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    Hobby wise I enjoy painting, basing, and a little terrain building. Outside of the hobby I like reading (especially tabletop systems even though I only play a few), writing (in my youth I had some talent, but time erodes all), and film work (before my daughter was born I was even forming a small film group in my area).

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  1. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    I'm in the same boat, especially after trying to decide how to paint my first one. Overall the machine looks great if perhaps a little small, though it all depends on which figure you measure it against. After sleeping on it I have decided on a scheme for the vending machine, it turns out it was a pretty simple choice. In the end I just couldn't resist the temptation of placing a King of the Hill joke on a 40K battlefield. So this first machine will be an Alamo Beer machine and Slurm will have to wait. I actually made quite a bit of progress on the machine but I knew I couldn't finish it in just one session. There was just too much freehand necessary to complete the piece. That being said aside from the freehand and the cleanup I did get it pretty close. During some of the down time while I waited for sections to dry I did start fiddling with another figure. I grabbed one of the stormtroopers that was giving me trouble and I painted his rifle and applied a wash. They had been at a standstill for so long I figured I'd try it to see what happened and I'm really surprised. Though it doesn't look great I think its certainly passable and it is definitely an improvement. Painting white over large areas is something I will have to practice in the future, luckily I still have one trooper left that only has primer.
  2. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    Managed to make quite a bit of progress tonight and this may in fact be my most picture heavy update ever. So let's jump right in. My purple robed skeleton got some highlights to it's robe, though I didn't push them far enough so the effect was mostly lost. I also painted the OSL from the lantern, which really just consisted of a wash of Candlelight Yellow. I know the effect isn't great but I think its looks good from the table and almost holds up to closer inspection. My next two skeletons were a lot easier. Painting them was very straightforward and they were almost speed painted, though that probably has more to do with my desire to get to the last skeleton than anything else. Somehow the final skeleton in this project went unnoticed for far too long. It wasn't until recently that I finally realized where I had seen that armor before. That's right, this particular skeleton is sporting the Kurgan's armor from Highlander. I remember picking this miniature from the box of goodwill thinking that it looked "cool". Then of course it sat around on my desk for a long time before I finally recognized the armor and it is that armor that forced me to paint the figure last. It was a straightforward mini to paint with the exception of that great armor. The Kurgan's armor has a yellowish tint that I wanted to replicate. My usual go to Dwarven Gold was nowhere near the actual color though which meant I had to make something. Fortunately I found that my go to metallic Honed Steel with some Candlelight Yellow made for a passable color. After that the rest of the miniature went pretty quickly. This now concludes the skeleton portion of this project. So what's next? How about a vending machine from the Chronoscope expansion of Bones IV? Now I think we all know what this piece will mostly be used for, but I'm torn as to how to paint it. Even though I'll mostly be throwing this down on a grimdark board I have two schemes in mind. I could paint this up as an Alamo Beer machine from King of the Hill or I could make a Slurm machine from Futurama (this of course wouldn't be the generic blue scheme shown on the show's actual machines but the color scheme of the Slurm cans). What do you guys think? Keep in mind with my "fabulous" guard on the table I think either brand would fit in perfectly.
  3. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    Yeah, I tend to watch/listen to "The YouTube" while painting and I just happened to be listening to someone talking about the crazy way the first film was shot while I was finishing these two. As someone with actual behind the camera experience I'm pretty surprised by some of the things they did, but independent projects do come with certain freedoms that studio projects can't legally afford.
  4. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    No progress this weekend, I was pretty busy working on vehicles instead. That however meant a trip to my brother's so I did finally pick up my Bones IV replacements. Admittedly I let them sit there for so long because I was confident the couple of replacements wouldn't be a problem for their great customer support. I was right too. In my whole order only one miniature was missing (#440 from Dreadmere), #4 from the Core Set was missing an arm, and #701 had very messed up arm. The Dreadmere figure was sent out but rather than sending the two arms I had requested they sent complete replacements. 10/10 would definitely recommend.
  5. Rat13

