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  1. Well that was incredibly odd. It wasn't so much a craft show as a really weird show, I knew I wouldn't fit in but even my wife's Halloween wreathes and knick knacks didn't. I sold nothing and she only sold two items, $10 total on the outing. We're going to try again next year at some more mainstream harvest/craft festivals. Apparently today's show just wasn't for us, live and learn.
  2. Well the day is finally upon us. We're officially setup and now its just a matter of waiting for the doors to open. Now let's see if my chum can attract any customers to the real items.
  3. Wasn't sure if I'd actually pull it off but I did. In a very long session tonight I managed to drybrush the highlights, add the flock, and apply the transfers. Which means I am officially finished, now I just need to pack the last few things from my desk and I'm ready for moving day (you may notice even my computer is finally packed which makes for a very empty desk). Though I'm not a terrain maker by any stretch of the imagination I have to say I'm pleased with everything I was able to create. My only regret is that some of the pieces weren't duplicated. I really should have made more of the pipe and fence pieces, not to mention the guard station (seeing as I only made one and decided to keep it). Now it's just a matter of waiting for the craft fair and seeing if my cheaply priced "chum" entices anyone to the table to look at the real products. I'm hoping the combination of terrain and wreathes are enough to garner more than a passing glance from the masses, but as I said we'll have to wait and see.
  4. I obviously didn't get to it when I thought I would but the pieces are now washed. Everything really only needs a drybrush now and with this many pieces I should be able to go right on to flocking afterwards. If there is time the bunkers will also recieve some transfers but if not I'll pack them up as is. I had really hoped to be finished by now, oh well.
  5. With everything except the kitchen packed and the movers locked in for Saturday I've got to kick it into high gear if I'm going to finish before the move. Plus with the craft fair being the Saturday after the move, this really is my last chance to finish, because I know it'll take longer than a week to unpack everything. Keeping all that in mind I tried to get as much done as possible. Aside from the roofs of three bunkers everything is base coated and ready for a wash. Tomorrow I hope to apply the basecoat to the last three roofs early in the day and apply a wash to everything in the evening. We'll see if that plan actually comes to fruition, fingers crossed.
  6. Rat13

    14475 Warlord Raptor, Reptus

    I pause at voicing an opinion, as your painting skill is far above my own, but I think it looks very good as is. The blue green you've already built up gives it a very nice highlight and the addition of Ghost White may take it too far. With that said I'd advise in following your own instincts. Either way I'm sure it'll be a great looking piece. So far watching your progress has been quite enjoyable and your step by step posting method has been informative too.
  7. The large pieces got their flocking tonight, so they are done. Now its time for the final push to the finish. It's kinda comical trying to finish this project in a mostly empty apartment as all but the essentials are packed and ready for the move. Either way I managed to basecoat three bunkers including their roofs and the last of the statues. A short update, but at this point I think we know the process. I had hoped to paint all the bunkers together but I simply don't have the room, even after cleaning my desk of just about everything.
  8. This project is really winding down as I'm running out of time to complete it while also spending more time packing for the big move. My desk is very bare bones with everything except what I need to finish already packed. I'll start this update with a bit of a surprise. I actually added the smoke. While packing I came across a bag of leftover polyfil from one of my wife's projects. Though my glue guns are packed up I lucked out, because her guns weren't packed yet. So I took the extra five minutes to add this small detail. After an early wash to everything I was able to come back and dry brush the final details. The bigger pieces will still need flocking and decals but the small statues are finished.
  9. Finally got started on the last few pieces tonight. Only really got the base coats on, but for this project that's basically a third of the work. All they'll really need painting wise is a wash and a dry brush. I wanted to do all the statues and nonbunker pieces at the same time, but the wrestlers and Stimpy needed more drying time. This is something I've encountered before with dollar store materials and no amount of prep work seems to remedy it. Luckily a little extra drying time has always worked and it looks like they'll both be ready to start tomorrow night.
  10. I've only just started using P3 as my local shop has been clearing out old pots for $2.00 apiece. For that price I figured I'd give them a shot. I won't get a chance to really play with them until after the move though. Aside from those three pots (which I picked up on my last trip) and what I'm using for this project my paints are already boxed up and ready to go. I even managed to pack up my cameras and tripods today; I haven't seen my area so clear since I first set it up.
  11. Everything worked out today and I managed to get everything done. First up was a ton of priming of what are the final pieces of this project. Between prepping for a move, building a display for my wife, and starting the packing progress I simply ran out of time. Wanting my painting station packed first didn't help things either. Here's everything primed with the hope of starting to paint it tomorrow. I had hoped to make multiple pipe and fence pieces but these two will have to do. Rex recieved a metallic drybrush today while his base recieved a light grey drybrush. And of course the guard post recieved flocking and detail work. I'm not exactly thrilled with how the notice on the shack came out but for now its fine. As I built the piece I was pretty sure it was a keeper and I was right, so at some point I will come back and fix the notice board.
  12. My box and I are ready whenever. In all honesty if I shipped it out tomorrow I may have my station unpacked in the new house by the time it returns. Then again I'll probably hold off on unpacking my hobby area for a bit. My wife wouldn't like it if those were the first boxes unpacked.
  13. Believe it or not I managed to get all the pieces close to finished tonight. They all still need flocked, some dry brushing, and detail work but that's it. So barring any unforeseen issues these four pieces should be done tomorrow. Which means I'll have to prime up everything tomorrow if I want to be able to start painting the next set on Thursday.
  14. I wish I could take credit for it, but tons of people already discovered the joys of "Dollar Store Conversions", I'm simply playing catchup at this point. Finally got back to working on this tonight as a cold just swept through our house with the kid and I just getting over it now. The arrival of a cold can only mean one thing; winter is here. Now I know some people subscribe to the notion of four seasons but I live in western Pennsylvania and I know the truth. There are really only two seasons here, winter and summer everything else is just an illusion. With all that opinionated preamble out of the way back to the project. It may not look like much but the next set of pieces recieved some basing sand and are now ready for priming. I also pulled the next set of primed pieces and will hopefully start painting them tomorrow night.
  15. Rat13

    Spider-Man Bust (Dollar store garbage)

    This looks great, I've done a few of these myself but I just do a run of the mill statue. Perhaps I'll try this sometime instead.