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  1. I made my picks a few days ago but wanted to think it over for a bit. At first it looked like this would be my smallest pick ever. Finding an almost complete set of Kung-Fu figures proved too good to pass up however. I actually think I've got a great idea for these miniatures. If things go to plan these will be next in line after I finish my current Robotech project. Now it's just a matter of restocking the box.
  2. Battloid received a bit of cleanup but it didn't change too much. So a picture doesn't seem necessary. The Guardian and Fighter though were almost completely basecoated. It's looking like next session will be the last one for this batch before moving on. So the question becomes Roy Fokker's or Rick Hunter's scheme next?
  3. Had a pretty good night of painting and almost finished the battloid. Going forward I think this is how I'll paint the remaining Veritechs. The guardian and fighter configurations paint up alright as "batches" with the battloid being the odd man out. I also remembered to grab a picture of the "finished" Max Sterling configurations.
  4. Had a fairly short session tonight as I've got an early day with the chainsaw tomorrow. In that brief time however I did finish Max Sterling's configurations and bases. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture but they can been seen in the background. Mira Sterling's configurations recieved a simple white basecoat but that was it. As she joined the U.N. Spacey fairly late in the series her paintjob will be quite different from what I've done so far. This could be a blessing however as the later color schemes look a lot easier. Guess we'll see soon enough.
  5. With a short session I almost finished all three of Max Sterling's configurations. All they really needed was some cleanup, a few details, and a wash. All that remains now is painting the canopies, the bases, and the two vents that I somehow keep missing on the fighter and guardian configuration. Seriously the vents are right at the front and somehow I keep forgetting them until after the wash.
  6. I had intended to jump back into this project with both feet but things just kept coming up. Wife convinced me to get the boats out early this year which left me way behind on my winter prep/repair work. So I spent this week trying to kickstart a couple of "real" projects which was going well until I caught the cold my family was passing around. Knowing I'm not quite healthy enough to get back to "real" household/property projects I decided to spend some time at the painting desk. A short session later and I've nearly finished basecoating each configuration of Max Sterling's Veritechs. Already it appears like I've learned a lot from painting Ben Dixon's models. There is still plenty to do but these are painting way faster and look much better than the first set.
  7. While finishing my Imperium project I finally got back to this one. I didn't expect to make any discernable progress as this was something to do while waiting for things to dry. Jokes on me though as I finished the two battlepods (though all they really needed were their base's painted). I also finished the other two configurations of Ben Dixon's Veritech. These are very rough but I've accepted these three will not be showstoppers. Taking what I've learned however I hope to improve the rest, leaving my favorite characters for last. With any luck I'll be able to at least do the final ones some semblance of justice.
  8. Though I haven't posted updates for the last couple days I did make some progress here and there. The family and I have been out on the boats so much that I probably only managed about twenty minutes painting total since last week. Tonight though I got a real session in and it was enough to finish the project. So I now present the final pictures. Though the project is ending way earlier than expected and I never got around to some of the crazier conversions this was a lot of fun. I even managed to learn a few things along the way too. Fun, experience, and some unique models seems like a pretty good take away from a "big" project like this. It was also a nice distraction from other projects which have been languishing.
  9. Thanks everyone but such praise doesn't feel warranted. It's really only two colors and a wash (and the wash is nearly gone so it's that slightly thicker last few drops in a bottle). All I did was basecoat with Reaper Dungeon Slime 09415, wash with Citadel Biel-Tan Green, and edge highlight/add spots of Reaper Pure White 09039.
  10. Though I made it to the desk the last couple days I didn't get around to actually posting my progress. Some nights I simply lost track of time and intended to post my progress in the morning, which obviously didn't happen. Last night however I simply kept thinking I could finish the Necrons and completely overlooked the reality of drying times. Rather than try to remember what happened each night I believe a time warp may be in order. From barely started to finished. Oddly enough these three turned out so well I really wish I had saved them for last. Though their paintjobs are pretty simple I think they are the best Necrons I've painted so far. Hopefully the final pictures of this project will do them justice. After a quick prime last night I went ahead and basecoated my final two miniatures tonight. After these two it'll be sealing, flocking, painting base rims, and final pictures. What an odd project it's been.
