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  1. 2 hours ago, Bathory said:

    Someday I will paint dragons don’t share and the worlds biggest undead dragon lol.


    out of curiosity, where do people put their HUGE models? Do you have a designated shelf? I have a display cabinet but it’s an antique and I think a dragon would take up  half the shelf.


    At the moment all of my minis big and small live on tv trays set up in the corner of my gaming room, where the DM sits so he can grab anything he needs.... 


    Of course, when Bones 4 gets here I'll be more than tripling the number of minis, and more than octupling (8x) the number of large and above minis... so I plan on setting up shelves in the GM's corner of the room to hold all of the minis.. I'm thinking the shelves will start roughly a foot away from each window at the height of the TV trays and go up by a foot or a foot and a half per shelf. The huge ones will probably all end up on one of the higher shelves/the top shelf.





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  2. 2 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:

    I like the Porter, and the theme for the Elementalist is pretty cool, but overall, I find this latest revealed set the blandest.  I was hoping for some of the more exotic concepts for their Instagram.


    Yeah... I was hoping for more owls... or things more interesting than Girl with Rod and Guy with Spear

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  3. 7 hours ago, Suden said:

    I'm curious how many backers even noticed. I sometimes back a ks, and unless it's active here, only really notice when there is an update. I do check backed projects every couple weeks around payday just to make sure there are no forgotten surprises, but otherwise depend heavily on project updates. This was a little different for me in that I joined the FB page for the early bird option though.


    They have shared some pics on the fb page while this thread was locked.

    Nice looking archer wip:


    And a painted version of the crouching wulfen, I think she looks even better painted, I thought she looked a bit misshapen in the original render:



    And a mysterious* WIP:


    *Kidding, it's totally another wulfen.


    These look amazing. Have they delivered on minis before, can anyone attest to their durability?

  4. In order of preference: 

    Definitely want:

    EVW Male Owlfolk Wizard (5)

    SS Male Owlfolk Rogue (5)

    PS Female Owlfolk Fighter (Locked) (5)

    PS Modron Wizard (Locked) (3)

    SS Female Half-Elf Witch with Ferret (5)

    SS Female Human Thief (5)

    EVW Male Human Berserker (5)

    Maybe want:
    SS Male Kobold Fighter (4)
    DoW Male Human Ranger(5)
    SS Male Dwarf Ranger (5)

    PS Modron Berserker (3)

    DoW Male Goblin Archer (4)
    DoW Female Grippli Druid (4)
    EVW Female Half-elf Monk (5)
    PS Male Human Loremaster (Locked) (5) (depends alot on his green)
    I'll probably end up getting the Skull Stabbers party then adding on the rest of the definites, and some of the maybes
  5. 1 hour ago, Darsc Zacal said:

    Hmm. The portals aren't quite as I imagined.


    You've a lot of docks. I hope I didn't over order.


    Haha, I'm with you.... I ordered docks.. and extra docks.... we'll see when it shows up.

  6. I think I assumed the Frost Giants were still a WIP because we didn't get 360 degree videos of them that Reaper tends to do for most of the other ones they've shown in updates.


    I agree the bird helmet looks a little off, maybe if the wings wrapped around with the helmet instead of sticking straight out?

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  7. On 5/28/2018 at 10:44 PM, Balgin Stondraeg said:

    Spotted on another forum. Has anyone posted these pictures here yet? I don't think so.





    Each of these painted figures appears to be ~43mm tall, assuming that ruler is accurate

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  8. Are Stonehaven campaigns usually this.. slow? How many more minis do you think will be realistically unlocked?


    I'm currently in for a party, probably the Volunteer Watch... just hoping more will be revealed/available.

  9. 52 minutes ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

    Well. I'm both glad and sad I missed this. Those minis are beautiful...and now I want that golem. 

    I think they have late pledges available, iirc the one time I saw them mentioned they were only going to be ~10$ more....

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