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  1. @Smokestack Yeah even though I'm paying an arm and a leg its still way cheaper than retail.
  2. @Smokestack New Zealand has a weird thing where it has a threshold of $60 for duty and GST where you wont get charged for importing things, $205 is right on the edge and if I go over its about and extra $104 NZD and it gets seized by customs until I pay it. soooo I think ill keep it how it is @MarvnMartian Thats a smart idea but dont you have to have backed the kickstarter to order them?
  3. Man everyone heres spending large then there me who has to keep the cost of the minis i get under $205 otherwise I get charged extra for shipping into New Zealand Stupid laws and regulations
  4. Jaymezin

    Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    Question: I'm using a prepaid Visa and I accidentally pledged more money than it had on it, is there anyway for me to reduce the amount I pledged even though the kick starter has ended, I sent an email to help@reapermini.com asking them if they could change my pledge, but I got an email back saying that their offices are closed until sept 5th. Any suggestions?