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  1. Done with inventory, initial assembly and dry fitting. Took a bunch of pictures. Here's a few below, if anyone wants to see more tell me and I'll make a separate thread somewhere. Only three errors: missing the Eldest Billy Goat Gruff from the troll bridge, the six-armed wraith from Daimyo is missing his lower left arm, and one of the Gatormen had the wrong body piece in the bag. All in all, not too bad. I can also report that my kittycat is also sadly poorly detailed. Quite odd, since the details on most of the rest of the models are superb. It truly is impressive to compare
  2. Carrier has arrived! Yay! Now to get inventorying. Really wish they had included a pick sheet, but oh well. To the laptop we go.
  3. Woohoo, finally a shipping notification! 45.6 pounds arriving next Tuesday. I'm Wave 7. Hopefully all you Wave 1 and 2 people have your stuff on the way. Can't wait to use my spreadsheet to actually check off my own minis. 😛
  4. Yeah, that's intentional. Those kobolds were originally released in Bones 4, and then made part of the Core Set for Bones 5. Most of the Bones kickstarter Core Sets have had a bunch of little mooks that were previously released sculpts. In Bones 4 it was goblins, Bones 3 was...lizardmen, I think?
  5. I made a checklist. Here it is. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tza7h0aj-icHh-rD2z5RM6E-DQmMqR3g/view?usp=sharing I've seen at least one other floating around somewhere as well.
  6. Here's a spreadsheet with SKUs for all currently offered Bones minis. Which kickstarter they came out with is also noted in one of the fields. However, it's not guaranteed that older minis are still in the original material. I've gotten some restocks from earlier Kickstarters that were cast in the gray Bones material. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19wtRK7YoZ-ngquYSCeNpXX80iMkMghBG/view?usp=sharing
  7. The Pledge Manager closes on December 1st, yes. The Kickstarter happened last fall. I apologize if this is information you already know, but Kickstarter is a separate site that provides a platform for individuals and companies to solicit funds in advance to make a project. Reaper Miniatures uses it to pre-fund their Bones miniatures line, because making the Bones molds requires a lot of money up front. When backers provide this seed money, they then get sets of the first manufactured miniatures, as soon as they are ready, for prices substantially below retail. Kickst
  8. They're slowly getting some more detailed information into the Pledge Manager. Ilraedis is credited to Jason Wiebe. Valfuryx is credited to something called Questron Studios. The other big dragons are as yet uncredited. For what it's worth, I also find it odd that they never mentioned the sculptors of the big dragons. Maybe because these Questron Studios people are an outfit that they're new to working with? I dunno.
  9. Here's a spreadsheet. Just updated it for the latest Power-Ups. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Tza7h0aj-icHh-rD2z5RM6E-DQmMqR3g
  10. The D&D 5e Monster Manual has six mephits, each representing two of the four elements. Dust, Ice, Mud, Magma, Smoke, and Steam. I expect they figure Smoke and Steam can be the same figure, just painted differently. As for what that represents in terms of the old 2.5e-3.5e cosmology....dunno. Meaning no disrespect, but that cosmology got a bit...odd over the years. Very particular. Hard to adapt to different stories. I'm honestly not fond of the beaky nose and chin of these mephits, but it does match the art in the 5e MM very closely. Dangerously closely, seems
  11. Reaper did make a Bones Black two-headed troll in the Bones 4 Kickstarter. Here's a picture of it next to the Rock Troll. As you can see, they're comparable in size. Much more intimidating. :) As for availability, you're in luck. The Two-headed Troll is on the release list for this month, so it should be available at retail and on Reaper's site on Monday, February 17th.
  12. Since they're part of the Kickstarter, I assume we can talk about the Paladin and Landsknecht here? Cause I really love both those sculpts. The detailing on the armor and weapons is fantastic! The texturing work on the Paladin's shield, and the size and shape of the zweihander, and the excellent work on the armor. It's all great. And I love the overall stance and carriage of both the models. This is a rare instance where, with apologies to Izzy, I like the overall effect of the model more than the already excellent concept art. Also, these renders seem somehow differ
  13. This is hard. There's no way not to make in individual to my tastes, but that feels unfair. But anyway... 1. Greek Odyssey It was kind of cheating to throw Yephima in here, but whaddayagonna do. I love that sculpt. Plenty of other good stuff, and I like the Greek-themed adventurers. Very different. Only gripe is, the total # of models seems low. There is an awful lot of big stuff, though. 2. Dungeon Dwellers This one would be further down a more personalized list, but I want to give it credit for how cohesive, thorough and well-themed it is. It really
  14. +1 for giants. The Storm Giant and the new Yephima were my favorites from the previews, and I don't think anything has topped them. I'm very fond of Reaper's giants in general. They've got a great mix of dynamic sculpts with just the right amount of cartoony proportions. Even the Fire Giant Hellbringer is a great addition to the line, despite being kind of sub rosa in the kickstarter. I can't wait to see what the Sea Giant looks like!
  15. Dragons, lots of dragons in this KS and its hard to choose which ones to have! So, going to ask for some assistance to narrow it down :) If you were only only to choose just TWO dragons from the addons, which would you choose: Valfuryx Aganzarax Shavynra Krateryx Ildraedis Kalanzar Any opinions warmly welcomed. ps - New to Reaper and Bones so I have nothing from previous KS etc. I can't find it now, but somewhere during the Kickstarter a picture of Shavynra from the front was posted. In an update or somewhere o
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