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  1. Hi All,


    I missed 77565: Kyphrixis, The Copper Dragon ($19.99) when it came out and it's out of stock at the moment. It doesn't look like there is any way to set an alert on the main reaper site, are there perhaps any outside sites that can check daily and alert you if it's available? I'm looking to get that and ideally the clear version of him whenever it makes it's way to retail.


    Alternately, if there's no way to set an alert - any of the Reaper people have a rough estimate of when it will be back in stock?






  2. I briefly looked through the page and am interested -- but do we know how big the bases of the standard human size minis are? Do they fit within a square inch? 


    Also, the golem people are talking about - is there a picture of that somewhere?

  3. 3 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:


    Yep somehow I did an oops, maybe even a Whoops!


    A while ago I did my first round of locking in some of my selections in the pledge manager. 

    I've gone back in several times to plan out the rest of what I want and what I should lock in next so I can budget.


    When I went in tonight I noticed that everything I had locked in previously now showed that I had locked in two of each of those things.::o:


    Don't know how or exactly when that happened. I think I can work with that, but I am concerned I don't do that again as I don't need 3 of each.



    There's a bug that makes everything display as if you've ordered double. If you exit out of the manager and reload it it should display correctly. I've seen it a few times (and was hopefully optimistic the first "Bank made an error in your favor, collect free minis"), but it is only a bug.

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  4. I'm glad we have gotten the Genies and Rulers of Hell in the last two updates. I'm happy with both, for the most part. The Efreeti looks great. On the genie I'd prefer to see a strap or something holding the sword on her, as it is now it looks like it's just glued to her rear (yes, she's a genie, it can just be magically held there, just looks a bit odd to me). I love the male Ruler, apart from his back plates, I'm hoping those get altered a little. I'm a little less sold on the female (I would have preferred the standing pose in the concept art over the strolling pose in the render and the sword in the opposite hand from the sheath) but those are relatively small complaints, she still looks good.


    Going off of Phoenix Rising's comment a couple weeks ago, I organized the minis we have not seen sculpts/renders for yet in order of what I'm most interested in seeing. What are you guys most interested in?


    I'm most interested in: 
    1. Add on - Frost Giant Raiders and Winter Wolf 
    2. Add on - Argent's updated scales 
    3. Fan Favorites - Isobael 
    4. Darkreach - Stone Lurker 
    5. Dreadmere - Herbalist 
    6. Dreadmere - Terrapin and Guide (pack has been shown) 
    7. Dreadmere - Spirit Beast 
    8. Lost Valley - 4 Jade Fire clan 
    9. Add on - Half-Orc Ghost 
    10. Add on - Charon 
    11. Darkreach - 5 Deep Gnomes 
    12. Darkreach - Rockmaw 
    13. Core - 2 of Sophie's friends (seen Sophie and Duelist) 
    14. Darkreach - 2 Dark Elves 
    15. Dreadmere - Halfling Lantern-bearer 
    16. Dreadmere - Lady Swashbuckler


    His comment for reference: 

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  5. Second 12days order in! Continuing to build up my paint collection -- emphasis metallics this time



    29806: HD Fireball Orange  $3.29 x1
    29805: HD Burning Orange  $3.29 x1
    09049: Ancient Bronze  $3.29 x1
    09050: Antique Gold  $3.29 x1
    09051: New Gold  $3.29 x1
    09052: Shadowed Steel  $3.29 x1
    09274: Vampiric Shadow  $3.29 x1
    09275: Vampiric Skin  $3.29 x1
    09276: Vampiric Highlight  $3.29 x1
    09304: Copper Verdigris  $3.29 x1
    09305: Tarnished Copper  $3.29 x1
    09306: New Copper  $3.29 x1
    09454: Shining Mithril  $3.29 x1
    09453: Filigree Silver  $3.29 x1
    09452: Blade Steel  $3.29 x1
    09451: Dwarven Gold  $3.29 x1
    09450: Dragon Gold  $3.29 x1
    09449: Dragon Bronze  $3.29 x1
    09448: Dragon Copper  $3.29 x1
    09999: Reaper Paint Caddy  $19.99 x1

    Happy 25th Anniversary!  Your order has received 2x Ametrine Earthlyte<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received a Stocking!<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received 2x Cat Dragon!<br>

    Subtotal:       82.50
    Shipping:       Free USPS
    Handling:       1.00
    Order Total:    $83.50


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    3 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    You prompted me to check; this is the case for me too.


