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  1. I ordered nearly everything in bones 4, some with duplicates. I think they put a slip in the box with what you ordered, but don't remember fully. What I did was print out all the images showing what was contained in each set/add on then went through them all to first make sure each mini was there, then again to assemble or dry fit assemble to make sure minis were not missing pieces. I put one checkmark next to it to confirm it was there then circled the check once confirming it has all its pieces. For the ridiculous amount of minis ordered I had 2 missing minis and 2 missing/wrong pieces (two
  2. I'd very much appreciate any more information that you can gather! 🙂
  3. I just want to know what is going to hold up orders to temper my expectations. I'd rather know now if my order may be held up or not. I'm wave 1 and finally starting my in person pirate campaign June 27th. Some knowledge of when I can expect my order to be sent out would be very helpful for planning purposes.
  4. Can any of the reaper people who read this thread identify all the items that will cause shipping delays?
  5. I'm mildly dreading the assembly process. I just want to paint and play with them, I'm tired of gluing things together... I'm mostly just irritated because I'm having a bit of trouble gluing some metal miniatures. For the life of me I can't get the arms on a couple of them to stick.
  6. I'm running Skulls and Shackles as soon as we can play in person again. It's a Pathfinder pirate campaign and I plan to make heavy use of deep depths, brinewind, Valfuryx, the sirens, goroloth, the ballistae, the pirate ship, and anything else I can slot into the campaign 😄
  7. I have two of these, was looking to get more but couldn't find them on the site anymore.
  8. Pretty sure it's quite a bit larger than the newer frost giants
  9. Sif unlocked at 6k, another stretch goal at 8k, currently at $7,956
  10. Just locked in all mine due to these messages. Hopefully thats not too late. Only locked in the core prior while figuring out exactly what everyone wanted, finished with 712.00 in bones with $39 for shipping.
  11. Was there a planned launch date anywhere? Also, thank you very much @Smokestack!
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