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  1. I googled it and managed to find a picture (Unfortunately the one I found is a strange file type so I can't attach it). The wings were actually backwards of how I expected them to go, so I may leave them off
  2. So cute! I'm excited to see how the rest turn out!
  3. This guy was painted up for Reaper's Facebook contest. It was my first time entering on Facebook, and there were so many great entries! I managed to tie for fourth place, which is way better than I thought I would do. Especially when getting a good picture was so dang difficult. Ugh I swear I clicked on Show Off, could a moderator please delete or move this to the right area?
  4. Man, I am such a fan of Oathsworn's Sensible Shoes line. These minis are always so fun to paint. The base is one of my first attempts at a snow effect, and I learned the hard way that my snow is quite translucent. Eventually I had to mix white paint in with the glue to get it to read as white.
  5. Oh good, thank you! When I first looked there was no reference to individual buys so I have just been watching updates to see if they would announce that option
  6. I'm going to get the dragon, and I'm going to have to see what gets added to the parties or if there is an option to buy individual minis before I decide on the rest. I tend to get motivated to paint ladies more than I do to paint men, and that makes it hard to pull the trigger on any of these sets aside from maybe the lizards or the goblins. I just can't justify getting four sculpts I feel "meh" toward for the one that I love. But I really like that orc cleric.
  7. This guy was a quick paint to play with color and patterns... I'm not 100% happy but he'll work as a tabletop grunt, and I got to learn a few things :)
  8. I have ordered: Rocky brush holder Pirate maiden figurehead Disapproving Hand Gem dragon (X2) Overgourd Dragon lion Walls of thorns Valfuryx Aganzarax Mammoth Goroloth Shavynra Krateryx Arakoth Elemental scions Bust collection Ildraedis Sirens Shadows of Ravenhome Demonic Temptation Kalanzar Brinewind extras Kaiju Chaos Greek Odyssey Brinewind Fan favorites Dark depths The duplicate gem dragon was a mistake, but I'm sure I'll find a use for the second. The sad thing is I could easily spend $300 more if I let myself
  9. Hasslefree offered this gal in translucent as an exclusive on their Kickstarter so I had to pick her up. I painted her entirely with inks and then iridescent duochrome paints, which is probably my favorite way to do translucent miniatures at the moment. She's still translucent when held to light but looks opaque and reflective in low light
  10. My round two of the Miniature Monday videos. I only bought two minis for this one, but I think the yeti shaman is one of my favorites from the series
  11. I painted this one a while ago, but she has defied my attempts to take a picture of her ever since. Finally I was able to take a non blurry photo so I can show her off!
  12. When quarantine started one of the first things I did was go buy what I needed to follow a bunch of the Miniature Monday videos. I've only been buying the minis I liked or could use so most months I didn't do all the videos. This is my first round- the January kit!
  13. I painted this guy following @Mocha's Twitch paintalong. He was a lot of fun to paint and I learned quite a few new ways of doing things!
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