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  1. I think one wave shipping meant that you were going to wait until everything was done and get it shipped to you later in the year. 


    Or you could pay more and have what they finished early (core game, Chrono, hidden thorns) sent on the early side, and the rest sent later (all stretch goals, inferno, etc)


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  2. 11 minutes ago, Suden said:


    Any excuse to play with my bones. I didn't measure Dance With Death, I don't even want to open it right now. Any others are missing because I didn't buy them, mostly the dragons because I have so many already. I suggest anyone wanting to play with their bones before actual assembly invest in some ziplock bags. Some figures come in resealable bags, but most don't.:


    Nyarlathotep - 10.5" My temple base has some serious warpage and will need some boiling. I think I'm gonna need a bigger pot. 
    Barge (Height/Length?) Over 16(!)" long. And that's not including the rudder. It is big. And too many pieces for me to try and find out the height, but you should be able to extrapolate from the pictures. I'd guess 5"
    Ruler of Hell - She stands just over 3", 4" with wings, and a wingspan over 6". He is 3.5", 4.5" with wings, and a 7.5" wingspan.
    Dragon Turtle - 10.5" It has a great looking base, but mine seems missing the support to join torso to base.
    Baba Yaga's Hut - 7.5" high, 6" wide, 7" long. The hut without the legs is 5" high
    Living Statues - I only measured the female, 2.5" without the plinth, 3.5" with. They are nicely designed, she has a small, flat base you can mount her on, so you don't have to fasten her to the plinth.
    Tree - 4" high, 6.5" wide.
    Roc - Wingspan is close to 13", front to back including wings (they are swept forward) ~11". Head to tail ~6", but because of the diving position it would be ~8" if it were straight. I had some trouble assembling, it seems like it will also need some boiling.
    King Cobra - 5.5" tall, 5" long, 4" wide. Just a wild guess, but I'd say 18"-24" if he somehow uncoiled and lay flat.
    Thunderfoot Behemoth (triceratops)  - 7.5" long, 3.5" high
    Blacktooth Terror (Trex) - 11" long, ~4" high. It's a very nice mini, but mine doesn't line up with the base at all. The legs are almost an inch too close together. It's gonna need some boiling.
    Mossbeard Treeman - ~9"
    Fantasy Scenics 
        Astrolabe - I couldn't completely assemble it, but it stands over 7" tall. Interestingly, the upper pieces are quite rigid, the lower softer like traditional bones material.
        Gazebo - 3" high

    Core Set:
    Griffon - 5" high


    Lost Valley: Quite the size differential between these two.
    Mumlak - 5" tall, almost 7" to the top of his weapon.
    Carnotaurus - 4.5" long, just over 2" tall.


    Fan Favorites;
    Mammoth - 3" tall


    Since I was measuring them anyway, I took pictures of many of the minis. At first I thought I would intersperse pictures with the results, but it would be a very long post. After I upload and resize them I will post them separately.

    You are amazing, thank you very much! I look forward to all the pictures! 

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  3. Anyone who has received theirs already and has moment free a ruler handy, could you possibly give us a rough idea of the heights of the big&tall of Bones 4?

    Many thanks!


    Add Ons:
    Argent ~12in
    Nyariathotep - ?
    Barge (Height/Length?)
    Ruler of Hell - ?
    Zombie Dragon - ?
    Dragon Turtle - ?
    Baba Yaga's Hut - ?
    Narglauth - ?
    Living Statues - ?
    Tree - ?
    Roc - ?
    King Cobra - ?
    Blacksting Wyvern - ?
    Thunderfoot Behemoth (triceratops)  - ?
    Blacktooth Terror (Trex) - ?
    Dance of Death - ?
    Skeletal Dragon - ?
    Mossbeard Treeman - ?
    Fantasy Scenics 
        Astrolabe - ?
        Gazebo - ?

    Core Set:
    Gauth - 275mm ~11inches
    Griffon - ?


    Lost Valley:
    Mumlak - ?
    Carnotaurus - ?


    Fan Favorites;
    Mammoth - ?

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  4. I'm happy we have a solid date to look forward to now, as much as I'd have liked it to be a bit earlier.. 


    I'm hoping with everyone else they have enough to fill wave 1 orders... I ordered all 3 from the the list of doom (and 2x the frost giants).


