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  1. Sup guys, i ve been really bussy lately, so i did not have enough time to paint, but here is what is on my painting table at the momento, hope you guys like them =p
  2. thanks guys it feels good to be back
  3. one of the miniatures I'm painting, I haven't finished this guy yet, because I'm painting him in the stream, and lately I haven't strememing miniature painting, but here I leave you how the process of my ultron goes
  4. I've been away from this forum for quite some time, and I really miss this community a lot, I hope you guys give me your criticism and thoughts, and also hope you like everything I have to share with you. without more to say, here is my captain america from marvel united
  5. Thanks guys, i know the photos are not the best, next time ill try to use a real camera, and not my cellphone
  6. Hi guys, i know i have been of the forum lately, and i have promise on recent posts that i were going to post more, well i hope to keep that promise XD, i have lot of things done and some others that i m doing rigth know, so here is a zombicide bruce miniature that a local game store gave me, because i atended to their game nigth, and well i just painted it, hope you guys like it .
  7. OMG, is dudley, wow it looks amazing, i like this
  8. My first miniature of bonea 4, was the wraith king, i painted him, because me and my friends were going to play a mission of rangers of shadow deep amd we needed a shadow warrior, i also wanted yo paint him with metalic colors, so itl speed up the painting process, but i dont know why, im bad painting with with metalics, so i failed as you can see, and ended painting him and all the wraiths with nmm, they took me like 5-6 hours, i think is still pretty fast, but i have so much miniatures from bones 4, infinity, etc.
  9. thanks guys, i havent post anything since last year i think, ill try to come back to the forum.
  10. Hi guys, ita been while since my last post,this is the most recent miniature i have painted, i also think ill take a break from infinity and come back to reaper miniatures, i dont feel comfortable whit futuristic or sci-fi stuffs stuff
  11. wait what? i won 2nd place? omg yay!!!!, this was my 1st miniature contest and im so happy that i won something , tnx everyone specially you @SamuraiJack we know you had rough times organizing this contest, but i really appreciate you did, so tnx alot =3. congrats to everyone.
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