  11. I truly didn't expect to make it to the desk tonight as evidenced in my prior post. I was wrong though and actually had a pretty good if albeit short session. Starting off the character's plasma pistol was finished and the base recieved the rest of it's basecoat. While waiting for the base to dry I started on the remaining Necrons. Opting to start with Canoptek Plasmacyte my plan was to simply basecoat it and hopefully return to the Angry Marine. Getting into a real groove however (the first in a long time) I pushed and nearly finished it. Aside from a few highlights and the base this one is practically finished. If that wasn't enough I also started basecoating a Skorpekh Destroyer. Obviously I didn't quite finish it's basecoat but it isn't grey primer anymore.
  12. Made some headway Saturday night but completely forgot to post it. Usually when that happens I just roll the progress together with the next night but that obviously didn't happen. I almost made it to the desk but the wife started watching Austin Powers and having not seen those films in awhile my fate was sealed. So late (even later than usual for me) I present Saturday night's progress. I finished my Angry Marine "pin" but decided it was a little too rough. Instead of adding a clip or pin and truly finishing it I've decided to try again. Like with most things (I'm looking at you terrain) my first one is lackluster so I can figure out how to make a better one. Though it won't adorn a jacket or vest it looks pretty good on my paint rack. The Space Marine character also recieved quite a bit of attention and is nearly finished. All that's really left is the plasma gun and it's base.
  13. When I started this project my intention was to give my full impression of the box and having finally played a scenario I can do just that. Instead of a full battle report I'm going to give a pretty broad overview of it along with my impressions. Though I'd love to play the entire campaign I just don't see that happening (at least right now). For those that are interested I took a few shots of the miniatures along with their cards to help keep everything straight in the game. This'll probably be a necessary step the first few times or whenever playing someone new. The wife played the Cowboys. While I took the Earps. The first scenario of the campaign is the shootout at the O.K. Corral. Though the campaign book does give a board layout for this scenario it's just a simple drawing. Rather than look anything up I decided for a quick game close was probably good enough. I know I'll never be a true historical player with that attitude. Getting the initiative I brought everyone into the alley and readied shots on everyone except Morgan Earp. Morgan fired the first shot and the fight began. Getting the initiative the Cowboys in the buildings opened fire at the start of the second round. One ran for the horses that each had a repeating rifle in their saddles. With Cowboys pouring out of buildings the Earps stuck together and focused their fire on just a couple. This worked pretty well and another Cowboy fell. The next turn proved even worse for the Cowboys as two more fell while all the Earps remained standing. Just about everyone was injured in one way or another but the Earps now had only one more Cowboy to fight. However the last Cowboy failed their skeddal test and ran off. I'd say this was a massive victory for the Earps. The system actually played very well and though there was a learning curve (as with all systems) after two rounds we truly understood it. So it's a very quick learn and though it's not the most complex system I have to say it's a lot of fun. Even with the small bit of bookkeeping neccessary during the game I think this works as a prefect beer and pretzels system too. Overall I think this set makes for a nice quick fire game that you can setup, play, and pack up in no time at all. I can also see myself taking this to the local shop and simply setting it up as I doubt it would be difficult to talk anyone into a game. I think this is something you just setup and players will come to you. Between building, painting, and playing once I'd say I've already got my money's worth.
  14. Though I've been pretty distracted lately with other things (and other projects) I managed to make some headway tonight. While finishing my Ork gunwagon I bounced back to this project throughout tonight's session. What started out as simply something to do while waiting for things to dry these three are nearly done now. All that's really left before they join the others awaiting sealing is a drybrush of their bases. So final pictures are coming soon. Like with the gunwagon the Aggressors needed some time to dry at certain stages, which led to even more progress. The greenstuff "ornament" was fully painted while the character recieved most of his basecoat.
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