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  1. Thank you, everyone who responded, that should help. I'll try not to worry about it and keep things in mind, henceforth. Certainly understandable. It's self-diagnosed OCD for me (complete with compulsive/intrusive thoughts and mild rituals), although a semi-therapist at least mostly confirmed my suspicions about health anxiety (and other anxieties). So I definitely wouldn't be one to joke about it, and sometimes I'm looking for solutions or ways to improve the situation for hours a day. It is tough, and health anxiety is a part of it for me, too. Do you, by any chance, have any
  2. Hey all, I have a history with health anxiety and am looking for some relief here. I was working with green stuff some hours ago (the thing I was working on has, mostly, cured, by now, and 15 minutes ago was when I grabbed the almonds), and I can't remember washing my hands since then, which has left me wondering if depositing a bunch of almonds into my hand and chewing them all up (I realized it in time and ended up spitting most of them out), not knowing whether I had washed my hands prior to that or not. There might've been tiny bits of green stuff left on my fingers, cured or
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