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  1. That running pose does look weird. I am buying two sets of the sci-fi terrain though so maybe I'm biased when it comes to the Chronoscope expansion.
  2. Honestly at this point I'm taking my fun where I can find it. He has been "chatting" me up most of the day and around noon I just got fed up. Now I'm just screwing with him a little. You want to be an underpowered elderly human in a group of monsters? Yeah. Okay then why are you a chosen of the emperor? Because I'm not a likely person to be chosen; like why him? Apparently that wasn't a good answer.
  3. He is new to me. He has supposedly run campaigns before but his knowledge seems so spotty I'm questioning that.
  4. It's creepy right? I know we're married in real life but come on man have some decency.
  5. In the last four hours a lot has changed. He contacted me directly today and has been questioning EVERYTHING. At the start he asked me about my background and I said I'd like to take the soldier background. Serving for a time before retiring to tend bar. Essentially I made Porthos but instead of marrying I became a bartender. He doesn't know anything about backgrounds. So I had to take him step by step through my barbarian's life. Leaving his clan or homeland when he joined the army and campaigning for a short time (a few years) before settling down to tend bar. He's also trying to put me as the romantic interest of my wife. Now we do play D&D together but we don't role play love interests. It's just weird and when I told him that was a firm no go he seemed really put out. Which catches us up for the most part to now. Now he is trying to get me to take power tribal tattoos to increase my character's stats. Because at fifty years old why is he only a level five? I tried to explain it's kind of like a wizard, they're usually senior citizens before they take up adventuring similar concept but with a barbarian. Not the argument to use apparently he took me to task about how wizards study for years before being able to do the simplest spell. At this point I'm still going to this game but I'm just going to verify what this game is. I'm convinced this is a DM that wants to tell a very specific story and is using living people as his pawns.
  6. I've decided to go and see how it is. I've also decided to show up with my fifty year old human bartender barbarian. If they have a problem with it I'll also have a backup kobold ranger. From what I'm hearing sunlight sensitivity is going to be a big problem. This campaign sounds like it's going to be pretty outdoorsy. Kind of a dick move but I'm not too happy about being steamrolled on every decision.
  7. This conversion is officially finished. Let me start off by saying I should have drilled into the arm a little and pinned the shield. Which is the smart way and what I'll certainly do next time. Here's what I actually did. I lightly brushed some Testor's model glue (which is what I use to attach bases) on the Kobold's arm and the shield. Then I attempted to use a clip to keep them together until the glue dried. This of course was too tight and caused the shield to move out of position. Thinking quickly I abandoned that idea and reapplied some more glue. I put the shield in the right position, laid the kobold down onto it, and braced the back of the kobold against a box. I let it dry with gravity and a balanced miniature doing all the work of keeping it together. If the kobold wasn't already attached to a base this might not have worked. I happened to get lucky that it was based just right that I was able to hit the proper contact points on the shield. I thought I had this conversion well thought out. Best laid plans of mice and men I guess.
  8. Woke up this morning to my wife telling me we're not supposed to have an uncommon and rare item. So apparently I spent two hours last night going through the DMG looking for my "excalibur" for no reason. Double update in one morning. We now have no idea if we're supposed to have an uncommon and a rare, one or the other, or what. The confusion comes from the DM not understanding what uncommon and rare items are. How do you not know that? It's not like the words are misleading or anything, you can look them up in the dictionary to find their definitions. I may be more understanding if item rarity had a bunch of made up words to indicate their availability but they don't, they are literally regular words.
  9. That's exactly what I think; it'll only get worse. Three builds before I've even at the table and questioning every decision I've made? I admit I could be wrong, this may just be a case of problems getting the campaign started. The DM might be great but it's hard to get excited about playing a character you didn't really get to create.
