only 2 days to pledge as early birds to have the coach miniature for free. The Kickstarter campaign was funded in 12 hours and we already unlocked the first stretch goal: 2 balls for free. We added one of the miniatures I like most: the powerful Lavr the Ogre
  13. The KS campaign will offer the possibility to have three teams: if you'll pledge the 16 miniatures of the basic team (the Kickass Cossacks) and you'll add 8 miniatures, you are going to have three teams ... and don't forget the Stretch Goals :p Take a look at our FB page
  14. The KS campaign probably will have some crossovers. As the previous KS campaign we are planning to put a miniature (coach) as early birds pledge only for the first day, below the preview of it. If you want so see more pictures of the team you can go to our Facebook page.
  15. After the first succesfull kickstarter campaign, Gaspez-Arts is preparing the KS campaing for the new Fantasy Football team: the "kickass Cossacks". The Gaspez-Arts team is always the same: Fabio (aka Gaspez-Arts) as manufacturer and the excellent artist Raffaele Stumpo the creator of Bull Warriors - Chaos Dwarf team. Look at the pictures about this ferocious and artistic football team. Stay tuned for more info and pictures in the next days Greetings
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