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  1. You are the mini-painter equivalent of a mad scientist
  2. So, I am finally finished with school, for now, and i have some time to paint. I want to paint some quarters, as per a post I saw previously on this forum. This leads me to two questions. I have heard of Testor's DullCote being used as a primer. Can the same be done with gloss sealers? I do not plan on painting the background of the coin, so I figure if I can prime with gloss sealer, it may make the background shine a bit more. The other option I am thinking, is shining up the background metal. I read an article some years ago about buffing the metal up, rather than using metallics or NMM techniques. However, I could not find this article again. Does anyone know the article I am talking about? Does anyone have any real experience with it?
  3. If the mini is too small, buy some giants and/or ogres to paint. For me, the tiny minis aren't 'fun', nor do I have the skill. So I stick to the bigger models. Tiny minis come with skill and practice, so if your skill is not quite there yet, don't rush it.
  4. I would start by, you know, playing...
  5. Another thing that could be in play is exclusivity agreements. This may no hold in the hobby world, but it does other places. For instance, Coke or Pepsi will sell its products to a store or restaurant on the condition that they don't carry the competitor. The possible benefit to the store is they may get a discount on their paints/minis. GW is a big enough company, I could see them doing that, boxing out the competitors they fear most, and allowing those that they aren't concerned with. Well, at least, that is what I would do.
  6. Yea, no kidding. I feel sorry for the people behind Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. <spoiler>I mean, they end their series with the main character not even existing anymore! Too bad, I think they were setting themselves up for a decent 3rd season.</spoiler> Another bad one, My Name Is Earl. Canceled right in the middle of a two part season cliff hanger. Stargate Universe will probably end up closing unsatisfactory as well. Although, Syfy is pretty good about making crappy made-for-TV movies to tie things up. At least that's something. I think Networks should give serial programs half a seasons heads up to allow them to *try* to tie up some loose ends. I don't know, I got the feeling at the end of the movie that River was going to become the pilot. Watching it the second time, I did not get that feeling, but still. Although, half the fun of that show was her, and how crazy she was. She had some of the best lines. A sane River would kinda such, I think.
  7. The picture of her butt on top of the pumpkin with a huge ol' grin is highly suggestive and makes me giggle like a school boy.
  8. That totally isn't the weirdest thing ever. This maybe :
  9. Did you seal it afterwards? I'd like to do one of the presidential gold dollar coins, but would want to let the gold show through as much as possible. Do you think not priming, or selective priming, would work?
  10. Ok, last question. Did you prime, or just paint it bare?
  11. I was able to do a trick with my heat gun. I heated up the coin so it was warm to the touch. I then used really thinned paint and a sharp tipped brush to paint on the coin letters. I had to do a few coats on the letters but it was able to hold the letters in tacked. Didn't that mess with the already laid down paint? Or did you do the letters first?
  12. did you find an easy way to do the lettering, or did you just tough it out with a steady hand?
  13. Of all the coins, I sure wouldn't have picked the dime! Awesome though, my father-in-law is a coin collector. I should be able to do a set by his birthday.
  14. I have to ask, what in the world are you going to use an aardvark miniature for?
  15. I assume that is directed, at least in part, towards me. My comment was not regarding the actual designer/manufacturer, but the oddity of using such an intricate and detailed miniature up in the same paragraph in which criticism for having miniatures that lack detail is found.
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