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  1. When I started this project my intention was to give my full impression of the box and having finally played a scenario I can do just that. Instead of a full battle report I'm going to give a pretty broad overview of it along with my impressions. Though I'd love to play the entire campaign I just don't see that happening (at least right now). For those that are interested I took a few shots of the miniatures along with their cards to help keep everything straight in the game. This'll probably be a necessary step the first few times or whenever playing someone new. The wife played the Cowboys. While I took the Earps. The first scenario of the campaign is the shootout at the O.K. Corral. Though the campaign book does give a board layout for this scenario it's just a simple drawing. Rather than look anything up I decided for a quick game close was probably good enough. I know I'll never be a true historical player with that attitude. Getting the initiative I brought everyone into the alley and readied shots on everyone except Morgan Earp. Morgan fired the first shot and the fight began. Getting the initiative the Cowboys in the buildings opened fire at the start of the second round. One ran for the horses that each had a repeating rifle in their saddles. With Cowboys pouring out of buildings the Earps stuck together and focused their fire on just a couple. This worked pretty well and another Cowboy fell. The next turn proved even worse for the Cowboys as two more fell while all the Earps remained standing. Just about everyone was injured in one way or another but the Earps now had only one more Cowboy to fight. However the last Cowboy failed their skeddal test and ran off. I'd say this was a massive victory for the Earps. The system actually played very well and though there was a learning curve (as with all systems) after two rounds we truly understood it. So it's a very quick learn and though it's not the most complex system I have to say it's a lot of fun. Even with the small bit of bookkeeping neccessary during the game I think this works as a prefect beer and pretzels system too. Overall I think this set makes for a nice quick fire game that you can setup, play, and pack up in no time at all. I can also see myself taking this to the local shop and simply setting it up as I doubt it would be difficult to talk anyone into a game. I think this is something you just setup and players will come to you. Between building, painting, and playing once I'd say I've already got my money's worth.
  2. Though I've been pretty distracted lately with other things (and other projects) I managed to make some headway tonight. While finishing my Ork gunwagon I bounced back to this project throughout tonight's session. What started out as simply something to do while waiting for things to dry these three are nearly done now. All that's really left before they join the others awaiting sealing is a drybrush of their bases. So final pictures are coming soon. Like with the gunwagon the Aggressors needed some time to dry at certain stages, which led to even more progress. The greenstuff "ornament" was fully painted while the character recieved most of his basecoat.
  3. I've been working on the finishing touches of this project off and on for the last couple days. Progress each day however never seemed sufficient enough for an update though so instead I simply powered through so I could present the finished piece. Starting off are the Orks themselves. Then there is the completed Gunwagon in all its glory. For those curious as to how the other "door" turned out, I think it looks pretty good. The orks themselves tend to draw the eye leaving the vehicle to almost fade into the background but that is intentional. Once I started adding the gunners I realized much of piece's character was in the figures so I pushed that. With a rather basic paintjob they became the focal point and though it wasn't my intention during the planning stage I think it works. As for the wheels I decided not to paint them. Wanting to keep them functional I just didn't see the point in painting them just to lose most of that paint the very first time the vehicle sees use. That may be a mistake but one that can easily be fixed later if I change my mind. Though I'm calling this project finished I'll leave you with this "potential" for another build sometime in the future.
  4. Back at it tonight and this project is nearly finished. I started the session working on the Ork gunners and they're almost done. Just a few more things to finish but they're unlikely to change too much in the final steps. Unfortunately the wash on the bottom of their boots is still wet so I can't really show them off till tomorrow. I also went ahead and completed the remaining panel for the driver's compartment. Painting however will probably take a couple more sessions though.
  5. Thank you, I'm resisting the urge to buy multiple copies because I've got quite a few ideas already.
  6. @Mckenna35 or anyone else for that matter, is this one a bones figure?
  7. I'm really glad I stumbled upon this project as it's stunning. I love all the detail you've applied to everything, you've really elevated even the simpler buildings/kits that I recognize. Great job, I love what you did with your pop machine too.
