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  1. Well done. He is missing some coconuts and an arrow sticking out of him. "Message for you, Sire!"
  2. That is such a fantastic paint job. Of all the greatness to it, the crispness of lines, the OSL, the NMM but what I'm drawn most to is the intensity of that blue. That's incredible!
  3. Thanks again all. I had tried to find some of these topics online but most of the instructional videos are for the smaller miniatures or at most a vehicle which isn't going to normally have the variations and gradients of something living.
  4. Thank you all. These comments were what I was looking for. I had been concerned that there was different techniques required. I guess the only issue I have now is storage! Haven't figured that one out quite yet. Maybe we can clear out the china closet. Hmmmm, fancy dishes from our wedding that never get used or dragons....
  5. Thanks! I am particularly wondering about colors and contrast. With the regular humanoid sized there isn't always a lot of room but on the large models it seems for some reason there should be something more besides just layering and blending. Not to mention a sharper contrast doesn't seem as desirable. Perhaps as usual I'm over thinking.
  6. Hello all, One of the reasons that led me into the fantasy genre and ultimately rpgs and mini painting is a love of dragons. Since I've been painting, I have been dying to paint a dragon. I was a Bones 3 backer and a loving wife let me order all the dragons, well except Mal, but technically that's a hydra. I've been gradually trying to paint larger minis but lack of confidence has kept me from potentially ruining the higher cost dragons, even at KS prices. I've still only done large humanoid size. To cut to the chase, all of the 7 day Mal and Rainbow dragon challe
  7. Where's the trench coat? That's a question based on the arm pose rather than a commentary on the personage of Buglips. Very funny even without the backstory though.
  8. Great look with the leather! You managed to really capture the look of well worn thick leather. Love the colors.
  9. Great job! Your painting of the teeth gives me the impression of a spider trying to crawl out of its mouth particularly with those beedy eyes. The only thing more horrific is a clown holding a red balloon in a sewer or a telemarketing call that won't take the hint.
  10. Beautiful paint scheme. Seeing this mini, it calls out to be the Dread Pirate Hamster to me personally.
  11. Fantastic! The colors worked great! Looking forward to painting my first dragon...sometime...
  12. I haven't sealed him yet and there were a good number of washes. Just noticed the shinyness myself honestly. I don't see it on the model itself. What colors (generic such as browns or blacks) do you or would you dry brush? I'd like to see some more shading as it looks nothing like the grizzly pictures I was aiming for.
  13. Thanks! There was a couple of areas where I can see I got a little sloppy picking out some highlights but overall am pretty happy with him. it's funny, before I started the details (necklace and other small fiddlybits) I was pretty disappointed in how he turned out. slept on it a day or two, then looked at him again and was suddenly satisfied. he ended up being a lot of fun.
  14. I've tried to take the advice from my previous posts and apply them to this one. As always C&C welcome. Rather liked how this one turned out in the end for the most part. I realize bears don't have human eyes but I thought since this was a "were" then it should still have more human eyes. However I used Linen White, but against the dark fur it seems too bright.
  15. I think I'm about ready to call it done but I'm still not quite happy with the skin tone. It seems to flat or washed out. I was also trying to get the look of old copper for the arm bands and club bands. I had a nice tone then I tried edge highlighting and it was too much of a contrast and hadn't been able to get the original tone back. Any suggestions on either Reaper-verse?
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