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  1. I would like to try airbrushing different sets of skin tones onto multiple copies (5+) of the same female figure as practice and as a reference for other models. Anyone recommend a Bones fig that is large enough to have quite a bit of exposed skin, but cheap enough that lots of copies wouldn't set me back too much. Yaphima (sure I spelled it wrong) the Frost giant comes to mind first, but looking for other options
  2. Thank you all for the kind comments. I actually just found 2 more of these on the web..... I think the next one will not have the wings and will be modded into a true Laura Croft mini
  3. First posted the assembled mini about a year ago to the day.... Worked on it off and on (mostly off), but am considering it done (for now ;-) )
  4. Have all the colors blocked in except for the wings. Eyes done, need eyebrows :-)
  5. Second Finished mini. Happy with the eyes on this one. Comes with wings, but made it without them. Will post more when I get the base done
  6. As my second mini I started the Masterbox World of Fantasy Lizard Mount/Sci-Fi girl combo (previous WIP post) but when I saw pictures of this mini online I just had to get one and drop everything else. Played Tomb Raider from the first one so this one pushes my buttons. Found one for sale and snapped it up. Assembly is finished. I didn't like the look of the Whip, so I replaced it with some braided wire. The Base I will expand to add a pit full of spikes. Can't wait to start priming/painting!
  7. Good point on the flexing of Bones not being compatible with Future, I can see where that might turn into a cracked up mess. I sincerely apologize if someone tried that before you pointed that out.
  8. That is the method (mostly) I used. Just wished there was a way to protect each step from the next. One slip up on the last steps and is redo lots of what you just did. Thanks everyone for the input. I'll just keep practicing.
  9. Future floor wax should work too I would think. Very thin and self levels when brushed on. Also very tintable. Aircraft guys usually dip their clear parts in it as it fills all the microscratches and makes them more clear and shiny.
  10. Since I can't for the life of me get the seam lines and fuzzies off my Bones Succubus, thought I would use it to practice eye painting since I've only painted one mini so far. Here is my attempt from last night. Deck tan for whites, black brown for liner. Nevermind the Skin painting, was just for cutting in the liner. I used red oil paint on a pin to make the iris. I think it turned out great, but seems to me there has to be a way to cheat at this. The anxiety and anguish of trying over and over and having ruined it at various steps is frustrating. This one took me 3 tries. Anyone tried using liquid watercolors for dotting the eye? seems like if you messed it up it would easily wipe off to try again. I assume I could seal it with airbrushed varnish when done. maybe use a tiny mask to cover the whites so both sides could match, etc? really fishing here....
  11. To use a vague term, I would say "pretty"? Very subjective I know, but to carry it further, a face that is a well sculpted symmetrical form, slightly larger eyes would be fine. Some I've seen can be too flat or too long, puffy as if Beestung, etc. To throw another requirement in there would be that it's molded crisp to ease the painting, especially the eye shape.
  12. Couldn't find a good way to search for this exact topic, so please forgive me if this has been asked before. I am always fixated on facial and body proportions. I find that lots of 28mm minis have "weird" faces and bodies (too long, too stubby, etc) What would be the best female figures in the Reaper line that have the best facial and body proportions? #14645 Bladeslinger would be a good example of what I am looking for.
  13. Depending on how ..uh.."dominating" you want her to look, Raging heroes has this: https://www.ragingheroes.com/collections/fantasy/products/rythali-in-s-f
  14. After tearing my hair out trying to remove the little fuzzy bits left after trying to clean the mold seams, do you think boiling it or hitting it with a hot hairdryer could melt or minimize those?
  15. Hey all, would like to split this question into two parts; Can you? Should you? Can you: I know Archer makes decals of human irises that would possibly work down to 54mm size. Has anyone tried this? Should you: Coming from an Aircraft/Armor background, decals are used to simplify complex graphics on things. Most modelers use them routinely. There is no negative stigma associated with their use. Being new to the miniature scene, how is the use of decals viewed? As the painting of eyes, tattoos, etc in these small scales is seen as a talent to aspire to, I would think that using decals could be viewed as "taking a short cut", crutch, etc. Obviously claiming you painted them while using decals would be an ethical no-no. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts on this are.
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