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  1. Kuche

    Zombicide game nigth miniature

    Thanks guys, i know the photos are not the best, next time ill try to use a real camera, and not my cellphone
  2. Kuche

    Zombicide game nigth miniature

    Hi guys, i know i have been of the forum lately, and i have promise on recent posts that i were going to post more, well i hope to keep that promise XD, i have lot of things done and some others that i m doing rigth know, so here is a zombicide bruce miniature that a local game store gave me, because i atended to their game nigth, and well i just painted it, hope you guys like it .
  3. Kuche

    HF Classy Fellow

    OMG, is dudley, wow it looks amazing, i like this
  4. Kuche

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    My first miniature of bonea 4, was the wraith king, i painted him, because me and my friends were going to play a mission of rangers of shadow deep amd we needed a shadow warrior, i also wanted yo paint him with metalic colors, so itl speed up the painting process, but i dont know why, im bad painting with with metalics, so i failed as you can see, and ended painting him and all the wraiths with nmm, they took me like 5-6 hours, i think is still pretty fast, but i have so much miniatures from bones 4, infinity, etc.
  5. Kuche

    Happy Birthday Kuche

    thanks guys, i havent post anything since last year i think, ill try to come back to the forum.
  6. Kuche

    Happy Birthday rgtriplec

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  7. Kuche

    Infinty nomads mobile brigada

    Hi guys, ita been while since my last post,this is the most recent miniature i have painted, i also think ill take a break from infinity and come back to reaper miniatures, i dont feel comfortable whit futuristic or sci-fi stuffs stuff
  8. wait what? i won 2nd place? omg yay!!!!, this was my 1st miniature contest and im so happy that i won something , tnx everyone specially you @SamuraiJack we know you had rough times organizing this contest, but i really appreciate you did, so tnx alot =3. congrats to everyone.
  9. Kuche

    HF Sana

    great job!
  10. Kuche

    His Majesty the Dragon King (Kingdom Death)

    looks great, i can feel the heat from the lava
  11. tnx @Sanael, sorry for the late respond i m little bussy on personal stuffs and have like no time to paint or check the forum, by the way i got some advances on this proyect on weekend :P Im also trying to paint the mo knigths diferent than the regular panos, advices are welcome, this the color test of what im trying:
  12. Kuche

    Bonny Ann Pirate Queen Bust By Glitterwolf

    dmm didnt notice that, now i cant see some one else. by the way the leather on the hat is fantastic
  13. thanks, im still learning how to paint scifi figures, and also how to use the airbrush. thank you, but those bases are not painted yet, is was the airbrush colors i use on the miniatures.
  14. Hi guys, i ve been little lost on the forum lately, because of work and life, so i want to wish you all a very good 2018 year, and wish you the best of luck on all hobbie your goals. Now i want to start this new year on minis for me with something new, im learning how to infinity, so i bougth with a friend icestorm+beyond, and here is the wip of where im at the moment, hope you guys enjoy and i promise i will try to keep posting wips Sorry for the photo quality, i still dont get a good camera for this =(
  15. Kuche

    TARDIS Christmas Diorama

    nicely done, i love it