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  1. I don't know what happened to it. Denethor had the pieces to yell at Gandalf... then gone. Hmm. Thank you as well. I will post more minis as I do then, but I don't do much in general.
  2. Thank you! I need to learn a lot of things still, but I'm winging it decently I guess. I do art other places/ways, so I had a bit if a leg up... I still have frustration and anger though! Thank you. The MS is a massive obstacle. I take forever to paint anything and it can be wildly frustrating when my hands shake. Thank you again, it is so encouraging to read such nice things.
  3. This is my first post. I'm relatively new at this, I've painted fewer than 10 minis, but I really like it. I have Multiple Sclerosis so my hands shale and my vision gets... weird... sometimes, so I tend to take an incredibly long time. Here's a recap of the last 17 hours: My friend I am doing this for is playing a character with only 1 axe, so I removed the second one with wire cutters and used modeling putty to fix where I marred the coat. Still a bit rough. I might put a dagger in his hand or something. Not sure. I found that I need to do their faces first because if I mess up a face on an already painted body it is hard to strip and start over. I noticed that what I thought was hair was actually little robe-orniments so I painted them copper. All his leather belts and buckles were really hard on my hands! I didnt want him to look too much like Thor, so I decided he's a warm-colors kind of guy. I need to learn how to make the metal look reflective like some of you do! The horn on his back is 'Horn of Gondor' colors. Good ol 'pencil for scale' picture for a friend. He probably will take me another 6 hours or so to finish, but I had to quit to sleep for now. Taking time to look or comment means a lot to me, you guys are great. Thanks! Hope I can finish him tomorrow! Why do 2 pictures keep randomly loading below this point? I keep deleting but they just come back. Halp! (Duplicate pics removed by OneBoot :) )
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