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  1. Was the devourer guy from dreadmere (415) supposed to have a base with him? It's pictured on the expansion graphic... did anyone get one? It does not appear possible for him to stand on his own
  2. I just got the Hellboy Kickstarter delivery today... with a Hellboy game in it. I only ordered the 3d scenery. There is no 3d scenery in the box >< Starting work on opening and inventorying all the small bits of Bones 4 tonight while playing Pathfinder. Only large thing I'm missing is Mossbeard.
  3. I'd print out your order and go through it as a checklist to make sure.
  4. I don't think the final material was set to ship anytime sooner than June, which is now probably delayed a couple months.
  5. Got my 41.6lb box this evening, have gone through inventory-ing them and it seems I have everything except Mossbeard. I have yet to actually open any of the boxes or bags up, so I'll wait until I do to report everything at once (hopefully no other parts are missing though). My paints were all there, though one box was labeled Pathfinder Colors. Looking in my dragon turtle bag I do have a flight post. What were the other common issues?
  6. My package left Fort Worth TX at 1:31am, a whole 14 hours ago... I kept checking for status updates until I checked exactly how long a trip it is to MA by road.... 28 hours straight driving. Probably no updates for me until late tomorrow at the earliest. Still has an ETA of Monday. I hope I got the same driver who seemingly teleported the Canadian shipments!
  7. Definitely doesnt, I think I started in wave 12 before snagging spots closer and closer til I got a wave 1 :)
  8. I found my weight in the UPS tracker, which the reaper pledge manager links directly to next to your first order.
  9. In my defense.. I was relatively new to Pathfinder and after using the same 2 figures to represent every Large and Huge creature we fought I went a bit overboard filling in the massive holes in my miniature collection. I've now been playing regularly in two groups for 3+ years. I may end up trying to offload my second core set now, as in the year and a half since ordering it I've regularly purchased from Reaper (free* figures of the month are akin to crack) and have probably 70+% of their current bones line. Having duplicates of all of the core is less appealing now that I have a solid foundation of minis. New different ones are far more enticing. Not getting that second core is probably the only thing I'd change, I'm very much looking forward to everything else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Same here! I really hope that somehow speeds up to during/before the weekend. Regardless, I'm very excited!
  11. Same...ish plus a second core.. and darkreach, and 7 of each statue, and a couple copies of specific parts of the core (monsters, dire beasts).. And then another trex and triceratops for a friends... possible I went a bit overboard. Not likely, but possible :P
  12. Wow. I feel bad for the mailman. And excited to get them! All 20 of them!
  13. Haha, my initials are CM and I'm in MA. I'm betting that doesn't have anything to do with it. This is exciting though! Progress!
  14. Same! Not sure what to make of it. I am wave one and did lock in my first order in the first hour.. Hopefully this means they're almost ready to start and ours are test runs?
  15. "We are still setting up, including the technology needed. There was no internet connectivity in the building we are using. Meaning, now that we have the connection, we have to test the hardware and make sure everything is working." He updated his fb reply. That sounds alot more promising.
  16. That's disappointing, but at least it's something.
  17. Logistically it makes sense to try to fix any systemic issues prior to boxing up the next 16,000 orders. It did seem like a few people were having paint issues, flight stands missing, and single packs of dungeon tiles. Those and any other systemic things can be fixed easier and cheaper now then later. If thats the case i just wish they'd communicate that
  18. I wonder if they all went down with a late season flu or something. Hopefully we'll see some movement tomorrow. Crossing my fingers. The daily hope and shattered hope does suck tho.
  19. There are two or three i like out of the main bunch, but Tim is glorious! I may have to get it just for him. Do we know if this is going to be the same price as the dogs?
  20. He's massive! You wanted bigger?!
  21. Is someone keeping track of all the cities/towns listed on the tracker somewhere? I probably wont be able to watch closely, but if theres a list compiling I'd definitely check in on that periodically (once the tracker starts moving again) ::poke::
  22. That will still include all the stretch goals, which wont be ready til later in the year. So bad in that you won't get it soon, but good that you'll have a bunch of stretch goals with it!
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