  8. Yeah, the streaks and uneven coat really added "value" and realism to the model. Now I just need to push that a little further to finish it off. Real life has been getting in the way of painting lately. Between spring cleaning, preparing for the kid's birthday party, and general spring maintenance I've been turning in pretty early. Then to top it all off I'm stuck calling in all next week for jury duty. So a real painting session is not only overdue but sorely needed to relax and de-stress. Yesterday I managed a short session. Removing the driver I quickly painted him up before returning him to the interior. This was probably a superfluous step as he'll barely be visible once the vehicle is finished but I decided to go the extra mile anyway. Tonight I mostly worked on the Ork gunners. I painted them in my wife's color scheme and nearly finished them. One more session and they'll be ready for sealing. As for the vehicle itself I made some progress adding pops of color and a couple washes too. With it still drying though this tease shot will have to suffice for now.
  9. That's the real reason I became a box starter. I love going through the log and seeing everything that got put in, got pulled, and by who. It's so cool to come across something interesting or unique in the log only to find out it got pulled immediately so you need to check the pictures to actually see what it was. I know exactly what you mean about the blisters. If they're vintage or somehow a limited figure I make an attempt to keep them in their blisters but after just a couple trips they're usually destroyed. It's just one of those things, blisters just don't survive.
  10. It looks like about a quarter of your smaller picks came from me. I see a couple Kaosball players, some bloated zombies, and another one of those skeletons. I'm starting to think I'm never going to figure out these boxes. Everything I actually think people will be interested in doesn't seem to move but everything I'm on the fence about including (and almost don't put in) gets picked immediately. It's the tiny robots all over again.
  11. Primed everything yesterday, so today I went ahead and started basecoating. This Orky project called for a larger brush however. Armed with the "appropriate" tool I got right to work. Basecoat is finished, though its pretty bad and the red isn't quite the shade I remember it being its a great orky basecoat. Besides we all know I'm going to cover it in washes, grime, and rust anyway.
  12. Got back to it and managed to get most of the basecoat finished in a short session. The cables still need painted and I'd like to pick our a few more details but they're coming along. Next session I'll most likely finish that up and start getting into the freehand work. I'm not exactly sure when the next session will be however as I'm now working on a spur of inspiration project that's ready to be painted. So I may not get back to this till after that project's completed, and to think just a handful of miniatures would finish this project giving me the chance to pursue other projects guilt free.
  13. Didn't mean to start a project and then immediately ignore it for so long. Unfortunately life got in the way a bit with final preparations for a four year olds birthday party, building her "big" gift, and chainsawing some logs to restock our woodpile. After a day with a chainsaw my hands aren't very steady and I wouldn't attempt to paint like that so I definitely wasn't doing any kitbashing on those days. I have made a little progress here and there but it was never enough to justify a post. Now however it's ready for primer so I wanted to post an update. The codex says it can take four big shootas and rather than simply mounting the weapons I decided to do something Orkier. I originally wanted them to be hanging off the smokestacks but that proved to be too much for the magnets I have on hand. I think the compromise works though. With one exception it looks like the magnets won't be too noticeable either once it's painted. As I don't do it very often hiding magnets can be pretty hit or miss with me so I'm counting this one as a win. Now it's on to priming.
  14. Good luck with those Zentraedi Battlepods, they're one of my absolute favorite kits. In all seriousness they're very fiddly but look pretty good once assembled.
  15. It was the same for me, but having done this a few times I knew what to do. I remember nearly going nuts looking for someone a few rounds back because their name started with Dr. without a period.
  16. Nice to see something I added got picked right off the bat. Like the rest of the figures in that set the four armed skeleton isn't the best but it's so full of character.
  17. I know you said you'd prefer to use paints you can find locally and airbrush colors too but @Glitterwolf's idea could work. I've been using Reaper's Desert Stone for my desert bases and I'm really happy with it. I achieved this with just a basecoat of Reaper's Desert Stone, a wash of GW's Seraphim Sepia, and a quick drybrush of Reaper's Desert Stone. Also just wanted to say that even though I don't comment very often I enjoy watching your army batch projects. There's always something new to learn in each project.
