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  1. Dinosaurs all got their final pictures and proved all my backdrops were too small in the process. The cavemen didn't get as far as I'd hoped but they all did get their flesh basecoat. Aside from one miniature in the set that I finished but can't show here these three recieved the most attention. My flesh wash is nearly gone and has thickened up considerably. It does however look pretty good on cavemen and I'm really thinking of doing the whole clan like this All three ended up in various stages with the leftmost being nearly finished. I really appreciated just how much the center one looks like Maurice. In true Maurice fashion he also looks to be quite the hunter. I warned you the jokes would become more niche.
  2. Didn't get much accomplished tonight other than sealing the large dinosaurs. I did however chose my next batch for this project. Looks like I may need to consider a new insurance company. Oh, yes I will be making jokes like that the whole time I paint them. As a fan of their single season sitcom the jokes will get worse and more niche too.
  3. Between last night's progress, which I didn't get around to posting, and tonight the triceratops is finished. I didn't do anything too complicated with this one and more or less copied the tyrannosaurus' color scheme. The true difference not so much being the colors used but the absence of an overall black wash. I also skipped the drybrushing of the horns as that was a mistake I had made with the ankylosaurus. Look at that five years in and I'm finally learning from my mistakes.
  4. I have actually, awhile back I ordered two squads but I haven't gotten around to painting them yet. The two things stopping me from ordering more is the price and the material. At $60 a squad they are still considerably cheaper than the "real" GW figures available on the after market, but it's still a high entry price. Having assembled what I have I also found them to be quite brittle and I worry about using them as actual gaming pieces. That's not even considering how they'll hold up to repeated transport. They are very good looking miniatures though.
  5. Ankylosaurus is just about finished. It's a little muddied color wise but I'm not sure if I want to keep working on it. It's a great model but I think fatigue just got the better of me with this one. I may return to clean it up but for now I'm calling it. The triceratops recieved it's first basecoat. I chose a lighter green than the tyrannosaurus but it'll probably end up looking similar anyway given how I paint.
  6. Not exactly "fabulous" marines but I did paint some "fabulous" guardsmen and a commissar however. Seeing as they're lost somewhere in a twelve page thread though I'll post them here for further silly inspiration.
  7. Last night I didn't get too much done. I made the mistake of using a bit too much wash on the spikes and armor. Needless to say it got everywhere but at least the cleanup won't be too bad. That mistake ended my session early however as there was no way to continue until everything dried. On a more personal note my new phone arrived and these are actually the first pictures I took with it. As you can see there's a bit of a learning curve with it but I'm sure I'll get a handle on it eventually. It doesn't help that its worlds above what I was using, so I'll have to change just about everything I used to do with the old one. Again a high class problem but one I'm sure others can relate to.
  8. I'm tentatively calling the tyrannosaurus finished. As promised a different eye too. It definitely losses something up close but from tabletop distance it looks great. Only one picture came out well but I used both anyway. Overall I'm quite pleased with how it came out. The only thing I would have done different would have been skipping my typical application of black wash. I'll just chalk that one up to being stuck in army painting mode. I felt so confident that the tyrannosaurus is finished I went ahead and started the next big dino. I just ended up blocking out colors but already its given me a better idea on how to tackle this one. I'm a bit on the fence regarding the scheme I've chosen but I plan to forge ahead anyway.
  9. Last night I went ahead and repainted the spikes/armored back and I'm really glad I did. I think the two tones work well on it, looking much better than the muddled mess I had after applying the wash. I also went ahead and painted the base with two colors, opting for a brown earth and gray rocks. This also ended up looking pretty good. Last but not least I used a bit of black wash to bring everything together, though perhaps that was another mistake. Forgive the pictures I used a very old phone to grab them and it really didn't do it any favors. In person its not too bad. All that's left now is a bit of cleanup, especially on the base, a brown wash for the earth, and to paint some eyes. I've even come across a pretty good reference photo for its eyes that though a little complicated I may be able to pull off, fingers crossed. Oddly enough painting this though a bit daunting at first really wasn't that bad. The biggest problem I've encountered so far is what to do with it when its finished. I don't really have anywhere to put it and it doesn't fit in the usual storage containers I use for miniatures. Oh well, if nothing I else I know quite a few people this would make a great gift for and the holidays are coming.
  10. Last night really brought out the colors. With three different washes applied the figure is really popping now. I did however make the mistake of using the same wash on the spikes and the green skin. This radically changed the spike's color and perhaps not in a good way. I'll have to think about it before I continue but I may end up repainting the spikes to bring back their original color.
  11. Wife was kind enough to loan me her phone to snap a couple pictures. So before I start painting tonight here is the progress from last night. I really struggled to come up with a color scheme for this one. Thankfully many people have already painted this great beast so I had a ton of inspiration pictures to pull from. Seeing it painted up in dark tones and pure black was extremely helpful. I almost went with a dark scheme but after seeing it painted up that way I realized it wasn't for me. Seeing a couple really well painted in that color also showed me its a little beyond my skills at the moment. So green tones and brown it is, or in other words what I've already been doing and feel confident replicating on a larger model. These big pieces really show all the flaws in your painting so I'm trying my best to minimize my usual mistakes and oversights.
