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  1. With my box beginning its journey I'm reminded of yet another perk of box starting. Now I can just relax and watch what gets pulled from the box on it's subsequent stops. Knowing I'm at the end of the circuit makes the waiting so much easier too. It'll get back to me with a bit of time.
  2. I never do one plus with all the extra precautions everyone will be taking it'd probably only serve to slow the box further.
  3. Last week my wife and I started a Ghost Archipelago campaign; for anyone interested I already wrote up a battle report here. Unfortunately that game showed me just how small my fantasy terrain collection really is. The prospect of playing a campaign on a half filled table didn't sit well, so I got to work. A few hours over a couple of nights yielded good results. A couple of winter pieces for regular Frostgrave even made it into the mix. Unfortunately I'm out of snow at the moment so they're not quite done.
  4. Since before all this craziness started my wife and I have been saying how we should start gaming again. This of course led to the question of, what to play? After some discussion and explanation (not to mention some gentle nudging) we decided to start a Ghost Archipelago campaign seeing as it ticked the most boxes. Its fantasy based, not too complicated or hard to learn, plays quickly, and the combat/general gameplay is enjoyable. I'll be the first to admit this discussion and decision occurred at the beginning of the lockdown and our first game was last Saturday. Why the long delay between deciding and starting? A good and valid question, which basically boils down to home repairs, relearning the system, and creating two identical (stat wise at least) crews. So as the lockdowns start to lift in some places our lockdown campaign finally begins. Before I forget to mention it this was my wife's first game and only my second. So we opted to ignore Heritor and Warden abilities/spells altogether. I know this takes a lot away from the game but we figured it was better to get the basics down first. Our next game will certainly include these however. By simple luck of the die our first scenario just happened to be X Marks the Spot, the first scenario in the book. We placed all the treasures and deployed our crews. My deployment. My wife's orks. That's when I noticed I hadn't rolled for the creature/creatures defending the central treasure. It almost didn't matter as it ended up being a skeleton that my archer killed on turn one. I'd call it the play of the day. Placement after turn one or two. I honestly lost track. As you can see we're both positioned to grab two regular treasures apiece while a melee is brewing at the central treasure. It was around this time that we both really got into the game and subsequently forgot to take any pictures. Not a bad thing, just not great for a battle report, I'll try my best to report everything missed however. 1.)The central treasure had become quite a melee involving both our Heritors and Wardens. I managed to knock out her Heritor just before mine went down. In the picture you can see the two Wardens squaring off for the treasure afterwards. 2.)At bottom center you can see one of my crewmen getting ready to escape with a treasure. 3.)Top right corner you can see one of my archers getting ready to escape with another treasure. I managed a very lucky shot which outright killed one of her crewmen that had nearly escaped with that treasure. 4.)Middle right my goblin crewmen is almost off table with a treasure. 5.) Not pictured my wife's orks secured a treasure on the left side of the board. The next turn I secured three regular treasures and the desperate fight began for the central treasure. With only my Warden and mercenary remaining I squared off against her Warden, mercenary, infantryman, two archers, and a regular crewman. Though I came close to taking out her warden mere inches from table edge and safety it wasn't meant to be. Both my Warden and mercenary were knocked out and she secured the central treasure. Her final positions after removing my last two figures. My casulties and treasure. Final results: My mercenary was killed outright while everyone else made a full recovery. Treasure: Fury Leaves +30gc 50gc Smoke glass and Lingle berry Heritor XP: 185 With my level up I increased my movement to 7. Warden XP: 60 Her casulties and treasure (including the central treasure). Final results: Her Heritor took psychological scars subtracting 1 from her Will, while everyone else made a full recovery. Treasure: Stinkwort and Farlight Leaf Fury Leaves + 30gc Heritor XP: 160 With her level up she reduced a heritor abilities utilization number by 1. Warden XP: 60 All in all it was a ton of fun and neither of us can wait for the next game. This game did however show me just how little fantasy terrain I actually have, so I guess I know what my next project is.
