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  1. About four years after Mage Knight was dropped I started buying up unopened cases of them that people had stocked up on and then needed to unload cheap. I did the math once and I have about 1500 MK figures that I paid about $.30 each for. I still occasionally try to talk my friends into playing, but I'm going to start paring down the excess figures by converting them to ttrpg minis. I know that they bought old molds from other companies to make some of the figures. Maybe their old ones are in storage somewhere?
  2. More Chronoscope stuff. At this point I have tons of fantasy miniatures, and it's my least favorite genre to run.
  3. They look sharper than the one I painted over the weekend, but since I've seen my finished paint job and seen Sirithiliel's speed paint of the raptors I've lost hope of ever being able to them justice anyhow.
  4. That is a very fair point. The images absolutely show the detail that isn't in the finished product. My thanks to you and my apologies to the sculptor. Please do. If I just got a faulty mini I'd like to know.
  5. I think that putting those guys out front as the voice of the business was a mistake. Anyone who feels like there is a communication problem can now easily make the leap to linking that feeling to the honchos in charge. I hope they get a new "face" for their communications before Mystery Project launches.
  6. Less than what they're charging currently for me. I keep telling myself that Bones Black is going to catapult the quality, but the velociraptor I painted over the weekend has given me pause. Hands and feet are just vaguely sculpted blobs. I blame sculptors feeling like they need to use computers to get things done quickly, probably due to pressure from the KS timeframe these projects are built on. Bones Black will make it possible to compete in fidelity with other materials, so I'm maintaining some hope.
  7. If they have extras I believe that they do put them up as whole units rather than break them down for retail. I think I've heard that they go fast.
  8. Has anyone else that got the Lost Valley had problems assembling the ankylosaur? Mine's tail seemed loose due to a smaller than ideal tab when I did a quick dry fit while inventorying, but that didn't worry me. When I went to properly assemble her though, I found out that the wobble wasn't caused by the undersized tab, but the tail and the body not actually fitting together properly. If it's universal so be it, but if others fit together right I'll ask Reaper for one of those.
  9. They'd probably want you to move to Texas. No job is worth that. On the other hand, if you were willing to make that sacrifice for us I think you'd be good at it.
  10. Fnordlover

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    We're rebels. I once painted a miniature before I bought it. I did such a poor job on the painting that I didn't even want the thing. Apparently the police frown on such things, but are reluctant to do the paperwork, usually. Don't be like Fnordlover, kids. (This story is not true. It is a fabrication, shared only in the interest of education. We here at Fnord industries do not condone such activities, and have never been convicted of this, or any similar crimes.)
  11. Fnordlover

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    You DESERVE pictures! I'll try to post some soon.
  12. Started a first figure thread, because it needed to happen. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86209-first-bones-4-painted-figure/
  13. Fnordlover

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    The idea for this thread was put forth by Chris Palmer over in the B4 enthusiasm thread. The goal is to let folks post images of the first thing they painted from Bones 4 and talk about why they chose it to be first. The first thing I painted was the waddle of penguins, to gift to a friend that can't have an army of real penguins. I don't have pictures because I wasn't thinking, but the dire penguin's claws, spines, and horns were red. The rest of him, and the others, was black and white. I thought that they needed something else and decided that the dire penguin was controlling the others, so I gave the whole pack of them glossy orange eyes.
  14. Could someone who watched the episode give an overview of what was discussed?
  15. I finished my inventory last night and only had two issues. My Isobael figure from Fan Favorites didn't come with her instrument and the Caveboy from Lost Valley's arms were attached outside the socket. Popped his arms off with minimal effort to re-glue properly. 280-something miniatures and only one real problem is a pretty good ratio. Emailing help@reapermini.com tonight.