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    Hobby wise I enjoy painting, basing, and a little terrain building. Outside of the hobby I like reading (especially tabletop systems even though I only play a few), writing (in my youth I had some talent, but time erodes all), and film work (before my daughter was born I was even forming a small film group in my area).

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  1. I'm certainly ready for another round. Location: Pittsburghish, PA International: I'd rather not. Box Starter: Would love to be a box starter again, though I am willing to be just a participant this time if new people would like to try their hand at box starting. I've found being a box starter really is so much more fun and I bet some new people would like a chance.
  2. Took way longer than expected but I did get around to the last of the cheap dinosaurs. Once again the size was just a little too small for me but I did my best. I also went ahead and basecoated the Reaper raptors. For these I opted to paint them all the same color hoping to keep them as a more cohesive unit at least from a visual standpoint. I also basecoated Reaper's carnotaurus. I spent over a year planning to paint it with a black and grey color scheme only to change my mind at the last minute. It was a quick decision too as I almost went for a red sche
  3. Though I hate to do it I have to agree with what @snitchythedog says, especially the last two sentences. I invested pretty heavily into oyumaru awhile back hoping to offset hobby expenses. In the end all I really got was a lot of miscasts and many hours of lost hobby time though. Having seen it used successfully I know it is possible but it can be a very steep learning curve. I never got the hang of it for two part molds but I did learn how to do single side molds. In the end that's all I was able to manage though. It is great for recreating things for bases and scatter terrain tho
  4. The crew is finished so all that remains are their final pictures. Captain and his trusty First Mate. Gunner Sniper and Grenadier. Recruit 1 and Recuit 2. Runner 1 and Runner 2.
  5. Still haven't had a chance to finish those eyes as the weekend was pretty busy. I did however go ahead and finish all the previous models sealing, flocking, and taking final pictures of them. It may not be the progress I wanted but it is progress.
  6. Meant to finish this sooner but things just kept coming up. After tonight's session the crew is finished though. The Runners received all their final touches and details. All that remains is sealing everything, adding flock to the bases, and painting the rims. Just one more session to go! So basically it took six short sessions (including the upcoming base finishing session) to paint nine figures. Might not sound like much but that's pretty speedy even for me. The quality isn't that much lower than my usual either. I hate to say it but maybe trying out speed
  7. Took a bit of a break from painting dinosaurs to play more RoSD and paint a Stargrave crew but now I'm ready to get back to it. Unfortunately there's not too much to report from tonight's session but I did make some progress. That's right the last three cheap dinosaurs base's recieved highlights. With any luck tomorrow's session will produce more interesting results, though all I have to finish are their eyes. They're actually big enough to give @Glitterwolf's technique justice as too. I'll be sure not to make the same mistakes as with the last batch though.
  8. I had hoped to post this report last night but I simply didn't get a chance to write it up. As some of you may already know my hobby time is usually limited to a few hours in the evening after the rest of the family has gone to bed. Those couple of hours are when I play, paint, or write up battle reports just as I intended to last night. The kid was having a particularly rough night however and writing up a battle report naturally went by the wayside. So even later than expected here is my report of the last game and my final chance to find clues leading to the decanter. Excerpt fr
  9. Its actually from Cool Mini or Not's Kaos Ball game, specifically expansion team #12 the Boomtown Cowboys. A single box actually gives you six of that figure and seven of another one you may be interested in. Lately they've been on sale a lot too, I believe I only paid $5 for the box.
  10. I'm quite a bit behind with this week's game but the battle report should be up sometime tonight. This scenario won't take too long to write up, ominous vagueness very much intentional.
  11. Though I have no actual intention of playing until Quarantine 37 is released I went ahead and created a Stargrave crew. Initially this was only an excuse to start planning out the crew and maybe even finalizing a list/crew sheet. Once I had finished filling out the crew sheet however I couldn't help but notice that I probably had all the figures needed for this crew. A quick rifle through my backlog just confirmed my suspicion. Even more interesting though, at least for me, was the rediscovery that I don't own any unpainted Guardsmen with flamers. I had planned to paint one up specifically for
  12. I thought I had already posted this but it turns out I hadn't. I didn't play this past weekend as I've been dealing with household projects instead. With the little bit of downtime I've had I chose to spend it painting instead of playing. Though I love playing games with others (and find it a better stress reliever than painting at times) solo gaming is a different story. By a huge margin I find painting the better stress reliever to solo gaming so that's what I've been doing instead. Barring anything else happening I'll play the dormitory scenario this upcoming weeke
  13. Finally got back to the desk tonight and went straight to work on those eyes. Oddly enough I don't think I did as well on the bigger eyes as I did on the small ones. I think I actually went to small with the orange triangle and it subsequently was covered completely by the other colors thus ruining the effect. I'll defer judgment to the more knowledgeable however. As per usual I thought about restarting but decided to push on instead. Seeing as I don't intend to seal anything for awhile I plan to periodically pick these up and think about redoing the eyes. So time will tell if I take anot
  14. I guess you could say I was right, the weekend did end up being very busy. So instead of writing up Thursday night's game the next night as usual here it is a couple days late. Excerpt from Ranger Aarn Cral's campaign journal Reaching the top of the staircase we found a simple room covered in a damp carpet. The roof has a sizeable hole in it exposing the room to the elements. In the corner sits a desk with a dead body slumped over it, it may even be the abbess herself. Before we can investigate however a familiar buzzing fills the air... Just a coup
  15. Looks like this weekend is shaping up to be as busy as last weekend. Seeing as I'd like to find out what happens just as much as everyone else I went ahead and just played the next scenario tonight instead of painting. So tomorrow this week's game should be up.
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