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  1. Since I am currently preparing my first try as GM in 20 years using the D&D 5th Starter Campaign, I would have loved some more Twig Blights. There was the Saproling Warrior in Bones 3, but only one and it is not yet on the store. The Nothic I modded from a Tiik Warrior and I gave a Cthon a Greenstuff Beak to become a Grick. My further wishlist would include some not-metallic Dragons with their characteristic Wings, Sprues of translucent spell effects and translucent dragon breaths. A not-Catoblepas, More Hobgoblins, Sahuagin and Kuatoa. Bid Scale Storm and Cloud Giants as well as more female giants , especially an obese Hill Giant Matriarch and a 4-6 breasted Ettinette with a litter of two headed Ettin toddlers...
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