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  1. I've backed collectively with my d&d group, we'll split the cost evenly then draft the minis 😄
  2. Mine was supposed to deliver yesterday... then I got the email saying "A mechanical failure has delayed delivery. We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible" And when checking my tracking number yesterday it said "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date."... ... and checking it today it said "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date." still 😞 Tried to call to see if I could pick it up before my d&d game tonight because its 30 minutes from me, and got a vaguely hopeful answer at 930 this morning, saying they'd contact the facility and I should hear back in an hour or so... then four hours later I call again and find out that the first guy didn't know what he was talking about, that facility is closed/has no customer service on Sundays, and it is therefore not possible to do anything about it today. Tonight is when my group first fights ship to ship in their pirate campaign. I was really hoping to have a ship by then (and a few more nice pirate minis)
  3. UPS: "A mechanical failure has delayed delivery. We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible." Estimated delivery: "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date." :(
  4. I got my shipping notice last night! Might be they got their ordering proper finally or I just got a lucky roll. I was Wave 1 -- ETA this Sunday!
  5. At this point I'm expecting that the Wave 1 forgotten few of us will be the last out the door, only taking heart in the fact that they have so few remaining that should be early next week the latest.
  6. Go for whatever you think will maximize your enjoyment! I would probably lean toward the smaller budget for purchases and stay longer each day with the hotel to retire to given your description of the past event, but it's your assessment to make.
  7. Ah, awesome, thanks! Apparently it doesn't work when editing it into a post already there, so I had to reply to myself ><
  8. @Sanael ^^^ Thank you!
  9. How do you tag other users on this forum? I'd like to tag someone to thank them for the inspiration on my latest post in the show-offs painting area.
  10. 2nd painting in recent memory, I present Razermouth, sku 44026, inspired by @Sanael! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88081-44026-razormouth/ Phantom Glow, "Sample" ( a light teal), and Black Wash for the skin. Emerald Green and Black Wash for the scales. Tusk Ivory, Brown wash for the teeth Styx Purple watered down for the purple wash around the base of teeth/gills Lava Orange with Golden Yellow for the fins/claws. Earth Brown and Brown Wash for the dirt. Coal Black, Spectral White, and Black Wash for the rocks. Gem Purple, Styx Purple, and Black wash for inside the mouth.
  11. Thank you! I thought it would be too boring doing everything stone so I figured I'd go all out on the sword as best I could manage. 🙂
  12. Any ideas when this is going to launch today?
  13. Thanks! I figured the Well of Despair would house some evil sword, trapped in place til some wayward adventurer makes a foolish decision...
  14. Unclear. They said they would and then didn't, so I would hazard a guess that they probably tried and whatever they did didn't give the proper result. Maybe they'll figure it out before they start again, maybe they wont. Worst case we have to wait until the end, which is thankfully not overly far away. They only have a few thousand left, and once they get rolling again they push out 600-800 a day.
  15. Finally sat down and started painting again. Put this together for the RCL in the discord: Shadowed Stone, Solid White, and Stone Wash for the base. Coal Black and Spectral White for the statue. Solid black for inside the hood. Vallejo Hammered Copper, Polished Gold, and Leather Brown for the Sword. Maggot White and Alien Goo for the Runes. Emerald Green, Alien Goo, and Maggot White for the gem in the cross-guard.
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