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  1. 45 minutes ago, TGP said:

    They only did 4-500 orders on Wednesday, it is very possible you were number 537 give it a day or two.

    I locked in my first order within 10 minutes of the pledge manager being active, I would have thought that would put me near the front of the line the way they've said they do things. 🤷‍♂️


    I'm happy we finally have some news on scheduled movement for the container. Hopefully that doesn't hit any snags.

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  2. 18 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

    Yep.  My pledge which I think was just waiting for RingWraiths just got a shipping notice.  In theory I was quite relaxed about waiting a bit for  more minis, but somehow, once shipping starts, it's a little uncomfortable to be waiting for yours.


    [edit] Wave 2, FYI

    I am Wave 1 with only 1x Dragonfolk and 2x Rune Wrights on the missing list.... no email for me 😞

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  3. Just now, ttuckerman said:


    No, It's not backer number but when you locked the first order. They have said that backer # does not matter.

    I made the effort to watch for the pledge manager to open and quickly lock in my first order as well.... woo. Had it locked within 10 minutes of the manager opening... so at least mine will ship quickly.... once they get the missing container.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, cawatrooper said:


    That sounds really frustrating as well.


    Yeah, I know we'll get it eventually, and I really look forward to that day.  But hooooo boy, do I feel way too undervalued as a customer right now to even consider backing another KS at the moment.


    I thought I wouldn't back Bones5 because I had so many minis already... then they go and release a bunch of cool sculpts of things I don't have and I end up backing anyway. The value for the quality you get is too good, if the sculpts are something you want, to forgo backing imo. In the future I'll just not care about the wave and assume it'll take 3 years regardless.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, cawatrooper said:

    Honestly, I'm kinda at the point where it's pretty laughable for me to put money into a reopened Pledge Manager right now.


    Like, I'm not sure when I'm even gonna get the original fulfillment that I pledged nearly two years ago- I definitely don't have much confidence in making a new pledge.


    And for the peanut gallery, I know Reaper is doing their best in a difficult global situation.  But "it'll get here when it gets here" isn't really as satisfying as it used to be, especially when some people have had their stuff for almost a week now.  

    I have no doubt that we'll get our stuff... eventually. I am with you on being frustrated that we have no timeline for it and as much as I'm glad other people have been getting theirs (and the pics look great) it does not feel good while waiting on the sidelines for an undefined time. Especially when I went through the effort of upgrading my wave 13 to a wave 1 over the course of the kickstarter, checking for openings often throughout the days, moving up wave by wave. That has proven to be a waste of time and effort. 🤷‍♂️

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  6. 2 hours ago, Brutaka809 said:

    Just saw this question asked in the Kickstarter comments, and felt like I could use some advice.


    How do you guys track what you received VW what you ordered? Does Reaper provide an order summary in your box(s) or is it up to you to go through everything and cross check pledge manager?

    I ordered nearly everything in bones 4, some with duplicates. I think they put a slip in the box with what you ordered, but don't remember fully. What I did was print out all the images showing what was contained in each set/add on then went through them all to first make sure each mini was there, then again to assemble or dry fit assemble to make sure minis were not missing pieces. I put one checkmark next to it to confirm it was there then circled the check once confirming it has all its pieces. For the ridiculous amount of minis ordered I had 2 missing minis and 2 missing/wrong pieces (two left arms, missing tentacle). A quick email to reaper and they sorted it all out.

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  7. I just want to know what is going to hold up orders to temper my expectations. I'd rather know now if my order may be held up or not. I'm wave 1 and finally starting my in person pirate campaign June 27th. Some knowledge of when I can expect my order to be sent out would be very helpful for planning purposes. 

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  8. 19 minutes ago, MoonglowMinis said:

    Anyone else mentally preparing for campaigns to use all these minis in?

    I'm running Skulls and Shackles as soon as we can play in person again. It's a Pathfinder pirate campaign and I plan to make heavy use of deep depths, brinewind, Valfuryx, the sirens, goroloth, the ballistae, the pirate ship, and anything else I can slot into the campaign 😄 

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  9. 41 minutes ago, R2ED said:

    With this being my first Bones investment, just kind of curious how everyone deals with getting their sets. 

    Do you map out what you're building first?

    I build them all before doing anything else, just to make sure I'm not missing pieces.


    Do you create plans on what you're painting? 

    I play D&D with them, so whatever is coming up next in the campaign gets priority. 


    Are there things to be aware of while opening boxes? 

