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  1. This batch is done at least as far as painting goes. Tonight I managed to finish the details, apply all the washes, and even finish the bases (minus the flock). All that's left is to seal them and apply the aforementioned flocking. So good pictures of this set are coming soon. As I waited for washes to dry I even used the excess paint on my palette to start my next project. Needing to break up the monotony of Boys and Gretchin I decided to work on a warboss.
  2. These guys are almost completely basecoated now (I say almost because I know I missed spots on a few models). I managed to finish the straps and boots before powering my way through the details and both metallics.
  3. Got back to painting tonight and made pretty good progress considering. Up next are all the straps and boots before tackling the metallics and details.
  4. I honestly didn't think my ork bikers would get so much appreciation and attention. Compared to other ork players/kitbashers my bikes really aren't anything special, they're actually pretty lazy. That just might be my harsh inner critic however; I'm glad to see people enjoy them. Not much progress tonight. I just spent some time removing all the newly primed figures from their slats and bagging them up. I even went the extra mile and sorted them too.
  5. Finally got back to painting tonight but I didn't get much done. I basecoated all the green skin with a few models even recieving some blue on their clothing and weapons.
  6. Weather was great for priming today and I'm happy to say everything got primed. The bits needed for my final bike also arrived today so I finished it and primed it as well. Here it is just before receiving primer.
  7. As my group has shown no interest in trying out the Kill Team scenario I’ve been working on I’ll be sharing it here earlier than planned. I’ll do my best to try and make this an interesting read, but no promises. Before going any further I do want to point out that I started this project quite awhile ago using the Kill Team system from 2018 so I can only vouch for its compatibility with that version. Also for this particular scenario we will be completely ignoring the Morale phase and all its components. No models will ever be shaken and no teams will break. With the horde system I envisioned their inclusion would take a lot of the fun out of the game, so instead we’ll just ignore them. For this scenario you will need a few things: A long table A lot of zombie/skeleton figures (I recommend a minimum of at least 100 for three players) A scatter die A lot of D6s because Warhammer Urban Terrain consisting of mostly buildings A fortress or stronghold of some kind with a playable interior (I ended up using toy castle walls to create a courtyard but anything could work, just remember to adjust the scenario accordingly) Someone willing to run the game/zombies (this scenario really needs an impartial Game Master) Scenario To be read to players before deployment Two hundred years ago rich mineral deposits were discovered on a Feudal Imperial world. The subsequent wealth obtained from mining rapidly changed the world. The newfound wealth and prosperity lead the cities to rapidly modernize as the world quickly became an important trade hub. However two months ago the world went completely dark, as if all life on the planet disappeared. Only now is the Imperium and the galaxy at large rushing to find out why. You will be deploying into the Capital city; your objective is to reach the old fortress (the planetary governor’s residence) and retrieve any logs pertaining to the days leading up to the world going dark. Setup For this scenario I tested using a three lane system. You will need a long table (I used a 6ft folding table) with three streets running straight to the castle on the other side. The streets should be lined with a lot of buildings as they will serve as the zombie “spawn points”. Though the streets/lanes should be lined with buildings they shouldn’t completely block line of sight between the streets. You’ll want your players to have plenty of opportunities to shoot at each other. All players will deploy in separate streets at the far end of the table away from the castle. If there are more than three players simply have a roll off between all the players to determine an order, the higher the order the better the placement. Three will still deploy from the table edge in the streets/lanes but the higher order players can place from the table sides slightly ahead of the others. *More players will in most cases require more zombie models. I myself only tested for three players, though two of them were horde teams of Orks and Guard. Running the game The first turn will run like any other Kill Team game so its likely that at least a few shots will be fired. Be sure to note every model that fires a weapon. Immediately after the shooting phase roll a D6 and a scatter die in front of every model that fired. Trace a line from the scatter die until it hits either a building or the table edge. The D6 will note how many zombies appear from the building or the table edge. In the case of a building always place the zombies at the building’s nearest doorway or window from the firing model. This is meant to represent the zombies being attracted by the noise. Going forward zombies will also spawn from players taking overwatch shots too. Once all the spawned zombies are placed finish the turn as usual. *Note the Game Master will need to remember which Zombies just spawned in on the turn as they will be unable to do anything until the start of the next round. At the start of the new round the zombies will not roll for initiative, they will always go last after all the other players. Going forward the zombies will always charge (if in range) or move toward the nearest model regardless of it being the model that actually fired its “spawn shot”. *This could lead to a risk/reward for firing as the zombies that spawn in may hinder your opponents while leaving you a clear path to the castle. Even if your players stop firing altogether and instead opt for a mad dash to the castle I believe there is still fun to be had however. Zombies stats: M-6" WS-+4 S-3 T-3 W-1 A-1 Sv-+5 The zombies Fight in melee at: S-3 AP-0 D-1 *Zombies never take minor wounds, so the first unsaved wound will always kill. The first player with all their remaining team inside the castle walls is the victor. In the event that two teams are within the castle walls (even if one is incomplete) they will have to fight until only one remains. In this way a player that does not have their entire team within the walls can still win however unlikely this may be. *Zombies themselves will not be able to get inside the castle. This can be assigned to the Team Quickly shutting a gate or door. Wrap-up That’s my scenario, its rather simple but I think it could be really fun for a one off game. While testing it I saw plenty of potential for it to be a memorable game especially if you can keep the zombies a secret from your players until you actually start placing them. Though I won’t get a chance to play it this year I know I’ll get a chance sooner or later so my work isn’t wasted.
