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  1. I buy Reaper minis in bulk. They represent most of the minis I own due to the quantity that come from Kickstarters. That said, Reaper just doesn't produce enough minis that are in the sphere of my interests to qualify them as the majority of my buys.
  2. I seem to recall that the sculptor said that the intent was to make it square.
  3. Bast. When I win the lottery I'm going to build a temple to her and behind it will be a cat sanctuary.
  4. I'm sure they'll break $2 million in the PM this time, but I think that Reaper's multi-million dollar Kickstarter days are dwindling away. Between disappointing Europe, the dropping of old hand Bones backers faster than new ones are coming in, and the state and direction of the world these days, I don't hold out hope for strong showings anytime soon.
  5. Absolutely your prerogative. I don't agree. I value the money I earn enough that the value of things I choose to spend it on are carefully considered, my personal valuation of something is based on what I'm told I'm buying, and if that thing does not live up to expectations at a later date due to artistic interpretation or the demands of manufacture then I will make my feelings about it known, and those feelings will color my future expectations and valuations. Enjoy it! A pile of shame is a totem of pride. Bury yourself under it gleefully.
  6. That hasn't been my experience in the last two Bones Kickstarters, though I do a little trading.
  7. Just over half of the core appeals to me. That still comes to less than two dollars per miniature, so it's a good value for sure. Barring some amazing additions I'm sitting at 50-50 on adding it in the PM.
  8. Okay, the lighthouse looks cool and who doesn't need a slaughterwalrus mini, but until they actually have a sculpt and scale of it I'm gonna hold on to my money. I've given them Kickstarter money based on concept art before and felt the bitter sting of another artist's "interpretation" of it.
  9. Love her! Head canon makes her the big sister of the half-orc doxy from Brinewind that left home to become an adventurer.
  10. I dreamt last night that they released another variant of the ant queen for people that don't buy the core. She was on a three inch base and was a cross between the ant queen and the queen from Aliens, with a horrible, slimy ovipositor wrapped around in front of her, halfway through laying an egg. I was very disappointed when I woke up.
  11. Has anyone suggested Anivar the Reaper as the 30th anniversary dragon's name? Looks like the problawhatsum would be necessary to support the wings of the model, not just for a real critter to fly. Hopefully that's just an oversight with the 3d print? If it's going to get put back in I might be tempted to grab this tubby beastie. Hakir was looking mediocre to me until I saw that we were going to get more than two deities. With them and the sweet barbarian design it's starting to grow on me. So far all Denizens has for me is a Hyenadon and a giant slug that are cool, with the promise of two outstanding Wyverns, which might lure me in with a few other outstanding things.
  12. What BBW said. Your posts always make a little jealous of your talent, which makes me want to work a little harder on my next mini.
  13. Well, my interest in the Chonkdragon got wiped away with the turn around. Those hip and shoulder pads read as comical to me, not intimidating. Upside is the $16 I already added to my pledge can net me two batches of ants.
  14. I'm feeling extremely "Meh" towards the baby owlbears and the dwarf, but the nest, parent, and statue are piquing my interests. If I can convince myself that I only need that half of the set then I think it'd be worth the money.
  15. I take this as the first sign that this Kickstarter is not going to their expectations, and that they're rearranging those expectations of what level of funding is going to be reached. As long as GG and SoS fund then I'll have gotten what I really want from this Kickstarter. I whish them all the luck in the world, and hope they manage to surprise me.
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