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  1. 13 minutes ago, Sanwah said:

    Currently, I will seriously cherry pick this one, as I am feeling a bit negative about Bones KSs.  It depends on how my missing half pledge for Bones IV is resolved.  It has now been four weeks since I sent the email, and I am missing 8 large purchases from my pledge, including both Dance of Deaths.  If that is not resolved soon, I will probably give this one a miss.


    I wouldn't worry overmuch, you should definitely get the rest of your order, it just takes time. It took 20 days for them to respond to my missing pieces and I was Wave 1 US and sent my detailed list of missing minis/parts after a full inventory around the time wave 2-3 were getting theirs. I would wager they're a bit more backed up now, but if you've been waiting four weeks your email is probably getting close to the top of the pile.

    1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:


    I love Reaper, and I quite like Bones, but I'm thinking this one might be the one where I seriously cherry pick stuff. I've still got the majority of the other 4 bones KS projects still waiting for paint.

    That said, everything that has been previewed so far would make the cut.:rolleyes:


    Haha, this is exactly how I feel as well. My shelves are so full now, I don't know how I'd make space for a similar sized ks. I'd have to pick and choose... and I'd choose everything they've shown so far ::D:

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  2. 33 minutes ago, 72moonglum said:

    So I didn’t actually participate in the Kickstarter because at the time had no money, but after the Kickstarter started to be sent out, I was able to snag the Lost Valley at a reasonable price on EBay. The miniatures, especially the larger ones are really pretty nice, and I’m absolutely in love with the female stone giant.  Way back in the day in the forum when they asked “what minis would you like to see?” I put a female stone giant, so my dreams have come true!

    So anyhoos, in the meantime, has this happened to anybody?  In the entrance to the tent, it looks like a set of three connected pots have gotten stuck inside the entryway.  I’ve made some reasonable attempts to try to pull it out (tweezers and such) to no avail, so if I ever get so inspired I’ll probably chop it in half and take it out that way.8393040B-2055-41FE-8A32-084459734279.thumb.jpeg.76a8a646fe63ca451804b96b273316f8.jpeg


    Just curious!




    Hmm, that's an interesting problem to have. There must be a way to get it out without a ton of pressure, if it managed to find its way in while in the bag. 


    I'd play with mine to see how to get it in if I hadn't already glued that piece down.  

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:


    do you wash your minis before your glue? that only happens to me if i try to glue without washing, and the mold release fuddles the glue

    Hmm, I've never washed before glueing... might explain a couple troublesome pieces I've had, but on the whole everything goes together and stays together fine


    For the most part I use the loctite superglue gel (occasionally the bob smith stuff when I'm out of the locrite gel)

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  4. 4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Thanks, they look great!


    It seems the crusader ghost has a different pose than he had in the concept art.

    Nevermind it will still work for what I had in mind with this guy.

    I have an idea for a little vignette.


    Whoops... I missed one! He literally fell off the backside of the barge and I didn't see him when I went and grabbed the rest of them for the picture: 20190424_065833.thumb.jpg.08bb311cc661349e518f6c805da28cbe.jpg

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  5. 23 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Does anyone have a decent pic of the Ghost Pirates?

    And of the Barge's crew?


    I gave it a shot (or two) :P


    Ghost Pirates:



    Barge Crew:



    Whoops! I missed one! He fell off the backside of the boat, so I didn't see him when I grabbed the rest: 




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  6. 15 minutes ago, Jason Zavoda said:


    where did you get your displasy shelves?  They look fantastic. Man I want my Bones.


    14 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    Those look like Billy bookcases from IKEA, if I had to guess...


    That's correct, Billy Bookshelves with additional glass shelves at $15 a piece (11 on the left for a total of $250-ish). I have 9 on the right, will probably put a 10th in, I'm waiting to see how all the big pieces stack up

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  7. 1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Concerning the current round of complaining (Yes, I know I participated; my sincerest apologies for that):


    Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

    (cookie if you recognize it)



    So, what did you like/are super happy about?


    I really, really, love the crab from the dire beasts section of the core set. 



    I also love the Statues (Amazonian and Spartan)



    I'm happy with the Trolls, all of Darkreach, the Turtle,  the hill giants, fire giant, frost giant with the caribou, aaaaaand that's pretty much the extent of what I've assembled so far




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  8. Looks like they're switching over to the new site now, or at least testing it live for a bit. Check it out.


