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  1. I'm wanting to do 4, which is of course 1+3. I want to paint all of him except for his eyes and the inside of the mouth and have them glow eerily from within.
  2. I live in an apartment with the same situation. I have my minis delivered to my workplace and have to fight off coworkers that want me to paint them a miniature. You can't control how the shipment arrives, only where. If you decide to change where it is delivered, be sure to update Reaper with the new address before they start shipping.
  3. I've been following the designer's blog a bit. http://abillionsuns.space/category/design-blog/ I'm very interested it it. Even though I still haven't gotten to play Gaslands.
  4. I'd recommend gel superglue. It tends to take a little bit longer to set, but it can be used as a filler for small gaps that some minis will have and save you a step on your Bones.
  5. I greatly support inclusivity of representation in miniatures. I immediately think of Reaper's Sister Maria and Hasslefree's Tilda, both heavyset women that you have no doubt are capable in combat, and both of which I greatly enjoyed painting.
  6. I'm firmly on team boring villagers. If they were exciting they'd be adventurers. I want them to be background, not the center of attention.
  7. Witchcraft! I bet you float on water, too. That out of the way...We're like, three months from start of shipping! Holy crap!
  8. Both the color shift paint and the nail polish flakes look like they can absolutely accomplish what I'm looking for. Thanks, everyone, for the help.
  9. What I'm going for is a glistening, rainbow refraction, like oil on water. Most of the advice I've seen around the internet has not been particularly helpful. My hope is to achieve this effect on the giant central orb of Reaper's Shoggoth mini (SKU: 77115). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  10. Sweet, sweet zombie dragon?
  11. I'd say that anything is possible, but it is extremely unlikely.
  12. I nearly tripled my order for 5 over 4, but I don't think that there is any chance that I will be able to fit in the box. Both of my fatelf cats will probably be able to comfortably fit in it without having to battle for space, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
  13. Seems to be working fine for me. Some things have disappeared, but for the most part it's still operational.
  14. If there's a Norse Expansion it could use a big bad. Has anyone seen the movie The Ritual? That jotun was magnificent.
  15. Useless advice for the majority of people, who don't have 3D printers. But hey, if I had a 3D printer I wouldn't need Reaper, so good news for Reaper.
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