  8. I'm finally finished with moldlines, at least for now. The models are now cleaned, based, and attached to slats just awaiting a good day to prime. Hopefully that expected "heatwave" is actually coming.
  9. I had hoped to finish the remaining bags tonight but I just ran out of steam. My plan was to finish them tonight, base them tomorrow, and hopefully have them ready to prime just in time for an upcoming heat wave. It just wasn't in the cards however; I did get most of them done though. This is all that remains, at least as far as boys go.
  10. Tonight I spent most of my time sorting bits, finding figure's missing pieces, and generally getting the last four bags of figures ready. I did however clean and assemble a full bag of Orks. I even found a couple with "extra" character from a previous owner. Just three more bags to clean and partially assemble.
  11. Tonight I worked on the Ork bikes again and boy was it a weird session. I started out by "researching" what exactly a dakkagun was, because Ork bikes apparently have two of them. After longer than I'd like to admit to I found out they're basically just big shootas. That of course lead to my bits bin with the surprise being that I didn't have any. So I spent some time on the eBay until I found the required eight that I needed. After buying the guns on a whim I checked one last place in my bits bin, somewhere big guns in general (not to mention big shootas) shouldn't be, and low and behold I found six (almost enough). So with the six big shootas in hand I went ahead and started the finishing touches on three of the bikes. While searching my bits I found a whole boss too. So in the end I still ended up scraping a few moldlines tonight.
  12. Figured I'd give myself a break from moldlines, Orkifing some Space Marine bikes instead. They still need work, quite a few more spikes and ork bits, but they're starting to take shape.
  13. Realizing that I only have a couple bags of primed models and that the window for outdoor priming in my neck of the woods is rapidly closing I spent more time prepping models. Managed a couple more bags of boys and bosses plus a few bags of small vehicles too. I think this is what I'll be doing for the next few days as everything still needs it's moldlines scraped, but quite a bit still needs assembled or converted too. With any luck I'll be able to finish everything in a few days then I just have to wait/hope for a good priming day.
  14. Not much progress to report tonight. I did however scrape mold lines from my next batch and two additional bags of orks.
  15. Seeing as flocking bases and even taking "good" pictures was pretty quick I did a few other things as well. First up was selecting and basing my next group of orks. Oddly enough my next step with these will actually be checking and scraping mold lines. Apparently I forgot to check and scrape the orks as I bought them and we all know how well scraped second hand models can be. Next I started looking into an old "dumb" project I have on my to do list. I think this project's inspiration picture says it best. This was an image a friend sent as I started my wife's orks. He was hoping to goad me into doing the same and I guess he was pretty successful. Now I can't give credit to the creator simply because I couldn't find the actual origin of this picture which has been posted and reposted all over the place, but I will say that they did a great job. Starting out I simply took a sharpie to the hull in about the right spots. When it comes to cutting something like this I knew from the start I wasn't going to get perfect lines and I was right. Not too bad considering. Then it was just a matter of positioning the Orks just right. This required quite a bit of cutting (the orks and the vehicle) but eventually everything fell into place. The final result actually came pretty close to the original. Now I'll just have to fight the urge to paint this right away, instead saving it for when batch painting boys really becomes monotonous.
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