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  1. I'd like to see a new wendigo figure in Bonesium. More horror stuff in general would be great. A large collection of individual skulls and bones of various kinds for moding and basing.
  2. Other than the gorgeous paint jobs, that was an extremely underwhelming update. Hopefully it's a fluke.
  3. In these pre-Bones 6: Bones to be Wild days I want to put forth another request for superbeings. Generic supers with capes, alternate heads, and power effects all optional.
  4. Depends on your definition of evil, I guess. Also, if I use purple for the main color, is purple still prime shadow coloration?
  5. The Temple of Doom cult was the Thuggee. Many thanks for all of your input, it was very helpful. More than half of the feedback I've gotten seems to go with purples, which suits me. I have half a dozen different purples next to my feet and probably three of them would be good as a main color. Pretty much the argument that convinced me was a friend who said without hesitation when asked, "Purple. It's always been associated with royalty and grandeur and evil cultists should see themselves as elites."
  6. Picture them in your head. Crazy, evil cultists. Secret meetings, twisted plots, midnight masses in service of the unthinkable. Got it? What color are their robes? I'm about to start painting a group of cultists and I'm having trouble deciding on a color. I don't want the color to be indicative of their allegiance, I want them to be able to stand in for any group of evil cultists. So I want to put it to the Forumites: What color says, "that's an evil cultist," without having it say, "That's a cultist of (blank)?" What color robes do you wear when you worship your dark Deity of choice? What color looks great, even if it covers 90% of the miniature?
  7. The cost/value ratio would have to be deeply scewed in my favor to get me to dip into a blind subscription box. Given how inexpensive Bones are I'd much rather spend $40 per month and get free shipping on things that I want.
  8. I wish these were going to be dry eraseable.
  9. I recently bought some medical grade isopropyl alcohol from Jeff Bezos. I figure since it's over 99.9% pure alcohol that I can dilute it and it will be enough to last me for life. Sadly I didn't get a chance to put it into routine use before disaster struck.
  10. I just hope that the people in later waves don't get Boned (ha) by people who didn't bother to lock in their initial pledge until the last minute. I'd hate if I didn't get something after locking things in early and adding to it just because somebody couldn't be bothered. Surely Reaper will take such things into consideration (crossed fingers, toes, and other crossable appendages.)
  11. Two things. First, I hope that all that stuff in the boat is optional, otherwise it won't be terribly useful. Second, is that a body wrapped up behind the chest?
  12. I absolutely realize that. I'm counting on folks here to be a bad influence. I expect suggestive strength is more forthcoming.
  13. That little guy looks a lot more dangerous than I remember from the old images of flumphs. It needs a home in Bones 6 Fan Favorites, absolutely.
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