    Just now, StarFyre said:

    So wait.  Some of the bones models have the proper detail, some don't?




    If they didn't get the plastic far enough in the mold you can certainly lose detail. They made thousands of these things, some are bound to not come out right.

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  9. 52 minutes ago, Fnordlover said:

    Those giants are probably why they decided not to mention it. The caribou was not the only change made to them, and they are still not what was originally advertised. There was a lot of heated debate over them, and I doubt Reaper wanted a repeat.


    I agree with your assessment. After the whole campaign to save the caribou I doubt they wanted another big kerfuffle on something it sounds like they couldn't fix with the money they had taken in for Argent.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Jason Zavoda said:


    I feel the same. I haven't looked over the kickstarter pics in a long time and I was pleased to see that my decision making on my order was mostly the same. I wish now Id picked up 2 king cobra's instead of just one. Im glad I picked up king of the jungle and avoided the chicken and the tree. I avoided the dinos as I have some from various sources and a whole host of raptors already but I would have liked a number of individual minis from various optional sets.


    I didn't see the pics of the core set on the kickstarter page. Does anyone have a link?


    Any unboxed pictures of the 

    Darkreach Expansion 
    Fire Giant Huntsman 
    Hill Giant Huntsman 
    Frost Giant Raiders
    Cave Dwellers 
    Fan Favorites 

    I can cover a good amount of that. 


    Most of darkreach, some x2 (except ones still needing assembly):




    cave dwellers (minus the big rat guy) and trolls:








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  11. 26 minutes ago, Argentee said:

    Spent this evening glueing my fingers together partially assembling the Stygian Barge. Two things are giving me trouble


    On one of the sprues has a looped bit of rope, that I think is supposed to be fouled around the anchor. Somehow? Maybe? I can't get it to attach right.

      Reveal hidden contents



    There are two sprues of flat bits? Not seeing anything like them in the models or pics online, so have no idea what they are, or if I should worry that I'm missing a bit?

      Reveal hidden contents




    I believe they go on the back of the boat all around the edges (to support the deck overhang)


    I'm working on figuring out the anchor now




    Got it! 


    Not perfectly mounted, but you get the idea:



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  12. 37 minutes ago, Maredudd said:

    Hi Folks!


    Looking at the Dragon Turtle and have a question but first I want to note that I have the clear ‘swim’ stand.


    For my question, does everyone else’s  turtle have a ridge-point ‘broken’? It would be on the port side, second ridge from the edge, just aft of the midsection.


    The turtle pieces are a little loose for a dry-fit, but the do fo together otherwise. The base is ok but at least one piece  was a tough fit.


    Addendum: I’ve mostly convinced myself that it’s intentional and represents damage taken by the turtle as it aged.

    Yup, I believe it is intentional



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  13. 1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

    I decided to pre-assemble most of mine because a) I don't lose any pieces, b) that way I can use them unpainted and c) I mostly only paint for tabletop anyway.

    There are a couple I'm only partially assembling, such as Dragons Don't Dance, since they'll be painted more for display. 

    I preassemble the vast majority of mine for mostly the same reasons. I pretty much exclusively paint for tabletop. Almost any hard to reach spot is also hard to see, thus generally not needing any fine detail while painting.


    If assembling something fully will make an easily seen area difficult to paint I will partially assemble until painted.


    I also store all of my minis on two bookshelves in the corner of my 'gaming room' (essentially the DM corner). We don't mind using unpainted minis if they best represent what we're fighting. I installed the second bookshelf in anticipation of Bones 4. I'll take new pics with all the shelves and lots of KS minis in there when I get home.20190309_202651.thumb.jpg.f7afe2fd283a654d5e0fe22c38205cb1.jpg

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  14. 10 minutes ago, HornedTurtle said:


    They haven't released any of the weapon sprues that I'm aware of.



    1983 is the year I was born O_o

    You have me beat by 5 :P


    I've gone through 4 bottles of the loctite superglue gel stuff tonight... and barely made a dent


    Did the Dragon turtle, 3x dire crabs, all the giants and all the trolls..

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  15. 21 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

    lots and lots of little bags, everything is individually bagged


    ran out of super glue so assembly resumes tomorrow after i buy more


    So many bags.


    And yeah, for anyone who doesn't have them yet, definitely buy glue, there is lots to assemble. I can share my inventory list if ppl want to know what comes/doesn't come assembled in the core/expansion sets (printouts of the core/expansion set graphics with handwritten notes on them)

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