    I have no interest in the goblin carolers and a LOT of interest in the wrapping dragon. 




    I felt better with the email that showed 2x(blank) than I do seeing 2xGoblin Carolers in the account details, now that I look there.


    I sure hope they got it right for all our orders ::fingers crossed::

  7. 1 hour ago, ladystorm said:

    There was a typo in the code.

    It has been fixed.


    All orders placed before the fix were manually corrected


    Good to hear! I got the same message as Cyr:



    Happy 25th Anniversary!  Your order has received 2x Ametrine Earthlyte<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received a Stocking!<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received 2x !<br>


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  8. I'm not sure if what is at the moment two business days constitutes a "severe delay".  Echoing Harrek and Cyradis, I don't think delays on updates are much to worry about at this stage in the game. With three promotions, presumably higher volume of sales that go with the promotions and the approaching holidays in general, and a transition of a longstanding integral cog in the machine I'm more than willing to give them some leeway.


    It would have been nice to for them to have posted a small canned message at the end of the day Friday saying the update would be delayed a little, and likely out the following week.

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  9. I wish you could buy these separately...


    I'm a little sad to see the Christmas Familiars and Tinker Gnome missed the cut...


    Time to start seeing how many new paints and minis I can justify buying -- I'm still building my collection as a newbie to the hobby this year... Also do we know what comes in the Naughty and Nice bags yet? If they arn't amazing it would make it a lot easier to just do $40 orders through the 12 days.. 


    What I'd like to get if I can make it work:

    12/7- Wrapping Dragon*

    12/9- Cat Dragon***

    12/10- Winter Fairy ****

    12/13- Milk and Cookies (Yeti)*

    12/14- Dragon Hoard**

    12/15- Father Christmas**

    12/17- Winter Elf**


    Only $280 for those ><

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  10. 7 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    For December 1st: 


    What have you done that you are proud of lately? It can be a big thing. It can be a small thing. We know you are at least glad to have done something

    I finally got over the hump and started painting the minis I've been stockpiling over the past year.

    Also cleaned/organized my living room. Still really need to get to my bedroom and the office

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  11. 14 hours ago, Reaper Ron said:




    44 minutes ago, Sanael said:

    this is exciting, and dreadful. I don't know if I can swing this, but we will see.


    Are there pictures? All I see in the original post is two blank box outlines, and the front page of the webstore shows a big blank space under the news post.


    The picture in the post and on the front page is just a graphic with text, not a picture of the bag/contents. The graphic shows Mr Bones leaning through the center of a wreath holding out a present. The large text reads "Mr Bones' Christmas Sampler" and the small text under it reads "Contains a festive sampling of some of our favorite Reaper Bones miniatures!"

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  12. 1 hour ago, NecroMancer said:

    If you look at the Reaper main page they have some info about the 12 days posted.


    I am hoping there will be an update but without @Reaperbryan I'm not sure.


    I see this this statement about it, am I missing something more? I was just stating I can't wait to see what is posted on Monday.

    "Finally, the 12 Days of Reaper starts on Wednesday, December 6th. Mark your calendars! More info coming on Monday!"


    I did see the 12-days post from last year after making my comment here (it's linked to in the December Specials thread in the General section) and definitely hope that the Winter Fairy, Dragon Horde, and Father Christmas are back again

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  13. 5 hours ago, hungerfan said:

    YEah I found the OLD info in News forum and it jogged my memory.




    Great find! I hope they repeat at least some of these! I'd like most, the only I don't really care for are the Santa's Helpers bulbs and the Present Mockingbeast.


    Without hesitation I would get the Winter Fairy, Dragon Horde, and Father Christmas if they're offered again

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