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  1. Thanks for taking a look! Any advice/comments/criticism is welcome!


    Hi all, I've recently started painting some of my minis (finally) and also got some friends to help. Below I'll show everything thats been done so far, before likely making a showoff thread for the done done ones (some are aaalmost there, need a few more touches.


    My Work: (2nd mini ever):

    77503 Temple Dragon : - I wanted to do some complimentary color on him but couldn't quite decide where. First thought was underbelly and underside of wings, but glued together the underbelly is incredibly hard to paint. I was also considering the larger left and right spines down the  middle and/or maybe just the bones/claws that extend from the wings(bone color?)

    He seems to photograph better than he looks in standard light, hes a bit dark, so without lighting for taking a picture distinguishing much on him is not all that easy.








    77506 Kobolds (6): (3rd mini ever) I am trying to somewhat emulate the Kobolds painted on the Bones 4 page ( https://www.reapermini.com/bones4 )

    Just starting on them, got a darker skin tone and tried dry brushing over with a lighter, but its hard to keep it localized on such a tiny mini. Painting these seems like it's going to get more frustrating than it is rewarding.. :/

    Trying to do linen white for the cloth with maybe a sepia wash over it, then steel for the armor with a black wash









    Friend 1's WIPs: (He's painted minis before)

    77492 Behir: I think he's planning on touching up the mouth area








    77494 Dire Bear:  I think he wants to differentiate the fur a little more, it's a bit too uniform








    77496 Eilluvasheth, Succubus Queen - Wings look great - I think he's not sure how exactly to translate the color scheme/design to the body









    Friend 2's (new to painting, first minis):

    Adventurescapes Barrels and Chest:








    77382: Vernone, Ivy Crown Knight (Second Mini)








    77498 Werearmadillo (3rd mini)









    Friend 3: (has painted some in past)

    80046: Gray Alien Warriors








    77493 Brain In a Jar : Needs to paint the bottom clear plastic piece the same metal as the rest of it








    Thanks for taking a look! Any advice/comments/criticism is welcome!


    Ignore these -- Too many attachments, can't seem to figure out which ones to delete














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  2. On 11/20/2017 at 2:09 PM, Inarah said:

    Welcome to the hobby!


    They look pretty good. You got everything "within the lines" so to speak and your color choices help contrast the different parts of the figure. 


    I think the face is supposed to be a skull.  You could go over it with some brown ink, which will settle in the grooves and bring out the face details.  You could actually brush ink over the entire figure to bring out the detail in the wrappings and other areas, too. 


    Keep practicing. The more you paint the better you get. 



    On 11/20/2017 at 3:49 PM, Glitterwolf said:

    Looking good especially for such a speedpaint.


    As Inarah said, a bit of brown wash would define the faces, wrappings and such.


    Is the "Brown Wash" from reaper what I want for this? What's the difference between the Wash and Liner?


    Thanks for all the comments guys!

  3. Hi guys! My friend and I stopped by for the paint and take at Reaper's booth at PAX Unplugged and painted our first minis.  Any and all constructive criticism welcome, we did the best we could in the limited time we had at the table (45-50 minutes). We definitely wish we had more time, more paint choices, and maybe a couple more brushes, but it was great fun. I'll definitely be painting more in the near future.


    Without further ado here they are (mine in blue, friend's in red)20171120_082410.thumb.jpg.a2ac3626854296283afa3e37968485c4.jpg20171120_082228.thumb.jpg.f612a6baf78c7a47b0c8b3cd3d205a28.jpg20171120_082244.thumb.jpg.344e5e158a6de13da417e551b522578b.jpg20171120_082327.thumb.jpg.043ce1ee40e349f1e853a98f3afc804a.jpg20171120_082156.thumb.jpg.512c0491128e3f774aa0e71b668e5903.jpg


    We didn't really know what to do with the faces, and I was definitely having trouble figuring out what went to what/what was a seperate thing. I like how my friend did the loincloth two seperate colors. I also liked his bronze sword color.


    Thanks for looking!

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  4. Something like this:

    Vaguely similar to lizardfolk, but generally more squat, less or no tail, live in caves, large eyes, darkvision




    Edit: Alchemist- Nice! I was hoping to pick up one a little sooner, but i forgot those were in Darkreach. I'm in for 2 of that expansion at the moment

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  5. Are there any Troglodytes or similar figures that Reaper has? I searched for Troglodyte and nothing came up, I'm not quite sure what else to search for so I figured I'd ask if anyone knew of any offhand (or better search parameters)



  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084069684/tablescapes-dungeons-modular-rpg-dungeons-by-secre/posts/2027463


    The latest update says " Word is that production is underway, and that as long as the printer gets the box art files in the next week we should see product in January."


    Does that mean that they'll see it in January then send to us for.. Feb/March? or that we'll see it in our mailboxes in January?


    (I'd ask on there but I was not a kickstarter backer, I jumped in on the pledge manager post kickstarter)

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  7. Thanks for the answers Ladystorm and Reaperbryan!


    As for how to sell them without standard packaging, I know I'd be more than happy to get all the pieces of Goremaw in a gallon size Ziploc bag (or 2 gallon, not quite sure if he'd fit in a 1, he looks huge).


    I'm not sure how your area will be set up, but if you could glue one together (and maybe paint it) to serve as a display piece on a shelf behind the register and had a Ziploc bag next to it with the piece parts in it to display what you're actually buying I'm sure they'd sell. Keep the rest of the stock in a rubbermaid bin and call it a day :)

  8. Hi guys!


    I see that Reaper Miniatures is on the exhibitors list for PAX Unplugged (November 17-19 in Philadelphia). I have couple questions as to what we can expect to see there:

    1. Will you be running any painting classes? From the comments I see on this forum they seemed to be great successes at Reapercon and I was hoping to be able to participate in one if possible.