  5. That right there is the real reason to keep a logbook. Even if you're not a box starter if you participate in multiple rounds sooner or later you'll end up in a previous box again. As @Kangaroorex said, then you have a chance to look back and see how your contributions did. With the last round being my first time as a box starter looking over the logbook after the circuit finished was fun but it was also really helpful too. It let me see exactly what people were interested in, and gave me a chance to readjust the box going forward. I think everyone has put in at least one item (if not more) that they thought would go quickly only to see it languish in a box for multiple rounds. Even though logging your picks and replacements may not be fun for everyone, I do think it adds value to the box itself. Then of course you have weirdos like me who read through the whole logbook during his first circuit just because I thought it was interesting.
  6. The officers are finished now and they're looking pretty good. Like all the others they're no award winners but they are tabletop tolerable. Three sculpts down with only one to go. I'll be playtesting scenario ideas and mechanics in no time at this rate. As for that final sculpt however the jury is still out if they'll be easy or difficult. After attaching them to craft sticks I began test painting one. On the surface it looks pretty straightforward and the paint didn't reveal any difficult details but I'm still suspicious. It looks like color choice may just be the biggest hurdle of this whole project.
  7. Having participated twice already (one of them as a box starter) I have to say I really like the logbooks and I think they're quite necessary. During my first exchange I probably spent more time reading through the logbook than actually going through the box and selecting miniatures. As it was a box that had already seen at least a few exchanges I found it really interesting to see what had been taken and added throughout the box's "life". The ebb and flow of the inventory is just interesting. I think it also gives a bit of accountability to the honor system the box uses. It's not perfect by any means but it does put my mind at ease knowing someone can easily see everything I took out and all the replacements I put in on one page. Even though I usually add more than I take (current box I've got as a case in point) I think the log would also be a helpful tool if a dispute ever arose. So I guess you can say I'm pro logbook all the way.
  8. After a bit of property arithmetic (one tree + a few days work = firewood) I'm back at the painting desk. I thought I'd finish the officers today, but I'm still a few steps short. They are closer to finished however with everything, minus washes and the bases, finished.
  9. While I made progress tonight it wasn't as much as I had hoped. The wife surprised me yesterday with "new" outdoor furniture and tonight it was finally warm enough to sit outside. So instead of painting I returned to my redneck roots and sat on the porch. The furniture needed testing anyway. The officers did get some paint however before the porch called to me. It's not much hobby progress, but I can report the chairs are quite nice.
  10. I think the follow system being broken is a lot bigger an issue than Reaper realizes. The biggest draw for any forum is the ability to follow topics, conversations, or ongoing projects quickly and easily. If you spend any real time on the forum you're bound to find things you want to follow and without this system it's very difficult to keep up. I know my activity, and thus my engagement in the forum has declined quite a bit since the system stopped working. Checking the forum became one of my daily routines rather quickly after I first joined. Most of the time it was a quick checkin to see if any of the projects I followed had any updates. Honestly it is just a way to engage in the hobby and keep motivations up whenever I wasn't actually painting. The update changed that however, having to search for projects over and over again just took too much time and subsequently I've stopped trying to stay up to date anymore.
  11. So it looks like the third sculpt is the easiest. With it only needing seven colors and two washes, I spent more time waiting for things to dry than I did painting a test model. Looks like the only color variance in this batch will be the skintone and the hair color. If I can avoid distractions (like a certain new game) this batch should be finished in just a couple sessions.
  12. After four straight days of working on the house and property my wife and I decided today needed to be a "lazy Sunday". For myself I guess that meant extra painting time, as I caught myself at my desk multiple times throughout the day. That "extra" time certainly helped too. The second batch is now finished. Like the first batch they don't hold up to close scrutiny, but together they look passable. The next set was even attached to their craft sticks. With any luck these will paint a lot faster. Since they're all wearing uniforms the only variation will be their skin tones and there isn't much flesh on these guys. Here's where all those Guardsmen batch paints pay off.
  13. Agreed, that will certainly make this an interesting exchange.
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