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  1. What about spray paint? Some spray primers went sticky and didn't set on regular bones? How about on Bones Black?
  2. I find those sanding needles work alright, but I've had to cut them with old clippers and the like to get the maximum use out of them. I ended up getting a set of really tiny metal files which I like much better. The ones I have are no. 2 in size, also known as 2 x 100 and are 4 inches in length. Some combination of those search terms should find you suitable ones.
  3. I'm actually surprised it took this long. The largest USPS hike for shipping overseas was in January or February, so Reaper's been paying the higher shipping costs for half a year without passing the cost on to us. There were some minor adjustments in July as well that probably pushed things into the "too far" category.
  4. I would highly recommend getting some Liquitex black acrylic gesso and brush painting it on. It'll look like it's filing in the detail but then it will shrink down into the all the detail perfectly. Works great on bones.
  5. I like the purple and the fire together. Is this miniature about the right size to go on a 40mm round base? Is that washer it's on about an inch wide?
  6. I just finished paintng the last of my rats and with them all the current releases. The skeletons, zombies and orcs have an old style to them that you'll either like or hate. The Minotaur and the Worm are probably the most interesting sculpts to paint. The bugbear is excellent as well.
  7. I actually find filing works fine. As does scraping with a knife as long as you are thorough and keep going until the fuzzies go away. I tried out an emery board (nail file) and that worked great as well.
  8. Dammit, Nathaniel. Once seen, it cannot be unseen. The pattern seeking nature of the human brain is a wonderful thing.
  9. Hey! It's the old man with a scythe showing his scroll of creepy stick-person porn. I love that miniature. Now you need to go look and see if there's anything to this, don't you?
  10. Well, D&D and Pathfinder have been using 1 inch grid maps and dungeon tiles for over a decade now, so the figures are sort of made for them. Some like the human, dwarf, some of the smaller orcs, kobolds, etc., are supposed to fit in one square while the ogres and the gnoll fit in 4 squares. If you read the Kickstarter carefully, there are mentions of "medium" and "large" sizes in RPG terms. Those are references to creature sizes in Pathfinder and D&D.
  11. The answer to this is very boring. It's probably "very little" as so much of it will be invested in tooling and the other expenses related to the project. As a fellow practitioner of the dark arts, I'm sure Mr. Pugh has a plan.
  12. LOL. You could always add paint to the package through the Kickstarter pledge. "I didn't just buy a ton of minitures. See! I also got all these paints."
  13. I love that game. I'd highly recommend it for anyone thinking of playing a game with random Chronoscope figures. You may need to think about how you use the different character building options in order to represent some of the wierd stuff. But I was able to use it for a colonial marines vs xenomorphs "Aliens" type game without any problems or needing to make up my own traits or whatever.
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