  10. Does anyone have any big plans for the Chronoscope expansion? I'm getting it because those futuristic dinosaurs just called to me. They look like they'll be fun to paint. Other than painting them for fun though I have no use for them. Everyone I play with is dedicated to D&D 5e, so I've been working on a sci-fi system adapted from 5e. The hope is that I can keep it enough like 5e that they'll give it a chance.
  11. My wife and I have been interested in playing in an actual campaign for some time now, we enjoy Adventure League but we want more. We'd like to roleplay more and not be switching between characters all the time. My wife played with a group for a little while and they are getting ready to start a new campaign and asked if we would be interested. We talked about it and decided to join the group. Our first session is on the second of the year, so there has been a lot of back and forth between the players and the DM already. During the initial talks my wife put us both down to play barbarians with myself playing a dwarf specifically. I even built it early so it would be done and ready. That was fine for a few days but then the DM "requested" we play anything other than ordinary Player's Handbook races and he's really pushing us to play monster races. So I went along with this and remade my character. Then the DM "requested" that if we played barbarians we shouldn't pick totem or besereker, the PH options. Okay, so I rebuild again. Now the "request" is that we advance to level five and pick some magical items. He wants us to have an uncommon and a rare with the stipulation that the rare item should be our defining item (like excalibur for King Arthur). This is all in addition to the usual of coming up with a backstory, which you need to do for any game anyway. At this point I've made my character three times and frankly now I don't even want to play him. I'll admit I play dwarves a lot and the same can be said for totem barbarians. I roll poorly so being able to recklessly attack helps a lot, and the damage reductions for bear totem barbarians are nice too. So I started out excited to play and had an idea for a fun character. Now I don't want to play what I've built, especially for a long campaign and at this point I'm a little leary of the DM. If this is how character creation has been I'm fairly sure I don't want to play in this game. Should I back out now and hope they find a replacement? Should I go and potentially end up backing out after a few sessions? I don't want to waste anyone's time or screw over my fellow players or DM. I just can't help feeling that this DM won't be my cup of tea.
  12. I myself fell in love with Rainy Grey and IMEF Olive. I use the Rainy Grey as my basecoat on a lot of my bases since it works so great for stone, add a light black wash and you're done. The flesh wash is really nice too. It can be used a variety of ways. You can use it to give a varied fleshy tone, but it's also great for applying dirt or grime to a flesh tone.
  13. I bought a pack of Wiz Kid's D&D kobolds a while back, which sat in my painting box longer than I'd like to admit. As it stands now two out of the three of them are painted. One however just looked like it was missing something. It has it's left arm raised almost in a defensive way, but it had no shield. So I figured I'd give it one. It just so happened my wife and I still had leftover candy from the trick or treaters this year (not many kids were out). My wife always makes sure to pick up things like bubbles, stickers, and plastic what not to throw in the bowl in case a child with allergies happens to come by. This year she bought some plastic rings and we still had a ton of them. I couldn't help but notice how great the skull rings looked. So I cut the skull from the ring, primed it, and started painting it (it still needs a little work). I'm hoping to finish painting it tomorrow and then get it attached to the forearm.
  14. I actually use a simple tackle box. Finished miniatures are put into small bags more for piece of mind than anything.
  15. I had a little free time today so I worked on my little backlog. I was able to get quite a bit done in a couple hours. I based my innkeeper, started the detail work on my skull shields, did a IMEF green basecoat on my Cadian Troopers, and did a khaki basewash on the lower pieces of their uniform. This was also my first time painting with a wet pallete. That'll take some getting used too. The results I was able to get on the green armor was well worth it though. So hopefully I'll learn to use the pallete with time to get even better results, but I have to admit I am thrilled with how everything went. The green went on well and didn't dry out as I was painting and the end result looks great. I'll post a side by side comparison between. The first Trooper I did to test out color scheme and one of the ones from today. The test figure was done using a blend of Reaper's Viper Green and HD Pale Saffron (yellow) which created a decent pea soup green, it was painted using a light drybrush.