    2. Is there any chance some of the large figures from Bones 3 that have currently unsolved packaging issues (Goremaw, Froghemoth) could be made available at the convention? (I'm dying for a Goremaw)


    I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there!

  9. Questions for all:

    What mini are you most excited to paint?

    Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint?

    What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)?

    What do you hope to see most in Bones 5?


    For my own answers to my questions:

    What mini are you most excited to paint?
    The Frost Giants and Lords of Hell look like they'll have a lot going on and seem like they'll be very rewarding to flesh out with paint.


    Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint?
    I think the Zombie Dragon may be the hardest for me to get to look the way I imagine it and Dance of Death will probably take the longest, just due to size and it being two separate dragons


    What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)?
    The Statues - Currently have 7 sets of each selected :D
    Also getting 3 sets total (2 from core, 1 extra) of both Monsters (griffon/wyvern/owlbear) and Dire Animals)
    Everything else is 2 or less.


    What do you hope to see most in Bones 5?
    I'd love to see a troop of bards
    I like the idea of seeing more Catfolk and other humaniods that are not currently well represented.
    More Djinn and Efreeti would be great too

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  10. 4 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:


    So what matters is when you first lock in?  Adding stuff later won't move me back down the list?  So if I just lock in with one of the cheaper add ons that will set me as early on in wave 1?  Even if I add more later?


    Yes, the first lock in is what matters. That is how it worked on Bones 3 (so I've gathered), though there is no guarantee it will work the same way this time. Reaper has stated (in regards to other things) that just because it was done one way in the past does not mean it will be again.

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  11. 14 minutes ago, BunkhouseBuster said:


    I guess I'm just really patient, lol.  Sure, I'll lock in when I get a chance, but when the wait time is going to be almost two years, what difference is a day or two going to make?  


    Haha, I fully understood it will make nearly no difference in the grand scheme of things.... however I also knew that as soon as it becomes available I want to get it as soon as possible. I'm both patient enough to actually fund this and impatient enough that I checked sporadically for wave 1 openings (grabbed one) and finalized my first order within 18 minutes of the update email :)

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  12. 1 hour ago, ratsmitglied said:

    I've emailed reaper directly. Will report back when i get a response


    I'm just not a fan of people telling me that there isn't a problem, or trying to justify the result, when there has been a significant change, which matches what i saw when reaper was using UPS tables for base boss shipping. 

    On the Kickstarter comments a moment ago:



    Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator 2 minutes ago

    We have made adjustments to AU/Pacific Zone shipping. Rates for small parcels should be more realistic



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  13. 7 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:
    26 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    I'm trying to remember correctly: after Bones 3 ended, were items gradually added to the pledge manager, or were the figures added all at once?



    The consensus a couple pages back were that all the new new items were there when it opened:




    Not quite true - Some were added last time as the PM opened, but more were added later on (different colored weapons, and ... something else people were talking about in the kickstarter comments)


    Reaper has said to not draw conclusions from past precedents, I would wager that if the Pledge Manager goes well they will show more. Best advice is to lock in everything you know you want at the moment and keep an ear to the ground for any more updates.

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  14. Locked in for 966.90 so far...



    Here's the stuff you ordered (#65367) :
    2017 Core Set x2
    Darkreach Expansion x2

    Dreadmere Expansion x1
    Lost Valley Expansion x1

    Fan Favorites x1
    Zombie Dragon x1
    Hill Giants x2
    Dragon Turtle x1
    Wraiths x1
    Fire Giant Huntsman x1
    Rocky x1
    Trolls x1
    Narglauth x1
    Living Statue Spartan x6
    Living Statue Amazon x6
    Hill Giant Huntsman x1
    Paint Set A x1
    Paint Set B x1
    We Will Roc You! x1
    King Cobra x1
    Skeletal Monsters x1
    Agramon x1
    Baba Yaga's Hut x1
    Tree of Despair x1
    Blacksting, Wyvern x1
    Thunderfoot Behemoth x1
    Fantasy Scenics x1
    Dance of Death x1
    Blacktooth Terror x1
    Mossbeard, Treeman x1
    Skeletal Dragon x1
    Stygian Barge x1
    Argent x1

    Monsters x1 [3 total including core x2]
    Dire Beasts x1 [3 total including core x2]


    183.10 left to spend from initial pledge:

    Almost definitely getting:

    1x (more) Spartan Statues [7 total]

    1x (more) Amazon Statues [7 total]

    1x Frost Giant Raiders (pending sculpts looking as/near as amazing as concept art)

    1x Lords of Hell (ditto concept -> reality)

    1x Nyarlathotep (ditto concept -> reality)


    Considering heavily:

    1x Art Book

    1x Tiles (really going back and forth on this, how much do other people use tiles when playing D&D/Pathfinder?)

    1x (more) Lost Valley [2 total]

    1x (more) Fan Favorites [2 total]

    1x (more) Dark Reach [3 total]

    1x (more) Demons and Devils [3 total, including the 2x from core]

    1x (more) Sophie and Friends [3 total, including the 2x from core]

    1x (more) Monsters/Dire Beasts [4 total, including 2x from core] -- 3 or 4x of each per encounter? The questions you have to ask yourself ><

    Bases? How helpful/necessary are they?

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