  12. So a funny thing happened while I was finishing the triceratops today during naptime. My phone decided to completely brick. Its not exactly a surprise given its age and the amount of use it sees regularly. I'm somewhat notorious for listening to youtube and podcasts while doing chores; so often times it gets treated more like a radio than anything else. God am I old. Fortunately I didn't lose much as everything important was on my SD card. I mention it here only because I will still hobby even though I currently lack a camera for progress pictures. So everyone along for the ride will probably miss a few figures for the time being. With all that said I did however grab a few pictures of the finished triceratops. As they're all finished I figured this would be a great time to compare my paintjobs to the original so we can see if my meddling actually improved them or not. Before After And of course proof that he's not cross-eyed. Before After Before After So that officially ends the cheap dinosaurs. Now on to something a "little" bigger.
  13. Well after tonight the last of the cheap dinosaurs are nearly finished. All that remains are some details, eyes, and drybrushing. It's still wet from the second wash however so I've decided to simply call it a night.
  14. My commissars are now sealed flocked and ready to join the rest of my joke Guard units. Now entering the ring of "final" pictures here comes the Hulk Hogan commissar. And of course standing by to assist is his partner the "Macho Man" Randy Savage commissar. Seeing as I made a tag team and that's how I'll play them on the table it doesn't seem right not to snap a couple good pictures of them together.
  15. Everything on my desk is now sealed and flocked so I went ahead and took their "final" pictures too.
  16. Finally got around to sealing and flocking en masse so my medic just got his "final" pictures.
  17. First up as promised better pictures of commissar Hulk Hogan. Here is my attempt at the Macho Man before he recieved any paint. This one technically has more customization than Hulk Hogan but to me it felt a lot lazier and I don't know why. I removed his iconic hat and swapped it for one from a Reaper gunslinger that I happened to pull from the latest Box of Goodwill. Using greenstuff I added a pair of M shaped glasses as well as tassels to his arms. I figured I'd also include a shot of the figure he swapped hats with just for fun. It'll take a paintjob to know for sure but I think I really like this "new" figure. Finally here he is in all his painted glory. For your consideration I present the "Macho Man" Randy Savage commissar. Not too bad. There are definitely things I could have improved but overall I'm pretty happy with this one. Hopefully in the next few days I can truly finish them and get some nice "final" pictures too.
  18. When I came across vintage figures for a faction I actually want to play I knew they weren't staying in the box. I'm kind of a sucker for old figures and I always want at least a few in my army. When I started my first 40k army I initially wanted to play the old praetorian guard regiment. Price was the deciding factor in abandoning that idea however. Recently I acquired just five of the old metal sculpts and that set me back about sixty bucks. Knowing I run infantry heavy lists I try not to think about the cost of a whole force.
  19. As you can see I ended up shelving this project for a very long time. Though my Hulk Hogan commissar has been sculpted this whole time I felt I didn't have the skill necessary to create the "Macho Man" Randy Savage commissar. Once I knew I wanted to make both commissars shelving the project became necessary as I didn't feel confident enough to complete the second figure. Though I have practiced greenstuff sculpting off and on since shelving this project my skill never really improved. Lately I've been in a bit of a hobby funk the last few months. So yesterday when I saw Hulk Hogan sitting on my desk I made the decision to just go for it. After an evening of working with greenstuff I finally had the second figure. It wasn't perfect and I hope that in the future I'll be better equipped to try again but for now I think its passable. After a quick prime today I'll be able to start painting it tomorrow. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it so the reveal will also have to wait for tomorrow. Today however Hulk Hogan received a fair bit of attention. Getting a some free time during the little one's naptime I went ahead and started blocking out colors. Then in the evening (when I usually paint) he recieved even more attention. Aside from some details he is almost done after nearly two years of sitting on my desk. The wash was still pretty wet when I took these pictures so I know they're not the best but I'll have better pictures tomorrow along with the "Macho Man" reveal.
  20. The raptors are done. I did something a little different with their eyes. As I liked their original eyes I decided to simply replicate the original paintjob.
  21. Somehow found myself with a bit of free time today so these two recieved their last wash. With any luck I can finish their final details tonight. Then it's just one more cheap dinosaur before moving on to something else, maybe something bigger.
  22. I believe those are the old two part Games Workshop horses.
  23. Went through the box and ended up pulling a pretty eclectic group. My wife and I are certainly excited for the two chibi kobolds. Having played multiple kobolds I know how much fun they are so when I find unique sculpts it's a no brainer. That's right I pulled a couple skeletons again. Though I know I probably have enough skeletons they're much like kobolds to me, so if I come across an interesting sculpt I'm going to pick it up. Lastly I picked up a couple Genestealers and bits. Before I even completed my Imperial Guard army I was already thinking of a second. Conveniently the only other army that interested me were the Genestealer Cult. So before I even got started I've got a ton of proxy models, but it's nice to actually start the next collection proper. This may not have been my biggest pull but it was a good one nonetheless.
  24. Box just made it back, hopefully I'll get a chance to go through it tonight. Taking a quick look at the logbook though it looks like the box had a pretty high turnover this time. I can't wait to get into it and see just how much the box has changed.
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