  16. I've been working on a Sci-fi system this past year. My goal is too keep it enough like 5e that my group will actually try it. I know I could just play Starfinder but I'm the only one willing to buy the book and one book shared between seven people never goes well. That's actually the only reason I have the Cadians, for this system I'm developing; well that and I got a box of them for eight bucks. When I saw the Chronoscope expansion on the kickstarter I thought, "If I buy this I better find a use for these minis". So that's the only reason I even own any non fantasy miniature's, so when I'm ready to present my system I'll have all the figures I need.
  17. When you do get back I'd love to see a picture of that.
  18. I have a feeling my group would be all for this idea until I started doing the voice. *Gravely Dark Knight voice "I'm barman"
  19. Its decided, the next batch of minis I order will include another innkeeper just so I can do this.
  20. Hearing about everyone else's projects puts my little box in perspective. Especially with most of them being a simple batch project (Cadian Shock Troopers). Even after I finish what's in the box I probably have only thirty minis in boxes and blister packs before I'm literally out of miniatures to paint. I guess I'm sitting pretty right now, that is until the kickstarter ships. Once that shows up I'll be in real trouble. Pictures of what's waiting, though my wife has a pretty decent collection for me to paint too.
  21. I think I've hit that point where I can admit, I officially have too many projects going. I have three figures in various stages of being painted (the orc, elf ranger, and a halfling PC). I have a full box of Cadian Shock Troopers primed with only one test painted and that one isn't even fully test painted. There are three kobold in various stages of being painted and modified. I found some plastic skull rings that are being painted to be used as shields. I think the kobold with the sword would look great with a shield. Last but not least I have a wiz kids miniature I'm working on for my wife. At the moment I don't have a dedicated painting station, our place right now is pretty small. So I started using an old carving knife box to store my ongoing projects. It's never been this full before though. I know I can't be the only one with this problem, heck this might even be a mild case.
  22. I'm thinking of making him into a barbarian, it is my favorite class. Then again an old fighter may be fun too.
  23. Recently I bought an assortment of miniatures, mostly IMEF troopers and fantasy villagers. One of them however just stood out and I had to paint it first. The miniature is the innkeeper. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/innkeeper/latest/77084 I painted it knowing I had no real use for it; I just knew it would be fun to paint. Before it was finished I knew I was painting my new PC. Has this happened to anyone else? An innkeeper might not be the coolest miniature on the table but I have a feeling it'll be a lot of fun to role play.
  24. So Saturday (yesterday) morning I finished painting Action Jackson. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/action/latest/80023 Which is a mini I've been wanting to paint for awhile. It just so happens that Saturday afternoon is when my D&D Adventure League group meets, so before I left I packed up my finished mini to show off and get a few tips from the group's other painters. For the record it was dry before I packed it up. For the last few weeks I've been running our third table; I'm currently doing Horde of the Dragon Queen. During the session the cleric at my table conjured a spiritual weapon. Like a lot of my players he's fairly new so he hasn't bought any minis yet for his PC's so he didn't have anything to represent his conjured weapon either. So when he conjured his spiritual weapon I placed Action Jackson on the field which my players loved. Turns out his spiritual weapon was one of the party's heavy hitters. Which made the figure all the more fun to have on the field. I know I can't be the only one who paints something and thinks they'll never get to use it and is proven wrong. Has anyone else been able to use Chronoscope miniatures in and odd or mismatched RPG setting? Though I love this miniature it certainly doesn't belong in a 5e game, but I'm glad I could use him to comedic effect.
  25. A while ago a friend recommended I try painting with cheap Wal-Mart craft paint, which was all he uses. I tried but just couldn't get the hang of it, I just couldn't get it thin enough to work with. Today however I randomly came across a beautiful tutorial article on how to use the exact paints my friend so enthusiastically recommended. I wanted to post the link and ask if anyone else uses these paints? http://www.boardgameresource.com/how-to-paint-miniatures/
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