  18. On a recent trip to the former dollar store in my area I came across something that really gave me ideas. With just a quick glance I knew this would make a great base for a lot of builds and the $1.25 price point was just right. This Final Faction line really is the gift that just keeps giving. Assembly revealed just how big it is, it is intended for action figures after all, but this wasn't a deal breaker. It did however give me second thoughts on building a Gunwagon though as this would make for a very easy Trukk conversion, next time perhaps. Grabbing some random junk from my collection I started immediately. After just one build session I ended up with this. A pretty respectable start with minimal time investment. Session two really brought it all together. Not too bad for such a small investment (both in terms of time and money). With just a few more details and a some magnets it'll be ready for primer.
  19. I've been a little sidetracked the last couple days on a new project. I know with two projects sitting on the desk starting a third seems dumb but inspiration hit and I decided to follow it. I did however add a couple details to the chainsaws before I got sidetracked. I added small strips of cardstock to beef up the chainsaw's housing. I also added half a bead for detail. This doesn't look very good in the pictures but it works in person and I figure a bit of paint will do wonders. At the very least I'll be able to get better pictures without the beads reflecting.
  20. I've really been struggling to get to the desk lately, which is a real shame. Their have been some fringe benefits though as I was able to finally finish reading the Judge Dredd skirmish system, get through a whole codex, and even a Killteam 2018 supplement. They weren't exactly "necessary" reads but they were books I'd put off for too long. Tonight I may have felt a need to make up for my absence of late with some real progress. First up was finishing the bases on my latest batch of Angry Marines. This was accomplished throughout the day whenever I found a bit of free time. Moving on to my Aggressors I actually basecoated them in yellow before I realized they were missing something. Checking the codex I couldn't find an entry for them so I decided to simply add a few chainswords. A bit of greenstuff later and they looked pretty good. Though this of course halted the painting process it was definitely a necessary step as it added a lot of character to the miniatures. The greenstuff also helped remind me of a couple of miniatures I'd bought awhile back. I actually found them in a bits bin for dirt cheap as someone had globbed on too much greenstuff and paint to Chaos them up. I wish I had taken a picture but unfortunately they went straight into my sonic cleaner. Grabbing them I got to work. As I still had leftover greenstuff I attempted to add some insignia details. I'm not sure how successful I was but I figured it was worth trying. After all of that I still had a pretty considerable blob of greenstuff leftover. Not really needing anymore sandbags or rocks I tried to make an Angry Marine face for either a vehicle or perhaps to just put somewhere on my desk.
  21. @Hibou, @Lidless Eye, @themudhead, @Aard_Rinn the box will be shipped out on Tuesday as Hibou has already provided their address. Like usual the box is pretty diverse so everyone should be able to find something up their alley. Happy picking.
  22. Starting off the session I finally went back to one of my old Necrons and actually finished it. This model now has a face (attached and fully painted) thanks to the bits box in my "new" local store. Having lived in the area for a couple years now (before all the craziness too) I should have found the shop sooner but I didn't. Funny enough I actually have a local place to play now but I just won't have the time. The Angry Marines also recieved their full cleanup and a wash. Aside from checking them tomorrow and any little touchups they may need they're done. So next session I'll be starting new models, just have to decide which batch it'll be.
  23. That sounds like a great scheme. I've always wanted to try something like that for an army, where every squad has its own colors. I never do it though as uniformity always wins out for me. I guess that's just the Guard player mindset taking over. So a few things happened while I've been away from the desk. The most notable and of course pertinent to this project is that I canceled my subscription to Imperium. After really thinking about it I just can't justify spending nearly $70 a month on models. That amount is closer to what a spend in four months on this hobby. For example sending out the box of goodwill is typically my only hobby expense for that particular month. I'm still planing to paint what I have but that'll be it. Actually getting back to painting I started working on all the details. Knowing that I still had a lot of freehand and small details I'm hoping I can clean everything up at the end instead of cleaning as I go. Having done this before with mixed results we'll just have to see what happens this time. This is where they ended up after a short session. There's still plenty to do but I'm done for tonight, hopefully tomorrow I can get more finished.
  24. That's exactly what I was thinking as I broke down the table. Though solo gaming can help in a pinch it's just not enough to sustain my interest. I chose the tabletop hobby for the social interaction and engagement, removing that leaves the hobby pretty hollow. So at least for me solo gaming is a supplement not a substitute. Having played a game against an actual opponent recently has renewed my interest in playing however. It'll probably be awhile before I'm ready for solo gaming again though, I'd like a few more "real" games first.
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