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  1. Yes they are, it's what the designer used in their pictures of the game. I liked how they looked so I bought a box, which was my first Wargames Atlantic kit.
  2. I didn't quite finish everything during last night's session, but this squad is now done. So here are the final pictures.
  3. Yesterday I was able to prime everything which meant I could start painting today. As an added bonus I even got to play with my new airbrush for the second time when I basecoated the models. Knowing that I wanted to keep these figures simple with a dark color scheme I assumed they would paint up quickly. Even so I was still surprised that with just one session I'm thinking about calling these guys done. I'm honestly considering skipping my usual wash step too. I plan to look them over tomorrow with fresh eyes but tomorrow's session could have these ready for the table.
  4. On a quest to find a game both the wife and I can enjoy together, I may have found one by accident. In a bulk system buy I've been putting off for far too long I acquired a copy of Majestic 13. Being a fan of X-com and Xenonauts I've been really looking forward to trying this game out. However after reading through it I think it may be exactly what I've been searching for, something my wife I can equally get excited to play. As we discussed the system a bit it became clear she was only interested in playing the aliens. The game is made more for cooperative play but I think that's to it's advantage in this case. As an alien AI system is already in place the time investment for her is practically nonexistent. By simply following the AI she can learn everything and after a couple of games she can abandon the AI completely. At least that's the plan. This brings us to miniatures I think I have enough varied aliens and monsters that I don't have to paint a thing. In all honesty I probably have plenty of soldier figures too but I want to paint a team specifically for this game. It also gives me a chance to finally try out a Wargames Atlantic kit. As the kit was due to arrive today I spent yesterday building an actual team in the system. That was a bit of a learning experience, but not in the way you'd expect. I usually just print out roster sheets and write everything out. Having done it this way for so many years it doesn't take too long. However I decided to try altering the PDF roster sheet before printing it; a few friends have been trying to get me to do it that way for awhile now. After doing it I can certainly say it was an experience, it easily took three times as long. I'm sure I'd get faster with practice but for now I think I'll stick with pen and paper. After finalizing my team I was surprised to find that my kit arrived a day early. So last night I began clipping and assembling things but only finished two figures. Which of course brings us to this evening's session where I finished the other three team members. With any luck they'll recieve primer tomorrow.
  5. Having finally decided on my next project, even going so far as ordering some new miniatures, it seemed prudent to finish this one first. So over the last two days with countless little sessions the final Prydians are finished. I know I'll be adding to this collection in the future but for now everything I own is painted. It's a pretty good feeling too.
  6. Thought this project was on hold for a bit after finishing the batch from last night. Turns out I completely forgot I had purchased two sets of the limited edition figures so I could paint them in both color schemes. So rather than looking for a new project I started in on the last six figures. Using most of a session I cleaned them up, based them, and even primed them (though the picture is obviously from before that last step). It's funny this may actually be the latest I've ever primed anything. Wanting to get a bit of actual painting in though I went ahead and grabbed the vampire the kid had started painting. Having asked multiple times now when they wanted to finish it they recently said they weren't interested. So I went ahead and added the finishing touches.
  7. I managed to work on these sporadically throughout the day and now they're finished.
  8. Figures are nearly finished. All that remains is a highlight on the energy swords, however thats best left to the start of a session not the end.
  9. With all the 28mm figures finished I decided to go ahead and paint what I have on hand in 15mm. I thought what I had left would keep me busy for awhile but it looks like this project is approaching its end, at least until I buy some more figures. After cleaning, basing, and priming the remaining Yordan figures I got to try something new, basecoating with an airbrush. I think they came out alright but I've certainly got a lot to learn. I'm not sure how much I actually intend to use my airbrush but as far as basecoating goes I'm sold. After a couple of days off for the wife's birthday I'm back at the desk tonight. I had thought I'd only paint the shoulder pads but again I found a real groove and went with it. Aside from one metallic, the sword's glow, and of course general cleanup they're almost done. Looks like I better start thinking about my next project.
  10. Beat me to the punch, I was going to ask the same thing.
  11. The last two days have been pretty busy and I'm pleased to say the 28mm figures are now finished. I thought I'd start the final pictures with the large slug that has been sitting on my desk all this time. Next up is the robot/mech suit. I had originally painted the base in red like the 15mm figures but decided against it. Realizing I would probably never use it with my Ion Age figures I opted to paint it in my regular dirt base style so it would be more compatible with my larger miniature collection. Liking how it turned out I definitely see a future with this as a favorite proxy. On to the knights. The muster. As with the robot/mech suit I went with a dirt base on these figures simply because I have no actual plans for them. So having them based like the majority of my collection just seems like a good idea.
  12. Getting to the desk tonight I had planned to paint a small batch of three figures. My goal was to get three all the way to the wash stage so I could really learn the new models. As usual though things didn't go to plan and I ended up painting them all as one big batch. There are still a couple of details and the necessary cleanup but they are almost to the wash stage. Does that count as following my original plan? As a bonus the kid also got a bit of painting in too. Immediately realizing that the muster troops didn't have anything except details and fiddly bits to paint we went to one of my project boxes instead. After they chose the figure and colors we were off. With only a bit of help from dad the figure received a pretty nice basecoat.
  13. Tonight I really got into a groove and I'm quite pleased with the results. The robot/mech suit's base is finished so it's just awaiting sealer. Starting off with my current batch of knights I intended to finish them and call it a night. After accidentally putting too much of several colors on my palette though I went ahead and started working on the last two knights as well. So instead of finishing three knights I ended up finishing all five. Still in the groove I looked at the muster troops and decided they were due for a basecoat. Originally I had planned to basecoat them with my new airbrush, so I could give it a try on something simple. However as I'm missing a necessary adapter it'll be a few days before the airbrush is ready so I forged ahead with a brush instead.
  14. Not too much progress tonight as I spent most of the evening getting my new air compressor situated. In a way that could count towards hobby time though as I finally picked up a cheap airbrush to give it a try. As far as actual painting went I finished the robot/mech suit's eye/camera and started working on the base.
  15. The latest Yordan figures are finished. The robot/mech suit also received it's final details, including an insignia, before an ample amount of wash.
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