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  1. Ottolla

    Baby Tolla's First Paints

    I'm so use to bbc. I can't even figure out how to get rid of old quotes. XD (Or apparently end them, either...) Here's an update of the humans. I started doing watered down paint on Ursula (the red cloaked lady) so that's why she's half painted. And the cloak guy, I'm still figuring out how to mix paints (I don't have droppers on my paints, so I'm trying to find a way to get paint to the pallet without having a bunch on a popsicle stick left over) Then Katelyn, the sword woman, is a wip right now, but I wanted to post, so. X3
  2. Ottolla

    Baby Tolla's First Paints

    Nope. Which makes it worse. XD So, just started painting with watered down paint. I watered it down a little too much. :d Especially since, from what I've read, Reaper bones don't like water, I did a good.
  3. Ottolla

    Baby Tolla's First Paints

    - Glitter Thank you! :33 - Pingo Oh, that is a huge relief. Because it is a hot mess on my screen. X3 Thank you! :3 I'm also plotting some diy minis, likely carving foam, or building them out of wood (like chests, and tables, ect.)
  4. I don't know how to format this website. I miss my bbc code.

    1. Pingo


      Tell me about it.  The forum upgraded to this software last spring and for a while it was driving me crazy.


      If it's any help, the box at the far right but one of the control panel, the one that is a tiny magnifying glass over a rectangle with a corner cut off, will give you a preview of what the post will look like.


      I find it's worth it because the community is a really friendly and supportive one.

  5. Edit: AH this forum is so unlike what I'm use to I have no idea how to format this sorry! Double edit: All my text is in the pictures what is this forum even help im drowning in quotes and i dont know how to get rid of them So! I just started painting, like... a week ago at most? After a trip to the game store to buy spell cards for our campaigns (4, each with a different dm, of player levels levels 3,1,1,1) we noticed and decided to invest in minis. Since I'm DMing two games (one with players who are not coming back, so likely a dead game, and one thats ongoing) and I'm the crafty one, I'm the most excited, and the one doing the actual painting. I wanted to try out different tequniques on the goblins, so they all look kinda different. I did basecoats on five of them, two black, three brown, and then I painted on with no base (and found that, so far, thats my favorite meathod) I tend to favor crappily drawn maps on manila drawing paper (downside, it has no grids. But we're going to try and get a sheet of plastic and put grids on that, so it can lay ontop my maps.) One big upside is its super easy to make crap ones (that one I spent time on tho) My players derailed into a cave (that the module specifically said "was not covered in this adventure) so I had to improvise. It took me 15min to design the entire cavern dungeon (while my players were writing down spells (this was before we bought spellcards) ) How rad is that for just 15 min and no warning? I named everything random words, so they couldn't tell what was next, or if they were missing anything.