    Keeping things organized helps. To verify that I got everything I printed out the images of each set (core, expansions, etc) to verify that I got all the figures in them. While opening the box I'd make one mark to confirm I got the mini and a second mark to confirm that it had all its parts. I ordered a boatload during Bones 4 and had a few small issues (of 2 core sets and 4 expansion sets I had two missing minis and 3 missing/wrong body parts [1 head missing, 2 left arms instead of one of each, 1 missing tentacle of a 6 tentacle beast]. A quick email to reaper and they set it straight.


    How to you go about opening all the pieces?  

    Depends on how it comes, but many of the ones with multiple pieces have come in their own bags before. I tend to leave them in their own bag until I'm ready to put them together. It is a good idea to order alot of glue beforehand.


    Do you open them all, clean them immediately, and then store them for painting later? 

    I only clean them directly before painting. I will still use unpainted minis while playing D&D and they're liable to be handled multiple times before they get painted anyway, making re-washing them wise before painting them at that point. 


    How the hell do you store this much unpainted miniatures? 

    I bought bookshelves that I set up in my gaming room that work well for the task. The DM sits next to them and can grab whatever they need. (Ikea, ~220-240ish I think for each bookcase in my setup)


    If there's missing pieces, but you don't discover until months later when you're finally putting together that model? 

    I'd assume they're still good about replacing anything missing, but I open and assemble everything within a month of getting it to get that part out of the way as soon as I can.


    So. Many. Questions. 


    I honestly don't know how people who've done this before contain themselves.  This is nerve-racking waiting to see updates or if there's new adds.  There's so much i feel like i don't know or am supposed to expect, but i love it all the same.  I haven't felt this excited about something in a long time.  Having to wait for something awesome is a virtue I forget how valuable it is with the current "get it now" or "immediate gratification" world.  


    ...and yet i want it now.  Breathe. 


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  10. 28 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    I do this often. I got a second set of villagers in Bones 4, and swapped heads and/or arms on the second set so that no two are identical. I got 2 sets of the dire critters, and gave one set drastically different bases and/or paint schemes, as well as with the wyverns, beast skeletons, griffons, etc. I hate identical duplicates, because it's easier to track multiple models in an encounter if there's some way to differentiate them.

    I've tried to have subtle coloration differences in the dire alligators and that mostly didn't work out, the differences were not pronounced enough. For the Dire Boars I went with four different skin tone triads to have visually different boars (and partially to test the triads out and have a reference for them in the future ::D:).


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  11. Any idea if they'll offer some from their first ks as add ons? I looked online and they're 9euro a piece +24-28 euro shipping to USA or $15 a piece from the american store with another $10 for shipping ><


    I'd be interested in adding on a few of the 28mm ones from the first KS if that's an option during the KS and getting them all in one shipment over doing a small order of them now.


    I'm mainly interested in 

    Jeanne, the Knight
    Maxima, the Centurion
    Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden


    and curious about 

    Ailsa, the Highlander
    Olenka, the Winged Hussar
    Azumi, the Samuri


    Did anyone get the last 3 last time? If so can you share pictures?

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  12. After getting a bunch of duplicates in Bones 4 (3x monsters, 3x dire, 7x statues, 2x core, 2x darkreach, I eventually gave away an unopened Core set that I found I really didn't need. The only duplicate I'm getting this time is the Armory, because I want two suits of armor, and $5 now and getting duplicates of the other things that will still be useful is more worthwhile than waiting to pay $3-4 for the suit of armor alone.


    .... I may also get a duplicate of the boat if my Pathfinder group commits to playing Skulls and Shackles post-Covid, though I still need to read the campaign to see if a second boat would be worthwhile.

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  13. We really need to get Reaper to make sure they don't pre-glue stuff together, if we cant pull it apart deck by deck to use all of it I'm going to be very sad.


    This looks fantastic by the way. My initial thoughts were "I NEED ONE" toned down slightly when going over the overall cost of everything, to the point where it's been on high on my wants list but not currently in the cart. My Pathfinder group was discussing plans for the future this past weekend and once the pandemic is over I plan on running the next campaign... and Skulls and Shackles came up as one of the ones people were interested in, which has pushed this back into the need to get category, with a question mark on needing a second for enemy ships they may encounter (need to actually read through the AP and see if ship battles occur enough to make that worthwhile). 

    Has there been any update on their manufacturer's current status and if their April 2021 date is still feasible or if they're at the end of a long list of things they need to manufacture and it will be pushed back by however long they were shut down for/running below capacity for?

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