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  1. Like that the one has just a gamberson, don't see that often on minis
  2. Sometimes with all the complex minis we paint you want to take a little break and paint something simple. Well this time around Erick was that mini for me. Really happy with the how the eyes came out. (got them on my first try ) and tried my hand at some simple heraldry.
  3. nice job. The one in the 2nd picture remind me of Bluto from Popeye
  4. this year plan on doing more with bases work on skin tones blending and glazing
  5. here is another size comparison for them, far left is a DnD chainmail half orc fighter mini, next is SKU 07007 Ragged Wound Tribe orc warrior, then Jade axe and spear warriors followed by SKU: 77059 Orc Berserker
  6. From the Mid 2000's attempt to revive the D&D Chainmail come this Battered Troll Skeleton which was the biggest mini in the Ahumut's Legion Faction box. He has been sitting unpainted for many years as I have found with many of the minis the D&D produced at the time they where a pain to assemble. In his case the full arm and no peg or post and his skull with a bit of the neck was its own part with a minuscule peg and post that did not fit right and would never be able to support the weight of the head. also with the base you had to hand cut the slot that you would tab him into which is
  7. One of a set of 4 thieves that came from Ral Partha many years ago 1 i panted long ago, 1 i lost, 1 still needs to be painted, and them there is this guy. was a fun paint but man those small eyes on old figures
  8. great work, looks like he's ready to sneak up behind someone and bop them on the head
  9. it was Dragon blue 29815 from the old HD line for the top and Vallejo electric blue for the belly wrap
  10. Started him a while ago but got pushed to the back burner until last month where I put the few final touches on him. I will also attest that it is a mere coincidence that the colors I used made him look kind of like Link from Breath of the wilds.
  11. painted up 77040 Satheras, male warlock as a Drow and used it as an experiment to test out Coal Back and Styx purple. really happy with the results though the purple ended up more like dragon red at the end. Also was the first time with the Dark elf skin triad, really liked it. also on the scroll I looked up an eldritch font and wrote out Cthulhu fhtagn
  12. another WIP the previous Dwarf ranger has been put on the back burner for now due to InMiPaMo rules about trying to finish minis in 1 day for full points so i'll work on her and other unfinished stuff on days when i don't have time to try a full paint, or after Nov is over. but for now working on SKU: 77040 Satheras the Warlock and finally cracking open the dark elf triad to make a drow warlock. used Styx purple on the outer mantel top and violet shadow in the under coat and cape, though really cant tell the difference between the two. Robe are in what is becoming my fav black Coal black wolf
  13. Those are really nice but you are missing the most important one. Where is Sir Forscale!
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