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    Hobby wise I enjoy painting, basing, and a little terrain building. Outside of the hobby I like reading (especially tabletop systems even though I only play a few), writing (in my youth I had some talent, but time erodes all), and film work (before my daughter was born I was even forming a small film group in my area).

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  1. Got just a little more work in before calling it a night and nearly finished the vulture. All that's left are a few details and some drybrushing. One of the spiders got some attention too.
  2. Had a few home repair/maintenance projects that I wanted to get done today and once I was finished the kid was only just going down for her nap. So to my surprise I got some bonus hobby time and I put it to good use. I finished the details, all the drybrushing, and even painted the base rims on the ghouls. Like the bats aside from sealing and flock they're done. After all that naptime still wasn't over so I started the next few monsters too. The vulture and giant spiders received their black basecoats.
  3. Thanks, the highlight on the swirling "flames" came out a little too thick in places but overall I thought it looked good.
  4. Tonight I finished the bats as far as painting goes. There's still flocking and sealing of course but that's for another night. The ghouls also got some attention and are almost done. All that's really left are a few details and drybrushing.
  5. Awhile ago I made a list of all my current projects that I'd like to finish and I've slowly been working my way through them. After "finishing" my Big Terrain Project I figured it'd be a nice change of pace to return to actual miniatures. Picking the right project proved very easy this time however, it was time to start my Ghost Archipelago project. When I first planned this project my wife and I had just started a Ghost Archipelago campaign. That campaign never made it past the first game but as I recently started a Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign this seemed like the perfect proj
  6. Minus a few things (the Baba Yaga Hut, chicken legs, and the four naked Greek statues) this project is now "complete". I've decided to leave the hut as is and figure out if I want to restart it completely or leave it as is. At the moment I just can't decide so I'm pushing the decision off on future me instead. I have an idea for the legs but don't want to do it just yet. I think the idea could benefit from a little more time in the mental planning stage so it'll be a future project too. As for the Greek statues I just don't feel ready to tackle them. I've decided
  7. I haven't gotten around to painting any of my picks from this round, but I did make a couple magnets from the two stickers I pulled. They don't look half bad on the basement fridge either.
  8. Excerpt from Ranger Aarn Cral's campaign journal After returning from the Shadow Deep we were ready for a rest. Between the many debriefings combined with all the comings and goings at the stronghold itself though rest wasn't in large supply. It was after a not very restful week our next mission appeared at the gate's. Ranger Yanko had rescued a Lorenthian survivor from a pack of Gnolls within the Shadow Deep. On their journey back they stumbled upon a ruin the survivor identified as the Convent of St. Emilia. They reported that the convent looked completely abandoned.
  9. I finally got back to the painting desk today but only managed to seal my last batch of terrain. That does however mean I took some "final" pictures of everything.
  10. The weekend kinda got away from me so I only just played tonight, but tomorrow the first scenario in the Burning Light campaign should be up.
  11. Before jumping into the Burning Light campaign I figured now would be a good time to post the story so far. Aarn Cral's Official Report Myself and my party were lucky enough to be in Alladore when Lorenthia fell. At first we had our hands full just trying to manage the influx of refugees and villagers fleeing from the border. Our first mission came about a week after the fall of Lorenthia. Aventine a veteran ranger had been sent to investigate reports of an attack on a nearby village. That being three days ago and he still hadn't returned so we were ordered to investi
  12. I would like to second the great work, especially on the turtles. I really like the different shell colors, it really gives that much more personality to figures that already have a ton.
  13. Excerpt from Ranger Aarn Cral's campaign journal Finally making it through the swamp we practically rejoiced when the ground became firm and the risk of sinking into the muck disappeared. The perpetual night continues along with the ash and smoke drifting in the air. These are really only minor annoyances at this point though, our real worry comes from the complete silence. We've seen the occasional animal and even regular insects but we haven't heard them, this alone is enough to show us that noise is very deadly here. Twice we've spotted patrols of Gnolls and masked men and each
  14. Back was feeling much better yesterday so I went ahead and prepped for the next game even going so far as to setup the table. It's a good thing too because simply playing the scenario took over four hours. Usually I write and post the battle reports the next day but with such a lengthy game I'm once again promising nothing. Another game is complete however so a report is coming, but I'm warning everyone it's going to be a long one.
  15. Between throwing out my back and obligations that come with the holiday I'm not going to find the time to play this weekend. I may play sometime early next week, in which case I'd play twice, but as of now I'm making no promises.
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