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  1. While repacking the box I found a few more goodies :) I just barely managed to get my additions and everything else to fit, but it's all in there now! Thank you for the goodies @Generic Fighter and anyone else who added to the box! PS. That toothbrush is totally going to be a bathing tool for the hedgehog I'm getting on Friday
  2. I made my selections from the Generic Fighter box, and wow, he must be a champion Tetris player. I have no idea how I'm going to get everything to got back in there!
  3. Just acquired a LOT of dice off the Kraken Dice Memorial Day sale. Soon enough I'll be able to sleep on them all like a dragon
  4. I painted these as a birthday gift for my zombie loving stepdad. They gave me a good chance to practice my OSL and play with blood spatters
  5. This was a quick fun paint. I don't usually love painting plastic characters but she was a really well cast and sculpted. The bones black makes a difference on the teeny minis! Also sorry for the less than stellar photos, I've taken to using the lightbox where I work, but I've been home so I've had to make do with whatever light I can get on my porch
  6. She looks really good! I agree that the eyes are the definite standout, but I also really like the way you did her metal, and her headband is shaded and highlighted beautifully!
  7. I could see Dark Sword's Female Mage on Stairs looking really nice next to that fountain
  8. This could be fun if we can work something out. Digital ribbons would allow anyone who wanted to to make things more customized/detailed/colorful/etc than traditional printing methods would allow
  9. She doesn't look rushed at all! This is beautiful
  10. Thank you!!! Where: Milwaukee area Wisconsin International: no Box starter: no
  11. I got these cuties in one of Impact's kickstarters. They had a few casting issues that I was unfortunately too new to identify when I got them, but they're so adorable! Two of the rats were based on pets I had in high school, and it was fun to be able to paint some actually cute rats.
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