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  1. I'm pretty sure the Rule of Carnage implies that you shouldn't make them safe to touch.
  2. Fnordlover

    3D Tree

    Just wanted to help spread the word on this Kickstarter. I've backed the creator's first two Kickstarters and been greatly pleased with them. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flyingstand/three-dimensional-modular-tree-for-miniature-rpg-gaming
  3. Just saw the Brinewind extras set available for pre order on another miniature sales site. Their pre-order price is pretty good, too.
  4. Since it seems that at least the vast majority of the ogre carts have blobcats (Blobcat familiars coming in Bones 6), I wonder if instead of asking for replacement carts and hoping against hope that they find well cast ones to send perhaps Reaper would consider sending me an Edna, Crazy Cat Lady figure. At least half of her cats would probably make excellent replacements for the cart blobcats. Would it be crazypants if I made the request?
  5. So far my absolute favorite is the half orc doxy. I think she's going to be the first thing from Bones V that I paint. Edit: And She Was *Insert Talking Heads song here*
  6. Finally finished my inventory. Only complaints are a missing unseen servant (Core Set 1075) and the deformed cart kitties.
  7. I'm just about finished with my inventory of my Bones 5 goodie box. Everything seems to be there and in good order except the cat on the ogre cart in the Brinewind expansion. So far, the only other confirmed ogre cart cat I've had word on was also just a vaguely cat shaped blob. I'm wondering if it's worth reporting to Reaper in hope of getting a well made replacement or if I'm better off accepting it as a loss. If it is a universal failure the cart might not ever make it to retail.
  8. I've been wanting Edna. I'd rather have a good cast of the pieces, as shown tauntingly on the side of the Brinewind box, but if they don't exist I guess I'll have to settle for putting a good kitty on there instead.
  9. I got two copies of Brinewind and both of my cats were about as detailed that yours. It's extra frustrating since it's what I was most looking forward to in Brinewind and I've been looking forward to almost everything in Brinewind.
  10. I'm in wave 16 with none of the problem pieces and got shipping information this morning.
  11. I'll see your Koborlas request and raise you SPAAAACE KOBORLAAAAAAS!!!
  12. @Reaper_Jon if you want to practice shipping a packed box I wouldn't be upset.
  13. To date I've painted exactly one dragon, the Temple Dragon (77503). I went with a super simple palette of a couple of greens and browns. I've never been a fan of the color coded dragons. I have plans to paint Aganzarax to look like a tauntaun. Always go with your scaly heart when painting dragons.
  14. Am I too late? Has anyone done, "They've been having problems finding long enough boxes, but are working hard to make things ship shape?"
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flyingstand/more-stands-for-your-flying-rpg-dandd-mini-figure?ref=user_menu I just wanted to promote this Kickstarter because I had such a great experience with the first one. Adjustable flying stands are a great idea and these are well realized. From the KS page: Story This is part two of the Flying Stand Project. The first one was a success beyond anything I imagined ( A Stand for your Flying RPG Minis) You do NOT need anything from the first project to participate in the second. You can still get the stand from the first project in this one (check out the Add-Ons). Here's the story: We all love table top gaming. The miniatures and the map make it even more fun. When your character gets to fly, what do we all do? Set our mini on a die, a salt shaker, or something handy to show that we are no longer on the ground. Somehow that just isn't very satisfying. Hence: the Flying Stand! Part 1 of this project did the stand for 1x1 minis. This project does the stands for 2x2 and 3x3 minis!
  16. This is only my second Bones Kickstarter, but the same thing happened last time with Argent. It happens because after you've implied that you're going to do something, get thousands of peoples money based on the implication, then shrug it off the failure of that thing after the fact, well people are going to be upset. I think that it would do Reaper a lot of good to read the cluster of negative comments from the previous Kickstarters every time they're about to start a new one.
  17. I think it's a Chaos Toad Brawler claw. This guy. https://www.reapermini.com/search/chaos/latest/44097
  18. I bought a set and haven't painted them or anything yet. I'll probably end up letting them stand on their own. Add a little weight to the base and keep the modularity as high as possible.
  19. Based on living in the US, I'd guess that more Europeans speak English fluently than Americans.
  20. It's weird. Most of the stuff from Depths that everyone else is excited about is the stuff that I'm going to try to trade or sell off, the giant, the goblins, most of the mers, I'm not a fan. I guess that's why I'm a professional contrarian.
  21. It would make Reaper a much more common source for minis for me. The Kickstarters are a great bulk source of cheap minis, but at retail price I'd much rather get options.
  22. I'm wanting to do 4, which is of course 1+3. I want to paint all of him except for his eyes and the inside of the mouth and have them glow eerily from within.
  23. I live in an apartment with the same situation. I have my minis delivered to my workplace and have to fight off coworkers that want me to paint them a miniature. You can't control how the shipment arrives, only where. If you decide to change where it is delivered, be sure to update Reaper with the new address before they start shipping.
  24. I've been following the designer's blog a bit. http://abillionsuns.space/category/design-blog/ I'm very interested it it. Even though I still haven't gotten to play Gaslands.
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