    Dungeon Dog

    I really like this idea, not only is it original I'm sure it would be a ton of fun to play. The miniature looks great but this idea really steals the show, nicely done.
  6. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    My goal today was to at least finish the bones of the skeletons and start working on the robes highlights but I just didn't get that far. I did however manage to finish all the basecoating and wash the figures (waiting for the wash is what stopped my progress tonight). I've sat on these two miniatures for awhile now and the whole time I had planned to paint their robes black. Thankfully though I recently saw someone else on the forum paint a Mr. Bones with green robes. I doubt mine will look as good but it did save me from two more generic looking miniatures. With a little luck I'll finish these two next time, but with trying something new we'll just have to wait and see. I have already looked at the three remaining skeletons in this project and I noticed something pretty cool but thats for another time.
  7. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    Managed to finish another two miniatures and I'm not ashamed to admit it's been so long since I painted a skeleton I actually looked at the Learn to Paint pamphlet for a refresher. It's really been that long since I painted a skeleton. Everything was pretty straightforward but I did manage to paint some freehand on the shields. Though its pretty basic I think it came out well; it certainly adds quite a bit to otherwise generic skeletons. Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the freehand image. My plan during this project was always to paint all the skeletons one after another and that definitely isn't changing now. Having not painted one for so long I really enjoyed painting these two and I'm looking forward to comparing these to my first skeleton (yep, the one from the learn to paint set). Or maybe I should wait until I finish the rest and then do a big group comparison? Next up are two of Reaper's Mr. Bones skeletons.
  8. In before closure. Trips. Check em. I guess this is the wrong forum for such nonsense. Honestly this thread really surprised me, I never thought it would be so enjoyable reading about everyone's fulfillment. Oh well, I guess it's time to start following the secret project discussion instead.
  9. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    Second container is officially finished and I've got to say the two containers look good together. They may look a little too Christmasy but honestly it wasn't until they were finished that I even noticed. Plus with the two sets of "modern" containers I received from Bones IV I'll eventually have enough containers to break up this "winter wonderland" set. I also managed to finish another miniature. My original intention was to try some new techniques and attempt to paint it to a higher level, obviously that didn't happen though. By pure luck I recently saw this exact mini painted by someone else on the forum. Instead of fighting the uphill battle of trying to forget how great their's looked while trying to paint my own I opted to paint to my usual down and dirty look.
  10. Rat13

    Robotech RPG Tactics Battlepod

    Seconded, I've looked at a lot of the model kits and tabletop figures but somehow I've resisted the temptation so far.
  11. Remember though they are only good from a certain point of view. And that's coming from a Guard player.
  12. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    After sleeping on it I've decided to leave my diceman alone. I think for now it is better to set it aside to remind me how not to paint the rest of the set. You never know though after finishing the others I may come back and either try to fix it or just strip and restart. As for tonight I managed to get my first GW container almost finished. If I hadn't decided to paint the metalwork on the doors I probably would be finished but seeing as these are probably the only GW terrain I'll ever have I figured I'd go the extra mile. I did however get some random paint scuffs on the rest of it, so once I scuff up the doors this one is finished. I also started basecoating my second container but only really finished the green. This was my first time working with 09411 Wilderness Green and I've got to admit I really like it. Lastly I started my next miniature, though admittedly I didn't get very far. I guess that's what happens when you're focused/distracted with waiting for another piece to dry.
  13. I remember painting mine in a very generic disco look. Even while painting it I just knew it was a mini I'd buy and paint again and again. Then again if I did it enough times I could field a whole team for skirmish games.
  14. I see yet another Action Jackson and a Spirit too. Very nice haul.
  15. Rat13

    Clearing out the "box of shame"

    Painting two nights in a row has certainly got me feeling better. Making so much progress as well is simply icing on the cake. Tonight I managed to finish the GW boxes. As expected the dark wash certainly helped out with the washed out looking yellow and orange. I also managed to start and finish the GW drums. Originally I had planned to do them in the orange and white scheme that appeared on the Kill Team box but instead I went for something a little more basic. My recent trouble with orange also helped change my mind. The two statues received highlights on their damaged portions before getting another dark wash, the idea being that the damaged sections wouldn't have the same wear and weathering. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the results but as they're simply silly pieces of scatter terrain I think they look fine. After highlighting it's fur/feathers and painting it's bleak my owlbear is done. I also started and nearly finished my first GW container. After seeing one painted up in my local Warhammer shop I simply stole their scheme and added a couple of little details. I'll probably come back and add in a little more depth with random scratches and scuffs of paint but those are simple finishing touches, I could just stop now. Finally my diceman got a little attention too. I plan to sleep on it but I may just call this one done. I ended up painting the numbers after coating it orange and my hand simply wasn't steady enough. I had the same trouble with the orange on this one but I don't think it looks too bad. We'll just have to see how I feel about this one after a good night's sleep.