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  1. Ducknuck84

    77057 Juliette The Jade Sorceress

    Finished up #77057 Juliette, female Sorceress. Very happy with the end results. Only problem I had with the sculpt is the right boot which was really lumpy and not well defined but that's only a minor complaint as i really love the overall sculpt. Had a bit of a panic when i was working on the face when some paint got in the right eye so i had to redo it but think i salvaged it though the outline is a bit less now. Oh and on the face and small details 18/0 brush is your friend. Main colors: Spruce Green Phantom Glow Heartwood Brown Scholar flesh
  2. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    got a little more work done. one again eyes gave me problems but end results I am happy with.
  3. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    trying out some new colors. The dress is spruce green. Boots and corset the new phantom glow.
  4. Ducknuck84

    02006 Sidrith Sword Sister

    It's one of the new kickstarter paints
  5. Ducknuck84

    02006 Sidrith Sword Sister

    Finished up the Dark Heaven Sidrith Sword Sister and am happy with the results though I am also thankful for the size creep in mini's over the years as it was really hard to try and do detail work. I'm very happy with the eyes and once again the new Heartwood Brown is becoming my fav for Leather; just base coat it and add a sepia wash and it's 90% done. the only complaint with the mini is that the sword hilt holding hand hands back is really lumpy and it's hard to tell what was hand, hilt or crossguard.
  6. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    stewing over some ideas on how I want to highlight the staff for the jade fire orc so in the meantime working on SKU 02006 Sidrith Sword Sister for some more practice. really happy with the eyes, had to use 10/0 spotter and a 0000 and they just kind of happened. also, the first time trying white over grey for white cloth. One thing that I have to critique this mini on is that the back of the hand that is holding the hilt is very lumpy and you kind of have to make u where the hand, hilt, and crossguard are.
  7. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    More WIP of Jade Fire Shaman. Started highlighting cape, staff, skulls hair. Also, dis the eyes and am mostly happy with them. Hate doing hooded faces though so hard to position eyes. Blocked out the teeth as well
  8. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    More WIP Added the shade by mixing the base color with 2 drops of tropical blue then went with Styx purple for the hair and fresh blood for the cape. Bikini is done in Heartwood brown and the staff in driftwood. Also started highlighting the muscles with the base color
  9. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    Back after taking a break for other hobbies. Working on the Jade fire Shaman and wanted to go for a Worlds of Warcraft skin tone. think I hit very close to the mark. skin base coat only Mix 1 naga green 3 moon yellow (Vallejo but any bright yellow would work) 2 dungeon slime
  10. Ducknuck84

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    just started going through my box tonight, just doing a cursory check, will have to wait for full inventory till next week, but box wise looks like its all here. also they added a full set of Paint A when I only ordered set B so there is that
  11. Ducknuck84

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    my shipment gets here Wed, looks like i'm going to have to closely inspect the Lost Valley expansion. so far what i've read to look out for: carnotaurus had issues elephant man tusk being broken Was there anything else in that set that has had major issues? Also other then fit issues has there been any major problems with the Fan Fav expansion or Core set? Only other thing i know of happening is mixing up of the paint sets and amazon statues having heads boxed with wrong body's
  12. Ducknuck84

    Flame snake - 03676

    whats more dangerous then a Danger noodle? A flame danger noodle. great job!
  13. Ducknuck84

    Ducknuck84's periodic WIP's

    with the Goblins done for the low lvl game i'm DMing next up is the Big Bad of the adventure Rugg the Bugbear. Skin was done with base coat of Reaper goblin skin,then i used Vallejo game ink skin wash followed up with few watered down layer of goblin skin again This Is after the Skin wash. I've used it now on 3 minis Rugg here, Fulumbar the Dwarf and Mason Thornwarden. It seems to work really well with the darker skin tones. Fulmbar and Mason both had the Tanned triad used with the was replacing the shadow 2h later with the thinned goblin skin re applied. Its really hard to get to the leg under that club
  14. Ducknuck84

    What are your favorite paint recipes?

    i'll add my experimental verdigris mix as well. 1 drop Naga green 2 drops Dragon blue 1 Drop dragon white for a wash add 4 drops water and 2 drops rubbing alcohol. results will end up something like this. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81909-skeletal-swordsman/&tab=comments#comment-1736920 also in its non wash form it can make for a good ghostly blue http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82013-77007-ghost-wip/&tab=comments#comment-1748492
  15. Ducknuck84

    77011: Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

    Thanks. Basically used what i had learned in the LTP kits. started with blade steel then did a Nuln Oil wash then dry brushed Polished silver and then lined all the really hard edges with the Polished silver again.