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    Hobby wise I enjoy painting, basing, and a little terrain building. Outside of the hobby I like reading (especially tabletop systems even though I only play a few), writing (in my youth I had some talent, but time erodes all), and film work (before my daughter was born I was even forming a small film group in my area).

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  1. Rat13

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    This may not exactly count but the first thing I painted from the Kickstarter was the serving tray. My commander needed a valet/batman and the tray was the easiest way to convey that from the tabletop. And here I was convinced for nearly two years that I'd paint the dicemen first.
  2. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    My army still isn't "finished" and I have many unpainted squads to prove it but I did find the time to rectify a mistake I made awhile back. My commander is based off The Rupert from the "All Guard Party" and like any good gentleman officer he has a valet/batman. My commander however did not have a manservant, until now that is. So without further ado I present The Rupert with his trusty aide. This may also count as my first Bones IV figure depending on your outlook, as the tray comes from either Sophie or the taverngirl.
  3. Hopefully it isn't a glitter bomb then, just try cleaning that up.
  4. In all honesty I thought there was a minimum number of posts/time already in place before you could sign up. Even though I had been here for about a year and posted at least once weekly I was surprised I was actually able to sign up for the last circuit. Being able to start a box after only one circuit surprised me too. Hopefully seeing one box was enough to show/teach me just how to assemble a box to start a circuit though. I'll admit I really scrutinized everything that went in, though I did put in a few things I was really on the fence about. I figure if those items make it back to me I'll just remove them and replace them with something else for the next circuit.
  5. Love the way your orange turned out, I'm a little surprised because the wash really made the color pop.
  6. Nice assortment of picks. I think you'll love painting Action Jackson (fellow with afro and revolver), it was one of the first minis I ever painted and I constantly find myself thinking about painting another one. It's definitely one of my favorite miniatures.
  7. I think you're right and unless I missed something there is nowhere to see what numbers equal what size. I just looked at my order invoice and went, "Okay I have two sets of this, one set of these, four sets of this, I guess I got everything I ordered". It would have been nice if the order actually specified the sizes though. I'm just taking it on faith I got the actual sizes I ordered because after all this time I can't remember what I wanted two years ago.
  8. Agreed, the worst to inventory were bases, especially if you bought a ton like I did. All the pledge manager says for bases however are a bunch of random numbers.
  9. Rat13

    Halcyon 1/8 scale Judge Dredd

    All I can say is good luck. Hopefully this will be the last "tweak" on this project.
  10. Rat13

    Halcyon 1/8 scale Judge Dredd

    Has the client bothered to tell you which uniform he actially wants? Over the years the Dredd's uniform has changed slightly to majorly depending on which comic you look at, he is a lot like Batman in this regard. I think your best course of action is to ask the client to find a reference photo of the exact uniform they want.
  11. I'm glad to see someone taking some Mage Knight and Heroclix figures, I debated whether to put them in or not. I figured Michone wouldn't last for long in there, I just couldn't leave her hidden in my desk any longer. As for the partially painted GW Sigmarite, that's from back when I took a few painting lessons at my local GW store. The lesson on that particular miniature was on cloth; you'll have to decide for yourself if it was a success or failure. It is pretty funny, this box was almost entirely comprised of abandoned projects. When I needed enemies for D&D I rebased a lot of Mage Knight and Heroclix minis but I still had a tenon their original clix bases. This of course that was back when I had time to DM. For the record Doombots and Ironman figures make great living armor or heavily armored knights.
  12. Trust me when they are released to blisters I will definitely be buying more. I really wish the dumpster they teased had actually made it into this kickstarter. With the sliding panels on the side I was planning on using them as urban bunkers in a ton of different games.
  13. Yeah its from the modern scenics set, it's a soda can machine. I'm really glad I bought two of the sets, because I love the way the machine turned out.
  14. Well my bones are officially packed up and hidden away under my desk. Maybe it'll keep my mind off the 26 pounds of miniatures awaiting paint. Seriously I think it's a good idea to keep this out of sight. Now its just waiting for a good day to prime everything currently waiting on my desk.