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  1. I have two of these, was looking to get more but couldn't find them on the site anymore.
  2. Pretty sure it's quite a bit larger than the newer frost giants
  3. Sif unlocked at 6k, another stretch goal at 8k, currently at $7,956
  4. Just locked in all mine due to these messages. Hopefully thats not too late. Only locked in the core prior while figuring out exactly what everyone wanted, finished with 712.00 in bones with $39 for shipping.
  5. I backed it, I like the look of them.
  6. Was there a planned launch date anywhere? Also, thank you very much @Smokestack!
  7. I've tried to have subtle coloration differences in the dire alligators and that mostly didn't work out, the differences were not pronounced enough. For the Dire Boars I went with four different skin tone triads to have visually different boars (and partially to test the triads out and have a reference for them in the future ).
  8. Any idea if they'll offer some from their first ks as add ons? I looked online and they're 9euro a piece +24-28 euro shipping to USA or $15 a piece from the american store with another $10 for shipping >< I'd be interested in adding on a few of the 28mm ones from the first KS if that's an option during the KS and getting them all in one shipment over doing a small order of them now. I'm mainly interested in Jeanne, the Knight Maxima, the Centurion Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden and curious about Ailsa, the Highlander Olenka, the Winged Hussar Azumi, the Samuri Did anyone get the last 3 last time? If so can you share pictures?
  9. After getting a bunch of duplicates in Bones 4 (3x monsters, 3x dire, 7x statues, 2x core, 2x darkreach, I eventually gave away an unopened Core set that I found I really didn't need. The only duplicate I'm getting this time is the Armory, because I want two suits of armor, and $5 now and getting duplicates of the other things that will still be useful is more worthwhile than waiting to pay $3-4 for the suit of armor alone. .... I may also get a duplicate of the boat if my Pathfinder group commits to playing Skulls and Shackles post-Covid, though I still need to read the campaign to see if a second boat would be worthwhile.
  10. We really need to get Reaper to make sure they don't pre-glue stuff together, if we cant pull it apart deck by deck to use all of it I'm going to be very sad. This looks fantastic by the way. My initial thoughts were "I NEED ONE" toned down slightly when going over the overall cost of everything, to the point where it's been on high on my wants list but not currently in the cart. My Pathfinder group was discussing plans for the future this past weekend and once the pandemic is over I plan on running the next campaign... and Skulls and Shackles came up as one of the ones people were interested in, which has pushed this back into the need to get category, with a question mark on needing a second for enemy ships they may encounter (need to actually read through the AP and see if ship battles occur enough to make that worthwhile). Has there been any update on their manufacturer's current status and if their April 2021 date is still feasible or if they're at the end of a long list of things they need to manufacture and it will be pushed back by however long they were shut down for/running below capacity for?
  11. Do we know the rough time frame when the pledge manager will close?
  12. Did that post with the rough valuation of all the sets get posted again after fan favorites, brinewind 3, and brinewind extras were released?
  13. Possibly, i was thinking something vaguely like this with the colors matching your descriptions put at the bottom of your graphic. No dates need to be added to it (please excusethe terrible finger drawing, best i could do on the phone)
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