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  1. just started going through my box tonight, just doing a cursory check, will have to wait for full inventory till next week, but box wise looks like its all here. also they added a full set of Paint A when I only ordered set B so there is that
  2. my shipment gets here Wed, looks like i'm going to have to closely inspect the Lost Valley expansion. so far what i've read to look out for: carnotaurus had issues elephant man tusk being broken Was there anything else in that set that has had major issues? Also other then fit issues has there been any major problems with the Fan Fav expansion or Core set? Only other thing i know of happening is mixing up of the paint sets and amazon statues having heads boxed with wrong body's
  3. Ducknuck84

    Flame snake - 03676

    whats more dangerous then a Danger noodle? A flame danger noodle. great job!
  4. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    with the Goblins done for the low lvl game i'm DMing next up is the Big Bad of the adventure Rugg the Bugbear. Skin was done with base coat of Reaper goblin skin,then i used Vallejo game ink skin wash followed up with few watered down layer of goblin skin again This Is after the Skin wash. I've used it now on 3 minis Rugg here, Fulumbar the Dwarf and Mason Thornwarden. It seems to work really well with the darker skin tones. Fulmbar and Mason both had the Tanned triad used with the was replacing the shadow 2h later with the thinned goblin skin re applied. Its really hard to get to the leg under that club
  5. Ducknuck84

    What are your favorite paint recipes?

    i'll add my experimental verdigris mix as well. 1 drop Naga green 2 drops Dragon blue 1 Drop dragon white for a wash add 4 drops water and 2 drops rubbing alcohol. results will end up something like this. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81909-skeletal-swordsman/&tab=comments#comment-1736920 also in its non wash form it can make for a good ghostly blue http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82013-77007-ghost-wip/&tab=comments#comment-1748492
  6. Ducknuck84

    77011: Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

    Thanks. Basically used what i had learned in the LTP kits. started with blade steel then did a Nuln Oil wash then dry brushed Polished silver and then lined all the really hard edges with the Polished silver again.
  7. Ducknuck84

    77011: Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

    Another miniature that had been on hold for a bit, I actually started him a few months ago but set him aside for other miniatures and hobby's but now he is finished
  8. Ducknuck84

    Batch of Bones

    very cool, love the Orc merchant
  9. Ducknuck84

    01510: Halloween Sophie '09

    really great job. love the paint job you did on the skin.
  10. Ducknuck84

    77444: Goblin Warriors

    Finished up my set of 6 Goblin Warriors for a game i will be DM for in April. Really happy with how they came out. Gnoll flesh paint from the Dungeon Dwellers set (really hope i can get this paint separately at some point) worked wonders for the Goblins and I think will be my go to for them from now on so as they have a distinct feel to them rather then having the same color set as say an Orc. Also because everyone knows that Goblins never take care of their weapons I was finally able to use my MiG rust pigments that have been siting around for about a year now and thing they turned out nice. Also getting more comfortable using the Happy Seppuku base stamps with green stuff. If I were to change something I think the only thing i would change next time removing them from the base as they don't take paint as well as other broccoli bases. Also and this is more of a style idea rather then a change, After watching some of the Goblin Slayer anime i'm intrigued by the idea of giving Goblin eyes a horizontal pupil, like a goats eye rather then the normal vertical as it does make them look slightly more unsettling. Finally as some flavoring if my players ask about the sword swinging goblins copper armor after the defeat him I will tell them (on a successful investigation check ) that in a surprising feat of Goblin ingenuity you find that this goblins has taken old copper coins from his victims and sewed them to a leather backing to create a set of crude armor if you take the time to remove the coins you find that you get about 70cp to add to your cash while the brass one will just be brass studs they flattened. All in All Happy with my new Mob squad.
  11. so looking at the tracker i've been wondering its the order# the total for all waves or specifically just wave 1 then will reset when they get to wave 2?
  12. very cool, will have to keep these colors in mind for ropes. I also found when doing small rope details on characters if you want to go for a more yellow looking rope that 09459 Oger skin color works very well as a base
  13. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    Did some more work on the gobs. Got all of the skin finished wish shade and highlights. Both of the spear men are basically done, the one in the background though still needs the wash and drybrush on the base as well as the rust pigment on the spear tip like the first one has (hard to see a know, should show up better on the swords and axe) the rest still need highlights on leather, cloth and metal. I also did a comparison with one I painted last year as part of a 24h paint challenge. I'm really liking the gnoll pet color a lot more then the LTP orc green process used on Ben's Gob. Also thing i learned a few things. 1. More detailed sculpts are easier to paint. Not to say that Ben's gobs are not good as i've seen them painted really well and part of it i'm sure is my speed painting but also and again maybe it was just my set but they were super melty on the detail which leads into the next point 2. Shows the difference between early and newer Bones. My guess is that Ben's are from KS1 and Bobby's are from 2 or 3, details seem to be getting a lot crisper all the time. 3. I still hate painting the shield baring arm between getting the brush in there and the lack of detail sometimes it a pain. 4 good thing I'm practicing now as I'll have 24 more of these little guys ones Bone 4 gets to me
  14. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    after realizing that i have to DM a game in a month and had none of a the mini's ready for it put Linel and the gnome on the back burner and switched gears to my mooks. Going to use the 77444's as my main goblins for the adventure in a pinch i could use the finished 77024 i have but i just don't like how they ended up in their bones form and i think Bobby really nailed the classic goblin look. Had to do some experiment a bit as i used gnoll pelt for the base so had to find a blend for the shade and highlight, think I hit it. Now I just need to get the other 5 done but now that i have the mixtures written down should go faster.
  15. Ducknuck84

    77456: Ogre Guard

    Nice job. I really like this ogre mini, every time i see him with his mutton chops i want to try and find a little top hat for him because an ogre would totally think that a top hat = civilized. also he could be a bouncer rather then a guard.