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  1. CLELBRATE 15 YEARS OF REAPER WITH A UNIQUE CROSSWORD PUZZLE ALL ABOUT REAPER PRIZE IS BEING OFFERED TO FIRST COMPLETE CORRECT PUZZLE This is part of a wacky display in the painting contest by EllenMarie (PinkCarnation) here is the crossword puzzle, "Crystal Clear Words With Sophie" The puzzle can always be found at: https://crosswordhobbyist.com/513682 PRIZE!!!! First completed Correct Puzzle wins a special Sophie Trophy! INSTRUCTIONS; Answers can be found: 6 are related to Painting Contest Minis by PinkCarnation, also see Reaper Website and Forums. Abbreviations: (F) Faction, (HF) Hall Of Fame, (MP) Master Painter, (PC) Painting Contest entry by PinkCarnation, (S) Sponsor & (V) Vendor Crystal Clear Words With sophie
  2. Since I paint 75mm and larger I seal with Krylon Matt or for some effects High GLOSS spray paint. BTW if your going to Reaper Con some vendors sell great carrying cases, when I played DND I use fishing tackle boxes now there is a whole world of packing carrying and display cases you can save your paint efforts from serious damage.
  3. Thanks so very much!!! DKS and Glitter Wolf. I come from a background as a theatrical set designer and builder of props. I totally understand the need for both period and accurate representations and the challenges that fantasy bring to the miniature and theatrical world. Reaper miniature bring for me the freedom to create and get funky. The painters I have met at previous cons have all encouraged me to dig deeper into my approach to painting on such a small scale. So minute that I wish every figure was a cyclops since getting two eyes to match brings on migraines, I'm signed up for the eye paint class!!! I am looking forward to this years con and seeing as many of you all as I can greet and learn form. last year we missed the event due to a funeral. I do want to note that Michael Proctor has been a most gracious coach and inspiration calming my fears to compete in the wacked out sphere that I bring to the con. I am always humbled by the Master painter and likewise encourage to think big and paint small very very small.
  4. Can anyone tell me a little about Doug and his style. I ve tried searching and cant fin out anything except he was listed as a Master painter. Thanks so much for any informatuin.
  5. Is Jenifer Haley now Jennifer Greenwald? Can anyone tell me about this master painter?
  6. OMG not offended just love it now I understand!!! That's exactly what I'm looking for
  7. Mr Melons or who ever posted of Rhonda "Would you say she is a "smooth blending criminal"? why the adjective criminal?? Please enlighten me.
  8. Thanks to everyone who posted. We had a death in the family so we miss the 2017 Con. Please if you have any more help please post because for 2018 I am resurrecting the planned surprise.
  9. Ok forgive my doofessness, I've seen Talin's super Sophie Sketch so feminine and flirty. What's this years theme?
  10. Hi I'm trying to create a surprise for Reaper Con 2017 & 25th Anniversary. Can you please help me with a little background for the MASTER PAINTERS. So you know what I'm thinking for Instance I know Michael Proctor and Jessica Rich my few word definition of them would be: Michael Proctor: Penultimate non metal metal genius Jessica Rich: Elegant Embellishments Can you all help me out with the signature strengths of any these Master Painters???? Anne Foerster Laszlo Jakusovsky Derek Schubert Jennifer Haley Doug Cohen Rhonda Bender Aaron Lovejoy
  11. I fig that figuratively speaking this is a deal as good as 2 figgy newtons for the price of 1. Please post a photo your FIG-tasitc repaint job. Cant wait to beni-fig from your expertise and advice.
  12. Ulfheathen for your monochromatic dragon Ebonwrath google some of the famous Film Noir images to see how subtle and magnificent these three non color colors can be executed. Also source Edward Gorey illustrations for ideas. Many of the techniques used by engravers and etchers can be uses on your dragon to enhance the DULL LOL lot of your colors. Dots, crosshatching, dashes even raised or pitted circles. Gradations or washes also can serve as a base to add detail on top of. Such as starting at the tip of the wings especially if the end in talons or claws with pure bright white and then grating to the body to darkest black.
  13. That's one superior ship. Even the Kraken will be charmed and call out "sail on fair one may you always have fair winds and following seas".
  14. Greens and the process of sculpting always freek me out. I worked in 1/4 scale as a scenic designer and all my items were then made HUGE for the stage. The first shocker I had was when I saw Bobbie Jackson sculpting his Halfling Pirate and he was explaining to me at that long ago con how he sculpted. He showed me the green and said it was a hafling I looked at the boots and asked "but halfing's don't wear shoes" he promptly hacked off the boot and sculpted the foot in front of me. That was a total paradigm shift for me ever since then the world of miniatures has been a wonder to me. I will never ever grasp the smallness of it all. Watching the evolution of your Chaos Frogs is a marvel from Izzy's sketch to one big broccoli badass frog that I can paint is a froggie bottom break down for me.
  15. Please help me with who was the 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee. The Reapercon link https://reapercon.com/halloffame is missing that and the Bios for Jason Wiebe (Gwydion Green) and Debbie Lewis (Dancin' Debbie) . Thanks for any help you can provide. BTW NOT trying to be hyper critical I know web design is terdious and upkeep is difficult the dropdown menu could use a link to the HALL OF FAME. If I am a pest or wrong please forgive me I am ACD and also just had eye surgery.
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