    3 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:

    Does anyone remember when the order manager opened? I locked in my first order on 9/10/17 (and was in Wave 1), which I'm hoping was early enough that I can get my chicken hut before they run out.


    I think it opened that day. I believe i locked in my order an hour or two after it opened and mine is also 9/10/17, Order #65367

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  5. The Crates are unlocked...


    I'm in for a townsfolk pledge, mostly for the cart, that will be fantastic to have while playing dnd. Might also spring for the monk, I do like him.


    Considering adding the woodsman and innkeeper from the first campaign too.

  6. I went with the Pick n Mix -- Going to get the:

    Gothic Manor
    Market Day
    Mournville Church

    and... I don't know what for the fourth.  I only play fantasy so those are the most useful to me.. maybe the camp for tents... I don't know.

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  7. 28 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    You're correct, I didn't see the update. No one posted a link to it here, either... (it's HERE for those interested in direct linking).


    I'm a little PO'd now. The last few updates indicated that everything was fine and all crates had already shipped:

    Update 114: "There is no update to the information we shared last week.   Our final container will be shipping the first part of February. This means we expect to receive it the first week of March. This means we won’t be able to begin fulfillment in February as planned."

    Update 115 "Things are still status quo with our warehouses running out of space and containers on the water."

    We were lead to believe that Update 115 indicated that the final container due to be shipped in the "first part of February" was now "on the water" and no one disabused us of this idea. Now, a full month later and the last crate didn't actually leave China at all.


    Look, I'm cranky about this. It's poor communication, and it's one thing to say "well, it's only a month late" but that's because Reaper gave themselves as much lead time as Bones 3 including it's extreme lateness. They basically built in the lateness from Bones 3 as a default assumption, and they're at least a month late in addition to the, what, 8-9 months that Bones 3 was late? I'll probably just need to calm down, but it's frustrating. Update 115 was vague, didn't provide much information, and seems to have largely been a waste of all of our time at this point. I'm signing off for the day, but colour me disappointed in how they've managed to mess this one up too.


    I'm a little peeved too.  As much as I want them as soon as possible, more importantly I just want their best estimate they can give on when they expect to start fulfillment. No hard date needed, just a general idea. Two weeks? A month? Two?


    By the sound of the last two updates it was early march, but this one throws that for a loop, with nothing to help gauge time. How long does it usually take containers to make it through customs? They've had enough coming through recently they should have a ballpark figure. 


    I'm running a campaign right now and am rapidly approaching sections that will be infinitely better with a large number of the minis I pledged for through this kickstarter. I'm just looking for enough info to gauge how many obstacles I need to plan to throw up in front of them to slow them from reaching that point until the shipment gets here. (I'm wave 1, so hopefully very shortly after they start fulfillment)


    Side note: I just finished building the structure of my second bookshelf for minis in anticipation of bones 4 (I... may have bought nearly one of everything... and two of some things... three of others, and 7 of each set of statues :D ) I'll be setting up the shelves soon..



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  8. The rest of the Pathfinder Runelords!


    They've done two so far, I'd love to see the other five!


    Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath - https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60081#detail/IG_2344_1

    Karzoug, Runelord of Greed - https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/runelord/sku-down/60022#detail/IG_432_1

    Belimarius, Runelord of Envy - ?

    Krune, Runelord of Sloth - ?

    Sorshen, Runelord of Lust - ?

    Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride - ?

    Zutha, Runelord of Gluttony - ?

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Nunae said:

    The Billy bookshelf looks great, but I think the three other ladies living in this house would have the time of their lifes to jump on their and throw all the minis out one by one.

    Drawers it is for my, and maybe I'll finally soften my bf up to the idea of some glas box vitrine thingies to put on the walls of our hall.

     You can get glass doors to go with it, they were out of stock when I got the first one and I kinda like just having them available without having to open the door. I host d&d in that room and that is the corner the DM sits in and can just lean over and grab whatever you need.

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  10. 22 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

    I'm going to have to go to Ikea and buy some bigger bookcases.. I noticed the Ikea ones are taller and have 6 shelves than my current Sauder bookcases which only have 5.. .  


    I just went and bought a second bookshelf in anticipation of Bones 4... just need to put it together now. 


    Here is the first, this is an Ikea "Billy" with 11 glass shelves (and custom modifications at the bottom to fit over baseboard heat)


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